For that, I'd say that's a nein. You can help out by cleaning up/adding in a better summary or by finding more pictures. Through a flashback, Creepler slinks into her room through the window and rapes her. Moral Orel Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 2. In the episode, Clay is Orel's father. Arthur is Orel's grandfather. Takes place a few weeks after events of Nature Part 2, most definitely before events of Sacrifice, Nesting, and Honor. Please don't list it on a work's trope example list. The show for instance once had magic in one episode and had the show continued, Censordoll would've also been shown to perform voodoo. Let's just put it this way: after "Nature", freaking Adult Swim asked Dino to make Season 3 as dark as possible — then canceled the show after realizing the mistake they made. 1. Moral Orel is an American adult stop-motion animated television series, which originally aired on Adult Swim from December 13, 2005 to December 18, 2008. After Orel accepts crack from a homeless man and smokes it, his pupils maximize to a deeply, In the episode "Grounded", as a result of having his friends do a bloodletting, Orel is banned from going to church for a month. He still remains optimistic, but he begins to show resentment towards his father. I'll smoke the crack! After especially season 3 Orel ends the series being a better man and father than Clay could attest to and thereby doesn't fall victim to the town of Moralton's corruption. Orel and Christina are in love with each other, but aren't supposed to see each other because their parents think their two families are "too different" because of their different prayers. After the events of “Honor,” a near-death experience forces Clay to become his best self. Orel hosts his own movie premiere in his backyard for his family as well as key figures in Moralton's community; during the screening, Joe becomes restless, and uses the opportunity to insult everyone in attendance. by Risky Beelzebub. He even ruined Principle Fakey's marriage because of his father's idiotic lecture. His goal is to be a good Christian through the Bible, and follow Christian moral codes and values. As a result of the shooting (and likely Dr. Potterswheel's incompetent job in healing the leg), Orel gets a permanent limp, which Dino Stamotopolus said would have been kept throughout the series had it continued (and is indeed shown in the show's final scene of an adult Orel). when expressing joy or surprise. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Despite witnessing hypocrisy and misery everywhere he goes, Orel remains cheerful, and wants everyone in town to be happy and get along. EP 18 Orel's Movie Premiere. Shapey and Block playing with dangerous objects. Reverend Putty says that Orel is the purest of the pure. Come Season 3, and he no longer displayed any interest towards him. Season 3 removed the comedy and the show became much more darker as the hypocrisy of the people of Moralton took the central stage. In it, he tried to lure Orel's best friend Doughy into the back of his ice cream truck and later decides to shower Doughy in gifts in an attempt to win him over. Loooong before we ever met Clay, he was a good kid. Orel hosts his own movie premiere in his backyard for his family as well as key figures in Moralton's community; during the screening, Joe becomes restless, and uses the opportunity to insult everyone in attendance. Karl Latchkey tries to cope with the loss of his distant father, his immature wife, and a son he hates. He usually helps Orel out in whatever he's doing. This was made still around the time that the series was slightly comedic, so it could also be written off as being PlayedForLaughs. Miss Censordoll sought to control Moralton through Clay, but she also isn't heinous enough and her childhood was also fucked up. At the beginning of the series, Orel looked up to him, but after the events of. Season 3 does away with the comedic tone, becoming one of the darkest pieces of western animation I have seen. Victor acts like Clay and the Creation walks past yelling "cake!". Orel Puppington is the protagonist of the stop-motion animated television series, Moral Orel. Orel had committed several acts that were good-intentioned, but nevertheless harmed the town. Work (Moral Orel) | Kinetic Typography by Shwa. 3:03. orel dances to a goodie by EnzoTheGreatWare. spoiler. It's implied that the doctor's wife died doing the same thing.