Chocolate and cream colour pug , teddy bear look , no breading problems , kennel club register. Meet Charlie the gorgeous stud, he has all his papers he is brilliant with children, michevious loving. When these dogs are white with sable (Lassie-colored tan) it’s easy not to confuse them with double merles. If you use an established stud dog, the breeding is usually the responsibility of the stud dog owner, as part of the stud fee, and any veterinary assistance will be extra,and must be paid up front before the breeding takes place. Please read Lovely, playful , calm and very good temperament A good canine mother is one that can whelp and care for her pups, wean them at the appropriate time, and teach them proper canine behaviors so they will know their place in the "pack" or the social structure of canines. James is a fully health tested proven stud dog, and is available to approved bitches. NEVER, sell your pups without knowing what kind of home they will go into.  |, Sassafras Lowrey Not every dog should sire a litter of pups. We only offer advice on what we know to be true for us, based upon the experiences we've had breeding our Pugs. If the dog is inexperienced, or inept (Pug boys are not the most savvy), a breeder must rely on other signs the timing is correct. Does the world need more Pugs that are not physically sound? Carries also white and black gene ;) he is black with white chest. Hard to find Puppies $1500.00 Stud Fee $200.00 Boarding and Breeding Fee Contact for Blue Blues first litter Born 1/11/2020. Total income = $0        (A loss of $1,800 (all 3 sold as pets). Never enter into anything without one. What's the problem? Panda Gene possible. Merle — that kaleidoscope of swirly patterns that has no two dogs looking alike. Good temperament I'm passionate about pugs and love sharing everything I learn about them. Blood tests should also be done on both dogs to check for Brucellosis, a canine STD, which is extremely dangerous to dogs and people. Site Stats: 114476 Members | 19099 Listings | 22 Puppies, Displaying listings 1 - 25 of 238 in total, Full pedigree pug with KC registered papers now available to stud with bitch. All rights reserved. Interestingly, the rate in merle Catahoulas (5.9 percent) was lower than that in other breeds (for example, 9.4 percent in merle Australian Shepherds), and especially lower in double-merle Catahoulas (10.3 percent) compared to other double-merles (55.7 percent in Aussies and 85.6 percent in all other breeds combined). There are 5 stunning boys and 4 stunning girls, they have all been for a health check, all puppies are healthy and happy. You should know that most general practice vets to not support the breeding of dogs. Not sure? Total income = $0     (Kept 2, co-breeder 1, friends who helped me, got 3 of them). But, we are the source of good information, and we also know we cannot supply all the Pug puppies sold as pets. He says the prevalence of deafness in dogs is higher in double merles than in single merles, but the relative risk of deafness was less than that in Dalmatians and white Bull Terriers (although greater than that in other dog breeds with the recessive piebald alleles). PUTNAM PATELLA S, © Copyright - (2005 - 2020) - Pet Media Ltd, Stunning Kc Reg Pug Stud Choc/tan Carrier, Full Kc Registered Male Pug Available For Stud, Quality Proven Pedigree Kc Black Pug Stud. If a newborn gets it from mom, or if mom gets it from dad, without treatment with plasma from a dog with the antibodies, and a heat source that will keep the temperature in the whelping box above 97 degrees F, you will experience a litter of dying newborns. So, be sure to get your girl, and any potential stud dog tested, so you know whether or not you will need to prepare for the pups to be affected. Pde clear via parentag, My gorgeous Frankie is the perfect gentleman with numerous litters to his name. Being a breeder means putting the Pugs first, before your social life, before family sometimes, and surely before yourself. The merle pattern is produced when a dog has a single copy of the M< allele. Beautiful & 100% healthy pug. Please let me know if I can help furth, Beautiful full pedigree (KC registered) male pug now available to stud with bitch. Total income = $800         (1 sold as a pet, 1 to co-breeder, kept 2). If you think you're still interested and willing to do what it takes to be a responsible breeder, no matter the cost. Most stud dog owners have a Stud Contract. You might agree today, but tomorrow, one of you may remember the agreement in a different way. This is the result of the presence of a Merle gene in their genetics. And some Collies can be mostly white, but again, this pattern can be caused by a different s allele. This can be a BIG problem, because Pug mom's typically do not do well delivering their puppies. If you do not have a supportive vet, you must find either a reproduction specialist vet, or a breeder willing to assist with the A.I., if a natural breeding is not happening. This spells out the terms and conditions which both parties agree to, before the breeding takes place. Displaying 1 - 20 of 61 Pug