Sam Walsh and Will Setterfield speak on their close Carlton bond. A clipping from The Age on the Monday after Kevin’s senior debut for Carlton, against Richmond in May 1954, with Kevin’s uncle and Carlton Hall of Fame player Paddy O’Brien pictured alongside in September 1920. Mick's Bass / Pub Bass Player / Studio Musician / Band Mate / Bass Player / Mick's Bass Player (9 episodes, 2010-2014) Henry Schimizzi Peart Ray Proudman (8 episodes, 2013-2014) I remember it made me really think. ‘Keith commandeered the room and he’d lie there as the plane took off. A look back at previous AFLW trade periods. I managed to get there and find the hotel, only to be told that there was no Mr Wood in residence and, in any case, they were fully booked for Prêt-à-Porter Fashion Week. Martyn readily admits his life as a single young man traveling the world, playing his music… well it lead to a few years he calls “off the rails”. Keith would prefer to stay in’, Jagger’s winning smile: Mick Jagger in LA, 1978. Oh, that’s just an act’, The thing that got me about Ronnie was that he was very funny. When I went to get a drink, I looked in the mirror and I could see Ronnie in the reflection, jokingly pretending to hump me from behind. David Bowie hung out there, and Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan and Sly Stone all came round. It turned out that Franco and Mustapha were big-time dealers. That was it for me, it was time to go home, so we sold the house for a terrible price and hit the road back to London. I’d only been seeing Ronnie for a couple of weeks when he went off to New York with the Rolling Stones in 1977. We dug out the basement and put a studio in, and we used to get all sorts of interesting musicians coming round to visit. My son Jamie came to live with us, we had baby Leah and this beautiful house, and there were always loads of interesting people around. Ronnie thought we had the music on too loud, but they swarmed into the house, arrested us and took us off to jail. Wasn’t even a big deal. Patti Hansen came along in the early Eighties and she and I bonded straight away. Needless to say It was an awkward first introduction.”. Chuch was with Ronnie until the day he died. He is a very loyal person – loyal to his friends and family. Leah Garchik. It was much harder for Ronnie. When you speak with him, you can see he is thoroughly enjoying his new home here in America. All my gigs are cancelled due to the Epidemic.Most of my gigs were to raise money for others. I said, ‘I’m never going to do anything like that again.’ And I stuck to that – for a few days at least. Patricia Ward Kelly was 26 and had never heard of Singin' In... Donald Sutherland's sizzling love-making with Julie Christie... ‘Stoned’ by Jo Wood is published by Cassell on October 31, priced £20. ‘I think that’s such a great picture. There was friction between Mick and Keith in the Eighties, but Ronnie finally got the two of them to talk to each other and that proved to be a breakthrough. Lions Club etc. The band were four hours late going on stage that night and I was amazed that people waited so long to see them. Ronnie and I had only been together for six weeks when I found out that I was pregnant with our daughter Leah – which was both a complete shock and a total joy. The two met on a cruise ship, started dating, fell in love and decided to get married. I thought, ‘This girl is cool,’ and she looked so beautiful. It was a really good party house. To pre-order call 01603 648155 or go to I knew someone called Lil, who was doing some modelling in New York, so I called her and invited her up. Not long after we started going out, Ronnie bought me a ‘proper’ camera, and I took so many pictures that he started to call me the Shutterbug. He also had an interest in horse training and dressage through his daughter Kylie.”. His sense of humour was, and is, brilliant. The Stones organisation is a big machine, but within it is a family, and we had some amazing times together. She was fascinated with her father’s cigarettes. It’s funny how certain moments in your life can stick in your head like a photograph. It was a mad tour, which cost Ronnie a fortune because he insisted on using private planes wherever we went. Watch highlights of Carlton's greatest ever player, John Nicholls, in action. A friend said, ‘You have to do something with these…’, After a few months we bought a place in Mandeville Canyon and Keith moved in there too. She opened the door to her apartment wearing only men’s pyjama trousers and jumped into Keith’s arms with a big grin on her face. He wrote me an IOU note which I still have, promising to buy me two pistols for my birthday, and while I can’t say I’ve ever had any interest in firearms, clearly the thought was there from him. I opened the window and screamed at them, ‘What the f*** are you doing?’, and they looked up and held their knives up at me. He has become very involved in the communities and gives back a significant amount of his time and talent. Ronnie feels the heat in the dressing room: On tour in America in 1981. She was keen on meeting him, so Keith hired a chopper and just flew me to New York to pick her up – that was just the way things were. It would have been taken by “Chuch”, Ronnie’s roadie. Free delivery on all orders – no minimum spend. I put on my innocent face and said I’d tried them for the first time that night. They got on like a house on fire and went out with each other for a couple of years. Suddenly