Jim Lange host of. Chuck Connors concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are actress Marcia Rose, comedian Orson Bean, Dr. Louise Wensel, Dr. Hu Lee, Dr. Ju-Ling King, Aaron Banks black belt karate expert and actor and Titus Chan cooking show host of "Cooking the Chan-ese Way". Kate Smith concludes her co-hosting duties; guests include actor Forrest Tucker, comedian Henny Youngman, designer Edith Head, author Arnold Weissberger, Joseph Rizzo linebacker for the. Totie Fields co-hosts; guests are actor Ricardo Montalban, singer Jerry Vale, comedian Orson Bean and Becky Fuller Miss Cheerleader U.S.A. Donald O'Connor concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are lyricist Alan Jay Lerner, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, actress Nancy Dussault, comedian Lonnie Shorr and The Little Angels. In 1965, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reversed a 1956 station switch, in which NBC strong-armed Westinghouse to move to Cleveland, so it could have a station in the much larger Philadelphia market. David Hartman co-hosts; guests are actor Michael Caine of. Instead of an opening comedic monologue (as was the case with The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, for example), Douglas, given his vocalist background, would begin each show by singing a popular song for the audience. Pat Cooper co-hosts; guests are actor Gabe Kaplan, Dr. Joyce Brothers, author Thomas Sanchez, singer Angela Bacari and The Persuasions. Robert Conrad concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are TV personality Steve Allen and his wife actress Jayne Meadows, boxing champ Joe Frazier and comedian Louis Nye. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Each show featured comedy skits, gags, and vignettes starring Skelton and guest performers. Ellen Holly and Al Freeman Jr. of the TV's soap. George Raft co-hosts; guests are singer-composer Don McLean, actor-author Ulick O'Connor, author Gwen Davis, Rockefeller Foundation President John Knowles and rock group Fanny. Season: ... Mike Douglas, aided by a different celebrity co-host every week, interviews a variety of figures from the world of entertainment. Guests are actress-singer Sheila MacRae, comedian Pat Paulsen, actor Mike Minor and columnist Jack Anderson. Melba Moore co-hosts; guests are comic actor Jack Gilford, comedienne Betty Walker, comedian Norm Crosby and author Jerzy Kosinski. Roger Miller concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are actress Priscilla Presley, Olivia Bis, Priscilla's partner in their Boutique "Bis and Beau", English singer-songwriter Ian Whitcomb, organist-comic Stan Kann and Senator William Proxmire. Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara co-host; guests are actors Richard Chamberlain He made a surprise visit in 1976 to the set of Match Game, a competing program that managed to score higher ratings than The Mike Douglas Show during the mid-1970s. The Mike Douglas Show was an American daytime television talk show that was hosted by Mike Douglas. Mike's co-host this week is singer Tony Bennett (Week of 21May73-25May73); guests are actress Helen Hayes, musician Woody Herman, comedian Pat Cooper and Jacques Wilson wrote the narration of the Moog album "Signs of the Zodiac". With NBC forced to move back to Cleveland, Westinghouse regained control of what had been NBC-owned WRCV-TV in Philadelphia and renamed the station KYW-TV. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. and singing duo Seals and Croft. George Raft concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are boxing great Muhammad Ali, TV personality George Jessel, singer Teresa Brewer and Miguel Pinero, playwright of "Short Eyes". Robert Conrad co-hosts; guests are actress-singer-dancer Ginger Rogers. 12 Dec. 1961 Carmel Quinn guest hosts; guests: Tony Bennett, Art Modell, Jim Brown, Peter Donald. Mike's co-host this week is tennis champ Billie Jean King (Week of 12Nov73-16Nov73); guests are Football star Joe Namath, Bob Oates Jr. author of. Martha Mitchell co-hosts; guests are singer Olivia Newton-John, comedian Dick Shawn, market researcher Marty Herbst and sociologist Jay Schulman. Mike Douglas was no relation to Michael nor Kirk Douglas. Ray Stevens co-hosts; guests are comedian Marty Allen, drummer Buddy Rich, singer Sarah Vaughan and National Spelling Bee champion Julie Junkin. Mike's co-host for the week is comedian Jonathan Winters (Week of 25Mar74-29Mar74); guests are singer-songwriter Paul Anka, comedienne Totie Fields, entertainer Liberace and The Spinners. James Coco concludes his co-hosting duties for the week; guests are actress Maureen Stapleton, actor Peter Lawford, actor Bob Cummings and his wife Gigi. Martin Milner & Kent McCord conclude their co-hosting duties; guests are actor Charlton Heston, singer Julie Budd, author Dorothy Uhnak and actor Jonathan Sand. Jan Murray co-hosts; guests are actor Hans Conried, singer Donna Theodore, comedian Steve Landesberg and writer-philosopher Eric Hoffer. Jean Stapleton co-hosts; guests are actor Tony Randall, actress-singer-dancer Leland Palmer of "Pippin" and columnist Jack Anderson. The Mike Douglas Show was a variety show out of Cleveland OH and then Philadelphia PA, broadcast in the daytime. Salute to the 40's, Shirley Temple Black co-hosts; guests are actress and star of the film. Albert Brooks co-hosts; guests are the Electric Light Orchestra, film critic Rex Reed and the National Chinese Opera Theater. 20 of 22 people found this review helpful. Mike's co-host this week is actor Anthony Quinn (Week of 22Jan73-26Jan73); guests are producer-writer-director Joseph L. Mankiewicz, singer Morgana King, entertainer Tiny Tim with his daughter Tulip, The New Seekers and Greek Dancers. When you saw THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW,you saw entertainment at its finest. From Philadelphia's Independence Mall, Bobby Riggs concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are singer Bobby Vinton, comedian Dick Shawn, Boxing promoter Don King, Eagles kicker Tom Dempsey, Sylvia and the Moments, members of the Atoms, the city's soccer team and a race-walking team from Temple University. Martha Mitchell co-hosts; guests are composer Marvin Hamlisch, authors Victor Marchetti and John Marks. Paul Anka co-hosts; guests are actor-playwright Jason Miller, Jesuit Priest Father William O'Malley. Kate Smith co-hosts; guests are comic Ron Carey, Rock group Puzzle, The DeFranco Family. Redd Foxx co-hosts; guests are comedian Slappy White, actor Demond Wilson, comedian-actor Stepin Fetchit, Jazz singer Koffie and Jazz dancer Baby Laurence. Cloris Leachman co-hosts; guests are actor Robert Shaw, actress Judith Lowry, director Otto Preminger, comedian Lonnie Shorr and Charles Degen. Mike's co-host this week is comedienne Totie Fields (Week of 20May74-24May74); guests are boxing great Rocky Graziano, singer Tommy Leonetti, author Peter Benchley, comic musician David Sewall and dress designer Don Peacock. Donald O'Connor concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are comedian Pat Cooper, Ray Geiger of the. That studio ("Studio A") was the first and only studio especially constructed for the program. Robert Stack concludes his co-hosting duties; guests are astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, comedian Pat Cooper, singer Melissa Manchester and author Isaac Asimov.