Stud Dogs . Friendly, calm and playful. Remember, decisions you make will impact future generations. He is a loving, playful, friendly, part of the family with a great nature for both people and other dogs. loves to be in the same room as others. Not a very joyful eperience, since the pups will scream for 24 to 48 hours as they die a painful death. DM clear Forgot Password? Jags up to date What are Merle Pugs? HV - clear Of the spine All rights reserved. When no pregnancy results, the owner of the girl is forced to make some decisions about the future plans for their girl's next season. Remember, learn as much as possible FIRST! If I added in an amount for my time involved the cost would skyrocket! If you think you're still interested and willing to do what it takes to be a responsible breeder, no matter the cost. Click image to zoom Click again to reset. If you find even one tiny spot of merle in your dog’s coat, assume he is a merle. Blue-eyed merles have no higher incidence of deafness than brown-eyed merles. This website uses cookies. You can see it adds up quickly. Excited to meet his forever parents. Bucks is KC…. A contract won't prevent all problems, but they are a basis for a working agreement. Merle pugs are sturdy, lively and playful. Just remember that they are not good with hot weather due to their short face. These tests can be expensive, costing $75 - $200 each, and several can be needed. Create Account. This isn't a huge surprise as for those who aren't extremely familiar with these two breeds, they may be hard to tell apart. Also produces large litters of 8 Clean limbs, athletic physique, very active and fun loving. or use our Dog Breed Selector to find the perfect dog breed. This, We have available for stud duties only, Franco, our beautiful Fawn coloured pug dog who is first and foremost a much loved family pet. Such an experience can change the basic nature of their once docile little Pug boy, and turn him into a raging sex addict. In some states there are puppy lemon laws which you should become familiar with as well. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the Breedyourdog latest listings: All content © BreedYourDog 2020 I Powered by: Page1. Katara says "I ain't afraid of no ghost"! EDP registered, PINK PUG CARRYING TAN - best looking pink stud out there. Perfect example of breed Girl E bred to Boy E - No live pups. Find Male Pugs for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Do not forget about them once the check clears! Are you sure you want to permanently delete this listing ? Never enter into anything without one. This girl died after a c-section leaving 7 puppies just hours old to be hand-raised. He has excellent clean airways, nasal passages and therefore great breathing, with no snoring, which he passes onto his progeny. Besides, fostering Pugs for rescue is a really great way to learn more about the breed. [email protected], “Macho” – AKC European English Cream Golden Retriever. The Sire is the famous Prince Harry that is fully KC registered, Prince Harry needs no … She is in perfect health.…, Looking to let our male pug out for his first time to breed, Small Male pug for stud inverclyde area. We are not the elitist snobs some folks think we are, but we want to protect and preserve the breed we love. As a responsible dog breeder, it is your job to make sure your precious pups NEVER end up on death row, or worse, in the hands of someone that will abuse, or neglect them. These include the risk of impaired sight, as well as the risk of impaired hearing. He’s yet to be proven so this is why I’m putting him up for free for the firs, Our stunning boy Elvis ‘the Pelvis’ is available for Stud duties If the owner doesn't have one, get one! The Problem With Merle Coat Patterns in Dogs Merles are popular, so it seems logical to breed two merles together to get more. (papers available to view) If interested please call me on 07851447475 I’m not always on here, Stud only. Available 2/3/2020. Typical Stud dog owner responsibilities associated with breeding include the following:~ Caring and feeding of the girl while she's there to be bred (This would include picking her up at the airport if she's been flown in for the breeding)~ Transporting her to the vet's for any required testing as many times as necessary~ Providing the documentation for registering the litter (This can mean just signing the litter registration application, or include sending the contract, DNA certification, etc., including a certified pedigree and proof of Brucellosis and CHV testing. Does he carry any genes that will combine with hers that although not dominant in either parent, would be in the genetic makeup of the pups, that would adversely affect the quality of life the pups will have? But here's why breeding merle to merle is actually a bad idea. Just because a dog is double-merle, don’t assume he’s deaf. Merle Pugs can be distinguished by their appearance; they have distinct ‘Merle’ patterning which consists of patches of lighter colour in the coat. WindWalker Pugs does not claim to be able to advise anyone whether or not to breed their Pug.