Whew! Related: Will We Ever See Duchess Meghan Wearing a Tiara Again? His former salary of $50,000 a year from his job as a captain in the British Army also contributes to that figure. 'Listen, I'll be interested as much as anybody else, as an old friend of Meghan,' he said. The full inside story of Meghan's courtship with Vitiello – which began a year after her divorce from film producer Trevor Engelson and ended shortly before she met Harry – has never before been told. So when Meghan became his girlfriend, he provided her with a passport into the most influential echelons of Toronto society – a clique whose connections spread far beyond Canada. Here the Mail's David Jones uncovers the untold story of Meghan's secretive two-year affair with Cory, who helped lift her spirits after her first marriage had broken down. There is a difference between a cook and a chef.'. They bear a striking likeness to each other, two young men, both ruggedly handsome with matching stubble and wide, irresistible grins. I think she took advantage of the opportunity that came her way. Today, she might prefer to forget her rather breathless reflections on these encounters. He is not just the real deal – he is real. We certainly enjoyed the conversations we had with her,' she says. The comments below have not been moderated. I was told, 'Meghan's dating Prince Harry!' Flying incognito, with his collar pulled up and a baseball hat pulled down, he strove to keep his trysts with Meghan secret. I respect people's private and personal lives, and although she has put herself in the public spectrum, I still hold to that.'. The court papers cite 'irreconcilable differences'. 'I thought it was very respectful to let me know personally that she was dating someone else. She'll be a wonderful addition to the Royal Family. His mother certainly left me in little doubt that she would have been thrilled to have Meghan for a daughter-in-law. The Royal Family is very lucky to have Meghan. Related: Kevin Hart’s Net Worth and How the Hard-Working Entertainer Got So Crazy Rich. In fact, when Meghan published that glowing review on her now-closed blog, The Tig, their romance might have been advancing apace. Suits you... Meghan made Canada feel like home by filling her new house (pictured) that she shared with her beloved dogs with flowers and art. It's so easy to knock the girls who come from privilege… but I always remember Ivanka being different. That’ll certainly help cover the bills. We were so very shocked. She didn't want it to be public. So she may have been coming down [to our family home] basically to tell us, because she had already told us she was dating someone. However, when I found him, at the flagship branch of his new rotisserie chain, he brewed me a coffee and genially explained his reticence. Please try again. Social media users blast 'insane' Oregon voters for approving measure to decriminalize possession of ALL drugs including HEROIN and COCAINE, Anti-Trump protesters clash with NYPD in Manhattan's Greenwich Village as National Guard is activated in Portland and LAPD declares 'tactical alert' for second night in a row - as election result hangs in the balance, 'This is an extremely flammable situation and he just threw a match into it': Chris Wallace, Jake Tapper and Savannah Guthrie lead anchors blasting Trump for prematurely declaring election victory, Biden's support among black male voters dropped a record 15% compared to Obama in 2008 after a series of campaign gaffes and claims he took the African American vote for granted, Nancy on the brink?