Favorites. When Mia and Vincent return to the house to celebrate, Vincent goes to the bathroom while Mia dances to some music. This character was the protagonist of the film's promotional material, appearing on a bed with cigarette in hand. If you take one persons opinion of what a character is like and compare it to the opinion of another person about what that character is like, they could be very different. Also, her looks and personality recalls Elvira Hancock (Michelle Pfeiffer) in Brian DePalma's Scarface (1983): Both do coke and go on a date with her husband's associate. Mia Wallace is barefoot for most of the movie. Jules found it too much, while Vince insisted that it was 'laying hands in a familiar way', something that you wouldn't do for example to another man. Sign Up. Mia's looks and personality recalls the character Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer) in Brian DePalma 's … She enjoys novelty, using playful epithets and nicknames, but she hates mindless chit chat. Quentin Tarantino Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. When they return to the Wallace house, she is seen carrying the trophy. Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz, focused on the present (not focused on the future), The survey data used to construct this profile can be downloaded from. Trivia: He, Marcellus and Mia Wallace, are the only characters to appear in all the film's separate stories. Updated on June 11th, 2020 by Ben Sherlock: Uma Thurman has played a ton of different characters since her star-making turn in Pulp Fiction, but Mia Wallace is arguably still her most memorable role. Quentin Tarantino was so desperate to have her as Mia, he ended up reading her the script over the phone, finally convincing her to take on the role. Books. With +1 implying that every trait one character is high on the other one is high on too, to an equal degree. Mia is finally revived after Vincent stabs her in the heart with a syringe full of adrenaline. Marsellus is intelligent, straightforward, and loyal but when confronted with a problem may quickly resort to violence and murder, hence all of the characters who know Marsellus are wary of him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mia_Wallace_(Pulp_Fiction_character) At Marsellus' request, Vincent Vega shows his wife Mia a good time while Marsellus is in Florida. Steven Martinez (brother of chief graphic designer, Gerald Martinez) is credited with "Very Special Thanks". The table also shows this character's relative rank on that trait compared to all other characters in the database. On their way to the job, Jules was narrating him about Marsellus' new wife, Mia Wallace and the trouble with Antoine Roccamora when he gave foot-massage to Mia. a score of 25 on shorttall is the same as a score of 75 on tallshort). A fearful Vincent tries to save her life with the aid of Lance, his small-time drug dealer who had previously sold him the heroin. "Mia" dominated most of the film's promotional material, appearing on a bed with cigarette in hand. At the beginning, Miramax favored Holly Hunter and Meg Ryan for the part. So, he turns around and squishes Baby Tomato and says, 'Ketchup.' She was cast to play a role in a potential television series called "Fox Force Five". Post with 176 views. Mia then demands that Vincent dance with her in the twist contest and they dance to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell". Julius "Jules" Winnfield is the main deuteragonist and a low-rented hitman working for Marcellus Wallace. Mia Wallace is a fictional character portrayed by Uma Thurman in the 1994 Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction. On this page, traits that had an average score below the midpoint have been reversed so they can be listed in order of most to least extreme for that character. own8ge. Miramax favored Holly Hunter or Meg Ryan for the role. Most of this text is from a deleted Wikipedia article, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mia_Wallace. Vincent was already on edge with the knowledge of what happened to Tony Rocky Horror, so he was determined to entertain Marsellus' new bride, but to do so as a gentleman. During dinner, Mia and Vincent talk about subjects such as awkward silences, 50's pop culture, and some gossip related to Vincent's mob. Current City and Hometown. Before meeting Marsellus, Mia was an aspiring actress who appeared in a television pilot called Fox Force Five, which failed. Tarantino also wanted Meg Tilly, Kim Basinger or Alfre Woodard. He is devout Christian, as he reads Bibles and usually memorizing a Bible speech known as "Ezekiel 25:17" before executing his victims, but his personality is still a stereotypical ordinary black man. She is a rather mysterious character, and very little is revealed about about her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mia wakes up with a howl and, when asked to say something, says "something". 1 Posts #2 • Nov 24, 2012. Baby Tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa Tomato starts getting really angry. Mia Wallace is barefoot for most of the movie. Thurman's performance as Wallace earned her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Character in Pulp Fiction, played by Uma Thurman. Mia Wallace is a character from Pulp Fiction. His friend and fellow hit man Jules Winnfield warns him not to forget his place, and tells him a story about Antwan "Tony Rocky Horror" Rockamora, one of Marcellus' men whom Marcellus threw out of a four-story window, supposedly because he gave Mia a foot massage. Movies And Series. He shows up at Mia's house and while waiting for her to get ready, she plays a classic song on the sound system. Though Vincent is reluctant, he gets up and dances The Twist with Mia to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell". Because the questions are bipolar adjective pairs, they are reversible (i.e. The number of raters is how many different individuals submitted a rating for that trait with this character; each rater rated only a random subset of traits for each character when they were surveyed.