He decides you need to be elminated. If "Metta", "Mett" (case insensitive) or "MTT" is typed for the. Later knives will also appear on the sides of your box during his heart attack. Mettaton attacks the protagonist, but under the advice of Alphys, the protagonist tricks Mettaton into turning around so that they can flip the switch on his back to make him vulnerable. A lot of his attacks are telegraphed with lasers to help you dodge, but for the most part, you just need to keep moving as much as possible. To get past this attack, shoot the bomb, dodge to the opposite side, and then slip through the place where the bomb was. But if you shoot them, they will turn yellow and begin to move. Construct 3. In the Hotlands you'll encounter a few bosses, the most notable of which is Mettaton who you'll have to face multiple times in different ways. Is there a name for paths that follow gridlines? Camera! Or you could take the opportunity to heal with one of the on brand foods, which will give a rating boost of 300. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Also, his heart will be surrounded by a orbiting circle of shootable bricks. Metal Crusher, Showtime, Hotel, Oh! If you die your heart will refuse to give up and put itself back together. Advantages, if any, of deadly military training? The grid of lights can change colors, and Mettaton uses these color changes in place of facial expressions. Login / Sign Up. Start by choosing the "Roll Around" action to change your scent if you want to spare Dogi. Mettaton is a confident, charismatic, and charming TV host that loves drama, action, and violence. If you don't have a treat this battle becomes difficult for a pacifist. Copies of Mettaton's legs stick out from either side of the box and scroll downwards. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Is there an easy way to beat him in a Pacifist run? Answering any questions wrong causes Mettaton to halve the protagonist's HP. If you choose "Heel Turn" the audience will be rooting for your destruction. Writing two compliments earns 250 points. 00:00 00:00 Newgrounds. You have to fight him to continue, regardless of what either of you wants. Before he got his body, he was Napstablook's cousin, helping them with the snail farm and living next-door to them. #3. This attack can be quite fast so choose to not move or move immediately after the previous swing to get past the attacks. You'll come to some reeds to hide in again and won't be able to move while a brief cutscene plays out. Mettaton NEO Simulator 2 Player Edition REMIXED by TemmieFlakes; Mettaton NEO Simulator Demo by CoolMaxGaming; Mettaton NEO Simulator 1.4 by CoolMaxGaming; rindy NEO Simulator 2 Player Edition remix-2 by rindy3; Mettaton NEO Simulator Remix by thatwhichisdead; Mettaton NEO Simulator 2 Player Edition remix by Zach_2720 Boast is good if you are confident in your ability to dodge the attacks and will build your ratings faster. Once you have depleted his health bar, Flowey will 'load an old save' to where he had full health and shoot you with a super laser over and over again. Papyrus is the main boss for Snowdin, and you'll have to fight him if you want to leave Snowdin town. Once the battle is over Mettaton will leave and Dr Alphys will upgrade your phone as well as sign you up to a social media whether you like it or not. By taking damage, using popular brand items, or using specific ACTs to raise the Ratings of the show to above 10 000 (or 12 000, if he still has legs), Mettaton stops the battle. I get cornered by white lasers not knowing what to do... < > Showing 1-11 of 11 comments . Contrary to popular belief, a weak attack does not revert to the Neutral Route. In it, you have to do specific things to raise the ratings high enough to end the fight. Killing him sets the protagonist's EXP to 50 000, resulting in their LOVE reaching 19. Any attack deals between 900 000 and 999 999 damage, and a MISS simply causes the game to return to the battle screen. Examining the corpse warrants the description "It's completely trashed.". ", The song and the scenario from the musical are a reference to the ". Then a hailstorm of mini-tons and lightning bolts will follow. Run into it around 5 times and he should take his armour off - if you don't get it enough times you'll need to clean him again. Choose to save once more when your friends are all saved and you'll be able to save Asriel himself. His attacks are quick and unforgiving and he will dodge all of yours. New Home. Make sure to shoot as many as possible, as this attack can be very damaging, and can even kill you in one go. Alphys will hack the lights to turn on only for you to discover you're in a cooking show with Mettaton. Now choose act and convince Mettaton to turn around, then flick the switch.