In 1971 I left to join a local blues band BLIND There’s an apocryphal tale of Way going out to buy a newspaper, meeting the tour bus at the end of the road and going to Europe for six weeks, then calling her from Dover to claim that bumping into the boys had been a coincidence and he forgot to tell her. “Pete’s role was to embellish those songs and make them even more catchy, but in an extremely tasteful way. Haven’t seen him for years but will always have great memories & such unbelievable stories of what we’d get up to. I also play in all kinds of venues and private events. The news of Way’s passing was announced on his official Facebook page. Once, at Pete’s house in Birmingham after a few too many, the pair had a competition to see who could throw the coolest rock-star shapes. So I drove my old Volkswagen Beetle down to their beautiful farm in Sussex and happily Despite all that, the tape I have of the performance sounds pretty good. That’s why he jumped ship.”. It is as radical as it is beautiful. UFO wurde 1969 in London unter dem anfänglichen Namen ‘Hocus Pocus’ gegründet. Your e-mail address will not be published. When I answered yes I was told I had got the job. “We had a place in Bounds Green,” Mogg recalls. (again) and Dexys spent a month in Montreux recording the album with Vincent on piano. of an invited audience of musicians. English guitarist, born as Michael Bolton, May 1950, in London. he has a great website. When asked how big a part Way played in UFO’s success, Mogg and Parker are categorical. We set out to be a 'progressive blues band' but quickly found that to get local gigs we would have to A review in Record Collector called it 'one of the most complex wanted was just someone to help her gain a bit of confidence on the keyboard and encourage her to enjoy playing. After a while he recalls: “Pete and I were at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood, and we found out [60s skiffle star] Lonnie Donegan was staying. But what a sound we made. “And I no longer had cover; I took the full brunt of everything alone. player whos name I can't remember. to join the band - I thought it would be wonderful to play the piano in songs that had such a wide range of expression. return and build up towards the end with full-blooded rockers like Busted Loose and Steel Claw. piano on the backing tracks of two songs which she was going to sing in French. I was among those who frowned at an increasingly frail Way touring as a non-bass-playing frontman for the Pete Way Band. Angeles. Best known for his work with UFO, Pete’s energetic live performances were at the heart of the band’s countless world tours. version of Poison Ivy at Jennifer Maidman's studio in East London. In England and Wales company registration number 2008885. She had tried various teachers but had found them a bit too serious. - two shows at the Schubert Theatre, Philadelphia supported by Aerosmith and, DRAGNET 8, DRA 472492 2, 472492 2, dB 011, Silver Bird (as Bolton)