there was going to be an album, called Steel Wheels, and we were going back on the road, this time with all the kids. We found a lovely old brownstone house on West 78th Street, a couple of streets down from where Mick lived. After the Stones finished touring Tattoo You in Europe, Ronnie and I moved to Manhattan in 82 as LA had become too crazy, plus Keith was in New York and he wanted his buddy there. Hi Martyn’s mates.I’m a self employed musician. He was on the phone to Keith and then to Mick, encouraging them both to speak to each other, and the next thing I knew they were rehearsing together. That lasted about four and a half years, but then he met Leah. And that’s the story of how I met Keith Richards for the first time. I wasn’t sure if that was the end of our affair, but then he called from America and invited me to Paris. But the entertainment wasn’t all wild as Mick and Bill would play backgammon on the plane and they used to have tournaments against each other. This photo is an absolute favourite of mine. Keith was furious that we left, but it had to be done. He has played in every major capital of the world, at Euro Disney in Paris, and all the major cruise lines. When they borrowed our car, they’d picked up a huge bag of coke, which for some reason they’d stashed in a tree in our garden. He was a longtime ICTF soldier and new father who had managed to maintain the fiction to his wife that he worked a desk job. I built a little club room with a notice on the door saying ‘Jo’s Club’, and I’d have drinks and joints ready for Ronnie and Keith when they took a break. “It’s fair to say he had a colourful life. Carlton co-captain Kerryn Harrington previewed the Blues' pre-season on the first…. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. We’d go days without food or sleep, then we’d realise we were starving and Keith would say, ‘Let’s go to Fouquet’s’, a really posh restaurant he loved on the Champs-Élysées. In February 1980 we went to the island of St Martin in the Caribbean with the kids. My only appearance in a Rolling Stones video came at that time. Kevin James O’Brien died on September 24 after a long illness. He’d been using it for a long time but he’d got busted and he knew that if he didn’t stop they’d put him in jail soon. I found Keith fascinating. Martyn is extremely appreciative of that decision as well. We’d just get in the car and drive off at seven in the morning after a night in the studio. It turned out they had lots of particularly good cocaine and the healthy holiday went right out of the window. St Martin is not exactly a big island and a couple of days later they knocked on our door. They were the longest six days of my life. That’s got to be 1981, because that was the messiest tour, and I remember thinking, I never want to be so unorganised again. They came back, returned our car and left. I’d be lying if I said I remembered everything – I look at some of the photos and have no idea where we were. It all seemed to be one big party, one big laugh and adventure. March 14, 2001 Updated: Feb. 14, 2012 7:12 p.m. ... Boz Martyn told TIC that the actions of the class were the result of his alerting their teacher to the posters. I remember the first thing he wanted to do after getting clean was meet a girl. Offer price £16 (20 per cent discount) until November 19 2019. Going on tour was a whole new world. You never knew who would turn up backstage – old friends or big stars, artists, sportspeople or film stars – so I worked as Ronnie’s little bouncer. His parents were prominent musicians and singers playing on many large venues. Which, incidentally, is my fault, since the sperm determines the sex of the baby. He was good at all the sports he played,” Martyn said. The following year he was granted leave of absence by the club, and didn’t resume until the 13th round of ’56 when Carlton met Melbourne at the MCG. While he’s saying that, some other bloke shoves past us into the room. At first I was a bit timid about getting rid of people, but as time went on I had no trouble doing it. I thought, ‘This guy is absolutely nuts.’. Originally hailing from Newport in Melbourne’s inner south-west, O’Brien was an outstanding junior tennis player and accomplished student at CBC Parade East Melbourne, who won a clearance to Carlton despite being residentially tied to South Melbourne. We used to hang clothes up in the window, because I’d prefer them to be out than shoved in a wardrobe and then forgotten when we left. The comments below have not been moderated. He is survived by his wife Sylvia, children Sean, Kylie, Edmond, Joan and Margaret, and his grandchildren, as well as his brother John. Maybe he will wear the jacket that was made for Elton John. We’d all congregate on the bed once we were flying’, ‘We ’ave a Monsieur Wood down ’ere asking for you. I’ve heard such a lot about you.’. I have to refer to what people were wearing, what my hair was like and how skinny I was to work out when it was. To be fair to him, it worked a treat – his hair stayed right where he wanted it’, My great expectations: Pregnant with daughter Leah, Los Angeles, 1978. When I finally threw Keith out of our guest house it wasn’t personal, but he had to go as I’d just had a baby! It was incredible to see; he was funnier, happier and cooler than ever before. Ronnie and I decided that we would make a go of it as a couple and moved into a rented house in the Hollywood Hills with a swimming pool in the living room.