Electrolux fridges have kinda been a "hit and miss" story over the years, so I, (myself), would shy away from them. Best of luck with your appliance choice. Miele is nice, but they are new to the range tops and only offer integrated refrigeration, which is too tall for my 5'1" stature. Subzero 48’ side by side refrigerator, comin Viking VRT366BSS gas rangetop, Sharp microwave. No amount of external moisture will help that whether it be wet steam or completely submerged in a pot of water. It's my favorite setting for many things from Thanksgiving turkey to roasted vegetables. Clean up is extremely easy too--damp cloth wipes up everything. Check on this forum and Google around. Wolf even has a setting for that. I would like to go again... Tooooo busy.. The company did also extend my warranty. We installed Thermador double wall ovens, gas range, and dishwasher about 18 months ago. But I LOVED IT! Miele uses European convection -- top and bottom elements separately or together -- with and without the convection fan. I don't bake breads and I do not see the spray function as a plus or the extensive Master Chef options as necessary. I love the stove. When I say, “you’re actually cooking with water,“ of course I don’t mean you’re adding water to your food. They reference their formula on their website. If you don’t fill your oven side to side, you may not notice that. I’d go for the SZ refrigerator, Thermador ovens, and the Wolf range. I would be hesitant about buying the E series because the interior is the same as my old ovens. We chose a Thermador rangetop over Wolf, because the star burners on the Thermador enable the flame to reach the center of pots and pans, much better than the circular burners of the Wolf. My ovens will go right next to my Sub-zeros so I'm hesitant to go with Miele because of the very different handle styles, though I hear great things about Miele. wekick I think I have read many of your posts here regarding the Wolf ovens and that is what scarred me off. This may not be the best way to get the kitchen you want, although I understand it is cost effective. November 2020 edition! If we were to drop one oven from our current kitchen it'd be the Miele. This is my dream kitchen and I've waited a long time for it. He currently works as a Kitchen Design Consultant and resides in Rockville, MD. JK- whom ever told you the the enamel problems was just on the L series is full of it. Miele - the ranges are a new product line, but we've been very happy with their dishwashers. The Miele KM 6370 contains zones of different sizes – the smallest detection area is around 6″ with the largest being 9×15″ (when the two elements combine to create the PowerFlex zone as mentioned earlier). Can't wait to look through the cookbook! " Brand recognition is very important to those companies and with a smaller market share, they will work harder to protect their name. People write reviews on products they absolutely love or hate with a passion. HMMM. The fridge is coming up on a year old with 0 issues. Cooking is much more even with the star burners. Meat gets dry because it is over cooked. Perhaps it costs less to build a refrigerator in Turkey and ship it to the US than it does to build one here. It eventually forms a gel, the proteins denature and browning reactions take place. If you bought a single 6780 BP (or a 6880) it can be plumbed for "Moisture Plus" which injects a blast of steam into the oven for certain things you might want that for - bread/pastry. So if it does chip out of warranty, it's not the end of the world. It actually cooks differently than a standard microwave .. Always cook to internal temperature. Steaming only takes place the first part of baking and then at some point it uses dry heat and convection to promote drying, so crisping and browning. Let’s see, who is in the best position to make a rational decision about what kind of space they need? I've never cooked with gas (I'm 60) and don't really want to clean the grates, etc., so I'm looking at an induction cooktop and the double M series wall ovens. RE: ovens, it’s a personal preference. But we want a drawer in the island so GE isn't and option. Thermador is owned by Bosch, a German company, and their refrigerators are made in Turkey. I do not want a steam oven so I will try to view the 6680 and the 6580 on line and then look at the H6700 and the H6600 and matching trim kits. Pureline. It was great!! Anyone with Wolf M or Miele oven purchased in the past year that can weigh in on performance and model? ITTC, then do I need a speed oven over a single convect oven or double ovens with a Sharp microwave drawer under counter? Wolf vs. Miele Induction Cooktop Review Shootout! What type of oven do you have now? My Thermador is much closer to the older racking, and while it cooks beautifully I do need to swap cookie sheets around during a bake. I told him I thought we should make sure that all of the breakers with electronics (including my precious range) were flipped off, but he said it would be fine. It seems that people favor Wolf but is this because of the refrigeration of the subzero? It’s a solid, well-built oven available at an extremely fair price. @J K - Wow, I'm so glad I asked. Our final decision was basically Miele vs. Capital. We called service and were told that they could not fix it. I would have gone induction except I really wanted the indoor grill, living in MI. I have visited our Subzero/Wolf distribution center about 5 times...haven't test driven, but your products are beautiful. ”It is very rare” yet many have had multiple failures. Second place would be Capital Culinarian. Many gas ovens now keep a very close temperature. It’s large enough that you can bake multiple loaves of bread in it at the same time, and quick enough that it frees itself up for more work in short order. The impressive ‘melt’ feature turns the power level on one burner to the perfect temperature needed to melt (and not burn!) Right now I would probably lean you towards the SZ fridge, even though they do not keep up with the latest technology and "to me", are over priced. Had to hash it out with my kitchen designer on space--our pantry door has shrunk from 2-6 to 2-4 to fit refrigeration and ovens on one wall. @wekick we do a lot of baking, baking fish, we do not broil often, baking pizzas, and a lot of stove top cooking (curries, soups, pastas, etc. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. I had the ZET2 ovens that came out in 2005 or 6 and adored them! I certainly didn't spend anything close on the minor renovations I did in our condo last year when my Maytag fridge died after 10 years. It’ll keep your food moist because it’s literally cooking with water.”.