See mark 1:08 in the below news video for the Walmart surveillance footage. However, they all believe him to no longer be alive. If you’ll recall, just a few months after Michael vanished, Becca petitioned the courts to have him declared deceased. Most afternoons, you could find Michael tinkering away in a large multi-car workshop, in a garage just steps away from the family home. Michael Chambers’ Blood in Garage; Image: Disappeared. In late March, just 10 days after Michael mysteriously vanished, Becca cancelled/suspended the cell phone service for two of the family’s accounts with Verizon. Despite what investigators think, the man’s disappearance may not be as cut and dry as it seems. It was then that his wife probably asked Michael to go to the local WalMart to pick her up some mascara; something that was not uncommon for Michael to do. Sheriff Haines said that, while their lead theory was suicide, they were still investigating other angles in the case. Becca unlocked their home and looked around. A blood splatter expert was called in, as the sheriff had been suspicious over how precise and circular the bloodstains had been. This theory quickly changed to one of foul play upon blood being found on a rod in the corner of the garage. She also found quarter-sized droplets on the floor of the workshop and she wondered whether it was transmission fluid. During the early days of the investigation, some in the family were concerned Justin, one of the Michael’s adoptive children, might have been involved. There was a sink in the workshop, but there was no evidence that Michael had tried to clean up an injury, nor use any of the towels that he kept there. That June, Becca took one as well, where investigators learnt she’d had multiple affairs during her marriage to Michael and that the latest one had ended just five months before his disappearance. Michael had given the car to Becca as a gift the previous November, so that means she only kept it for less than a year. Michael was a member of gospel group The Joint Heirs Quartet. However, they have yet to disclose a motive, given the ongoing nature of the investigation. This concerned the neighbours, who called 911 around 6:55pm. The information gained from Michael’s cellphone records caused police to change their theory surrounding his disappearance. Michael Chambers’ Workshop; Image: This Michael Chambers wiki looks at what we know about his life, his strange disappearance, motives for his possible murder, and other theories about this unsolved case. On April 20, 2017, the Hunt County District Clerk received three filings from Becca: On June 6, 2017, the Hunt County District Clerk received even more filings from Becca: According to Michael’s will, Becca was the sole heir to his estate, valued at almost $300,000. He had one brother, Marshall Lee Chambers. On that day, he vanished. He has never been seen or heard from again. To help find answers, the family have enlisted the help of private investigators Jane Holmes and Philip Klein. Chambers disappeared from his home in Quinlan, Texas. Although there was no obvious sign of a struggle, authorities have characterized Michael’s disappearance as suspicious in nature. In addition to this theory being a surprise to Michael’s family, it essentially showed that police believed they would never find Michael alive. To try and find Michael’s body, investigators organized a massive search of his old property on February 10, 2018. Health & Wellness: Positive Mental Health Culture. Michael Glen Chambers was born in 1946 to Alton Clayton and Fannie Belle Meadows Chambers. On July 12, 2017, Michael’s daughter, Suzy, received a message on Facebook from someone claiming his friend had told him where Michael’s body was. When asked for information about Michael’s character, his family told police they didn’t believe he’d voluntarily disappear, given how family-oriented he was. It was found a bike was also missing from the garage. At 3 p.m., a neighbor came home and spent most of the day outside in the yard. Michael Chambers went missing from Quinlan, Texas on March 10, 2017. Holmes, specifically, doesn’t believe Michael to have killed himself and feels Becca knows more than she’s letting on. Michael was 6′3″ tall and weighed 225 pounds. But investigators have suggested that Michael Chambers could have left of his own free will. rcel.async = true; Becca’s actions during this time caused friction between her and the family. Michael Chambers; Photo: Bloodhounds were called in to conduct a more thorough search of the 10-acre property. It was large enough for a grown person to walk under and led to a drainage pond, which was drained.