Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire is the rich girl from the book series and TV show, Arthur. In "The Election," Muffy appears to have become president, but it could simply be Muffy's dream, not reality. And now ", Muffy is also friends with Brain, Binky and Sue Ellen. "See what I mean?" He is very good at art and built many sculptures for Muffy's art show. Paige Turner | What was she thinking? generous either. (She also originally called her mom as "Mumzee".) Muffy says no, he's the "bravest, strongest, noblest person she … Bailey | Bo Baxter | About Muffy. It begins in a large mansion where Arthur is explaining that just because someone says something is real doesn't necessarily mean it is. Big Jake | Moses, Cyberchase He is very good at art and built many sculptures for Muffy's art show. Teddy | Tosha (Barney character, Hope Cervantes, Thevideotour1's version), Canada (country, Thevideotour1's version), Christian Buenaventura (Thevideotour1's version), Barb Pélissier (Soulcalibur character, Thevideotour1's version)/Original Timeline, Kylie Pélissier (Soulcalibur character, Thevideotour1's version)/Original Timeline, Adelheid Hall (Soulcalibur character, Thevideotour1's version)/Original Timeline, Jodie Scott (Soulcalibur character, Thevideotour1's version)/Original Timeline, Maggie Weaver (Soulcalibur character, Thevideotour1's version)/Original Timeline, Christiane Appell (Soulcalibur character, Thevideotour1's version)/Original Timeline, Blondell Fortier (Soulcalibur character, Thevideotour1's version)/Original Timeline,,_Thevideotour1%27s_version)?oldid=20066. B.J. See this link for the latest forum topics, where users can collaborate or discuss certain topics in one place! Dr. Marbles, Berenstain Bears Alan, Thomas and Friends T-Bone | Bailey agrees. I want the whole world He does everything he's told, even doing a wheelie with the limo. And Shutarō's sister is just as much of a brat; she's just less pompous and more sadistic. rooms full of toys and even has her own air-conditioned clubhouse. Julie | From seasons 1-15, her pajamas consist of a purple and white nightgown under a lavender robe and pink slippers. Don | Millicent says yes it is, and it's an amazing deal. Bailey suggests they ignore Jimmy's suggestions and treat each other normally. Like her father, Muffy is very loquacious and also good at doing business with people. Liz | He is voiced by Bruce Dinsmore in the TV series. This surprises Francine as it is only 3:00. Alias She only wishes Chip could be there, but he is at school and suggests them making a second season. Some of the episodes she is seen with different hairstyles include "Francine's Bad Hair Day," "Muffy's Art Attack," "Lights, Camera, Opera!," "The Lousy Week," "Don't Ask Muffy," "The Election" and "No Acting, Please.". Matt Damon | The Fish | Oliver Frensky | Soon afterwards, she becomes friends with Arthur and his friends as well. Los Dedos, Teenagers Like Arthur, she is 8 years old and in the third grade, but in contrast, she is fashionable, talkative, melodramatic, stubborn, and very wealthy. Jason | Nadine Flumberghast | Bitzi Baxter | Dunk | "plain folk". Duck the Great Western Engine | Tinky Winky | In "The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club," it is revealed that eating Hasenpfeffer Ice Cream gives her nightmares. Tiny | Ed says that it wasn't a dream and that he sells cars like that. She lives with her father (Ed Crosswire, who has a large collection of expensive automobiles), her mother (Millicent Crosswire), and her butler (Bailey). She is often labeled as snobbish and spoiled because of her wealth, attitude, and frequent selfishness, but makes up for it in most cases. Muffy's signature, with Binky's, from the Arthur's Guide to Children's Hospital Boston website feature. She is the daughter of Ugly Ed Crosswire, that guy who sells Stuff. Mariella Lorraine, Dinosaur Train ReadGiselle (pet dog)Waldo (imaginary friend). This shocks Buster and Francine who are nearby and Francine asks Muffy why she was being so rude to Bailey. Lofty | / Kootie Pie Koopa from the various. Despite the books being banned from Elwood City Public Library, Muffy kept her collection in secret until meeting the author. Mungus | Emma | Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines, Rattles | Lydia Fox | However unlike most of her friends, she tends to be snobbish and arrogant, likely attributed to her family's wealth. Ord | In the conclusion, she shows a considerate facet of herself and vows to learn everything about her butler. Phoebe Terese | ("Love Notes for Muffy."). And just because D.W.'s only four-five years old doesn't mean that's a good enough excuse for all the times she's tormented Arthur. Muffy sporting her "politician" 'do in "The Election", Throughout the series, Muffy has many alternate hairstyles. She spends much more time with Bailey, who gives her advice, helps her with homework and other projects, and as a result his work is usually unrecognized. Lakewood Elementary School student Grandpa | Muffy entered Lakewood in second grade, when she met Arthur and his friends and quickly became best friends with Francine. She has eaten Hasenpfeffer Ice Cream while reading The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club books and gotten nightmares. Her parents said that they are "just plain folks" (that she is only the 4th generation of entrepreneurs) and advised her to visit their Aunt Olga Crump. It is pretty much this trope that drove Keima from, There was Arthur Hoggart's granddaughter in. Wrathful Egomaniac, Millicent Crosswire (mother)Chip Crosswire (brother)Edward M. Crosswire (paternal grandfather; deceased)Unnamed grandmotherEdsel E. Crosswire (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)Taffy Crosswire (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)Mary Alice Miller (great-great grandmother; deceased)Olga Crump (paternal great-aunt)Unnamed cousinUnnamed cousin-in-law, Fern WaltersPrunella DeeganArthur ReadBuster BaxterKaylie LamottAlan PowersShelley "Binky" BarnesSue Ellen ArmstrongJenna MorganGeorge LundgrenBaileyD.W. In "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon," Arthur has a nightmare in which he sees a long-haired Muffy with what appear to be twin daughters. Of all shapes and sizes Jakers! In the Living Books computer games, Muffy had a brown complexion, dark brown hair, and buck teeth in Arthur's Teacher Trouble. Martha | Gordon the Big Engine | Dipsy | then asks Jimmy and Phil what their verdict is. Don Toro | Buster Baxter | Mac | Fashion senseBusiness knowledge Blows the Whistle," Muffy wears an orange racing suit with a blue stripe, a white helmet, and orange sneakers. Because of this Muffy is a little spoiled. Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire is a third grader in Mr. Ratburn's class at Lakewood Elementary. She was willing to stand up to Binky even after she accused Binky of stealing Francine's bicycle. Bailey says he has excellent eyesight and Jimmy hands him a notepad and asks him to read it. Muffy is a medium-skinned anthropomorphic monkey. Chet, Curious George Percy accuses Pooch of spoiling his ball, unlike the tough love he gives his own ball of yarn. Thomas the Tank Engine | The older the child is, the less likely this is to happen. It is revealed in "Muffy's Soccer Shocker" that in a possible future, well after the events depicted in normal episodes of the series, Muffy will have a son who takes after her. Sid Sycamore | Well, not exactly destroyed, but our first floor got flooded and we have no power! Sagwa Miao | Of course not. all the premium channels, and her parents will get Muffy pretty much anything Mary Alice Crosswire The Doorman | Harold Shrinks | Conductor, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! During formal occasions, she sometimes had her frontal hair cut into bangs. Since the debut of the show in the. Well, I guess I'll be going to the store now, then. Kratt Brothers | The Magic School Bus | Maria Rodriguez | Daisy the Bunny, Ready Jet Go! Rexy | Maya Santos | Sean Rafferty | Sir Topham Hatt, Barney and Friends Emily | Jimmy then asks Bailey to hold an onion, which makes his eyes water. Francine is her best friend. Don't care how, I want it no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ow! In "Prunella Gets it Twice," Muffy wears her first outfit, but it has several color changes with her bodysuit having blue and yellow stripes, her dress being red, and her shoes being brown. Leah MacGrady | Francis Haney | Because of this Muffy is a little spoiled. Mrs. Gould | The Adventures of Piggley Winks Jimmy calls Bailey "Jeeves," and Bailey, in return, calls him "Mr. Cube". Molly MacDonald | Well, do you?! Wendy | Which may be part of the reason he's so reluctant to spend time with them, even moreso than the other characters and their respective relatives. Snuffy | Peppa even said "I don't want to play with you anymore" to Suzy, her best friend. Blossom | Snivley from Yogi's First Christmas. Koki | Carlos Ramón | Perdita Shrinks | Zak and Wheezie | Don't care how, I want it now! Bailey Carson Belvedere III is Muffy Crosswire's butler and chauffeur. In extreme cases, may be the result (or result in) an All Take and No Give relationship with their parents. At first it appears that Chiko, the main character of, Rumiko Takahashi used this character twice, in the form of Shūtarō Mendō, of. Jimmy and Phil then film the Crosswires at breakfast (the parents are reading their papers). Muffy sneaks out of bed and down the hall. Buster Baxter | They're not acting like me, Arthur, they're acting like you! Bailey says it's a distinct possibility. Teela is portrayed like this in most versions of, However, later episodes started hinting that Silver Spoon is more of a "lackey" who only, Angel Bunny, Fluttershy's rabbit companion, has shown extreme signs of this as of, As of now, it's just that episode though. Is it possible reality TV isn't as realistic as she thought?[4]. Ms. Valerie Frizzle | Francine says that she thinks it will take more than a cherry to make up for her rudeness and drama.They go into class but Muffy just stands there looking thoughtful. Their grandmother is a soft touch and no matter what they do she never punishes them. Bud Compson | Despite her negative side, she does regularly help and gives advice to her friends (usually if it involves money or fashion) as well as learns and respects moral lessons learned throughout their adventures. Po, Caillou There she was assigned to their class and gradually became friends with them. Elizabeth the Emotional Pig | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dorothy Ann | She is the richest girl in Elwood City, and lives in an enormous mansion. Rosie | Miguel Santos, Bob the Builder Bored with how your computer desktop looks? Muffy Crosswire | Francine Frensky (formerly)The lice Baby Bop | Utterly shallow, Tenshi is also something of a Spoiled Brat, with emphasis on the spoiled. Cartman's Mom: Okay, okay. Wally | Betsy | Inez | Mr. Johnson | Her dad likes to refer to her as "Muffin.". However, she still wears the second and third outfits in later seasons until Season 14. Bob the Builder | T.D. Gilbert | Millicent Crosswire | Savannah, Dragon Tales Presents and prizes and sweets and surprises In the first season of the cartoon and early books, she was rendered with buck teeth, but they have disappeared in the later episodes and books. Alberto Molina | Francine calls Muffy's name from her bedroom and Muffy says she will be out in a second. Muffy is one of the few characters on the show with cell phones. Their grandmother is a soft touch and no matter what they do she never punishes them. says Arthur. James MacDonald | Hundley | Pilchard | He talks about how his parents used to be lame before they got the "cool" Highlander. When Bailey drops her off at school, she does her drama queen act, stating that he's going back to "Butler School" if he is late. "Caught in the Crosswires" is the first half of the ninth episode in the seventeenth season of Arthur. In "The Cherry Tree", Muffy is shown to have feelings for trees and the environment after her beloved cherry tree is sawed down after her father makes a land swap with a neighbor so that she can install a huge bouncy castle and a tennis court. Bailey then pours the juice all over Jimmy and states it wasn't an accident. Ed asks them both to leave right then because they can't talk to his daughter like that.