To talk subjectively, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t progress to psychological dependence or come as a detriment to the user. An ideal moment because I’m in Spain and I’ll be here for a while until I leave for my next destination, Mexico. I’m taking the microdose at 21:50, we’ll see what happens during the night. After their testimonies, my desire to explore this field increased. On the first day, take a microdose, then take another on day four. I wonder if the accumulation will have something to do with it. However, MDMA’s heart risk is associated with its activation of the 5-HT2B receptor; which is also activated by LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. If we don’t own up to the gaps in our knowledge, our movement will easily lose its foothold. Under no circumstances do I base these tests on leisure, entertainment or pleasure. Besides staying up later at night is there any difference between taking the md at night vs in the morning. The first two did everything I had hoped but the third, which I took this morning, has affected me strangely. Friday 06/07 – Day 35 – Microdosing LSD #34: We’re nearly at the end of the experiment, the fluidity of ideas, creativity, focus, and perception have made me push more these days. Since microdosing is an activity that, in many people, results in states of heightened awareness and well-being, it’s absolutely possible to become infatuated with the practice. The hippie and new age cultures were an easy target for a Nixon government that rightfully saw their consciousness-expanding manifesto as a threat to the exploitative and divisive institution of U.S. politics. I think microdosing it is a little bit crazy really, it’s going to chemically change your reality, you will be that much more out of tune with your peers and potentially not be able to comprehend the collective conciousness when you stop. My creative ability remained the same. I was curious about this myself. Wednesday 06/27/18 – Day 26 -Microdosing LSD #5: continual flow during the whole day, zero distractions, zero dizziness, no loss of time. I think before anyone starts using they should discuss their interest with a licensed medical doctor. The experience of reality was almost the same as before although the results in my cognitive and perceptual tests were much better. Required fields are marked *. In no case did I perform this experiment for reasons of entertainment or leisure. The total opposite, the nature of this experiment is exploratory. The analysis, effects, and sensations of each day during the forty days, in writing. But looking up info on panic attacks and talking about it to some people on Discord really helped (I’d say to the point of going away altogether). Microdosing has become something of a paradox for the psychedelic community. It has been about four hours since I took the dose and I do feel myself calming down but I am worried that I will react that way to public transport from now on, as I do know people who have been affected by lsd in that way. In fact, even the cap and stem of the same mushroom can differ in effect! What studies will show is different people have little or no side affects and function at a high rate, are happy and healthy. A very accurate and more developed perception. Archived. Most enthusiasts would recommend a cycle of three days when microdosing. The next question we get asked a lot is: what kind of psilocybin mushroom is best for microdosing? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the microdosing community. Saturday 6/16/18 – Day 15 – Microdosing LSD #14: taken at noon while fasting. It lasts for much longer and with more intensity. I notice how I can control my mind better and have more control over it; I am entering a deeper state of consciousness. Your email address will not be published. low doses will do to your body. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Wednesday 11/07 – Day 40 – Microdosing LSD #39: Today I finish the experiment of 40 days of LSD Microdosing, I can say that I’m enjoying my day to day, work, trips and life so much more. Increase in concentration. I've microdosed it before bed without any problems. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Look forward to hearing more on your site! Since then, I’ve quit coffee and stick to tea. The reported benefits of microdosing, across vast demographics of people, have catalyzed a surge of interest and optimism from many in the psychedelic community.