This article was originally published at The Mind's Journal. 2020 Checklist- Things You Need To Do Before The Year Is Over! These people usually remain confused most of the time. That's true....I'm a Pisces and anything connected to pessimism is never my kind of vibe. Even so, our leadership can be destructive and lead the masses toward hatred or indifference. RELATED: Why Are Sagittarius So Hard To Date, What makes Aquarius dangerous: A manipulative and vengeful personality. Astrological context There is much that has been happening astrologically. According to the common people, the natives of this sign are the most vengeful and resentful. On one hand, these people can be so soft and shy. What makes Capricorn dangerous: An all-rounder criminal with a careless nature. I’m a Cancer, but Aren’t we Cancer Head of Crime? They avoid doing crimes individually, and are usually seen working within an organization to get things done. They do not feel guilty for being wrong. Taurus isn’t a horoscope sign that takes being crossed easily and really does have trouble forgiving and moving on. Your email address will not be published. This tells us that we will have popularity and power to lead the masses. People born under this sign are unforgiving, so you better be careful what you’re speaking and doing around them. Pisces are sensitive, compassionate and highly emotional beings and they are truly great friends and partners, but when Pisces is provoked, they are not afraid to give them hell. Mostly, for self-benefit. These people believe in giving 100% to everything. 3- Libra: The third among the most evil signs is Libra, who presents himself as the dead mosquito, and his dark side hides it behind his sweet face, gentle and sociable character, but when they hurt him, he becomes a true demon, who can burn and destroy everything around him. In turn, they are very stubborn and if they are arguing, they will not stop until they are right (even though they are the wrong ones). The very fact that the Sagittarius has a bow and an arrow makes this zodiac sign dangerous. Popular by the names like Water-bearer, humanitarian. What makes Taurus dangerous: An extremely temperamental disposition. A Cancer nevertheless is not a dispute lover. While some articles claim the FBI released a study about serial killers by zodiac sign, alleging that Cancer is the most dangerous, correlation does not equal causation. Are you guilty of wanting revenge whenever anyone crosses you, or do you choose to turn the other cheek? They fake their cuteness and believe that everyone buys it. Whatever they do, they do it for a reason.