What were the other stickers you found on EBay? Been wanting to do this for some time and the last time they were in stock at L&L Models I bought the Controlfreax kit. Really clever idea. I like the way the yellow mud flaps tie into the front. If you were prepared to compromise on engine location in a quest for a 4WD Metro then you could always try to shoehorn in some Impreza running gear and make a 4R4... Just to be completely daft why not fit a Lambo engine and box and have a 12R4. Small rivets are dispersed by air into a rivetting gun and fired through the drip rail which gets rid of the need to drill holes and fit rivets. Next the air cleaner, handbrake, heater blower, front suspensions and front differential is added, followed by oil hoses, oil filter, the gear linkage, steering rack and front anti-roll bar. 6R4 Build Story A remarkable combination of the latest technologies - including the use of lasers - and traditional craftsmanship were used by a 100 man strong team to build the exciting MG Metro 6R4 rally car at Austin Rover's Longbridge plant. The fascia, with unique instrumentation, Including an electronic speedometer and a unique rev counter, is then added. Just how many 6R4s were actually built is difficult to ascertain precisely but what is known is that 233 Clubman bodyshells were manufactured. Yeah the lettering is see through too - hence me thinking the car should be all white, it’s the decal set that comes with the shell. Many Metros were written off by joyriders, as the car's minimal security made it notoriously easy to steal. © 2017 Rally Replica. All of this will then sit like a remote control car body onto the chassis. the car has 137 feet of welding compared to only four feet on the standard metro - amd the 6R4 consists of 3,680 spot welds composed to 2,987 on the standard metro. It could very well be one of these. After the rear inner wheel arch liners have been added, the power train is fitted in from the rear of the vehicle. Hmmmm - if the decals were printed by a printer that doesnt print white ink you might have the same issue with the lettering too being transparent when you peel the backing off? I think you have done a great job, especially given the issues you had with the decals. HOME; CARS. Finished weld parts are then carried to those areas that are not accessible at the framing station. Front clam shell and main body shell including front bulkhead. in the end went hapdash then tidied the edges with cotton bud and paint remover and this worked out well. The engine is tested for two hours on the Radford dynamometer and a power curve is produced for each engine before it is mated to its transmission prior to shipment to Longbridge. Meant to say what chassis are you going to put it on. All Rights Reserved. Here, for example the back of the tank is added and finished. The car is started and taken to a four-post lift for wheel alignment. Followers 1. and a total of 302 holes of 16 different sizes are drilled into the chassis for bolting on the plastics, wiring looms, partitions and other items. The name has also been used by Audi to refer to the quattro four-wheel-drive system, or any four-wheel-drive version of an Audi model. Build your own EVO200 Rally Replica Race Car – relive the golden era of motorsport, exclusive manufacturer of Evo200 kits, classic Ford RS200 shells, panels and parts. Possibly duratec. The car then goes through the full paint process before the ermin white vehicles are taken to the trim and final assembly building where the power train, including the engine, is stored. Yeah - that’s the set I bought (just off eBay), ive notes there are some very weak areas on the shell too but I can manage that - guess the lexan has been pushed too far and too thin, I’ve just ordered the Volvo 850 estate from the same place - the decal set on that looks like its better quality.