After Qasim's coup, Redfa was one of only five pilots the new regime trusted to continue serving with the sole Iraqi unit operating the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21, 11th Squadron.[2]. On the other hand, much like James Bond himself, the legend of the “007” MiG-21 looks set to endure. Shortly after Redfa's defection, Iraqi Christians were not allowed to join the air force per orders from Iraq's then-president. The story of how the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad brought this Iraqi jet back to Israel is an extraordinary one, the result of an intelligence coup that could itself have been lifted straight from a Bond movie. Like many other Assyrians, his family fled to Iraq as part of the Christian migration from southeast Turkey and the northwestern mountains of Iran following the Assyrian Genocide. ru:Редфа, Мунир The surplus two-seat F-15s will become key components in Israel's long-range air combat arsenal. This Presentation On America's Secret MiG Squadron By The Man Who Built It Is Incredible. tr:Münir Redfa, People of the Central Intelligence Agency, Persondata templates without short description parameter,,7340,L-3405913,00.html, Whatever the truth of the matter, confronted by the evidence of his affair, a generous financial incentive, offer of Israeli citizenship, and with two of his colleagues apparently already assassinated, it seems that Redfa saw little option but to defect. Redfa, however, is known to have remained in Israel, where he died of a heart attack in “around 1998.”. A thorough study of the jet in the course of over 100 hours of flight testing within a 12-month period — and intelligence debriefing of Redfa — provided Israel with plenty of valuable data on the fighter’s capabilities. The MiG-21 fighter was evaluated by the Israeli Air Force and was later loaned to the United States for testing and intelligence analysis, as part of "Have Doughnut". For more than a decade, the unit flew enemy aircraft against America's best fighters from a secretive and desolate base near Tonopah, Nevada. One of those Iraqi pilots, Hamid Dhahee, was reportedly shot to death in a Texas bar, in June 1965, after apparently refusing the defection proposal offered by one of the agents. In what is considered as one of the Mossad's most successful operations, Redfa's entire extended family was smuggled safely out of Iraq to Israel. The death of the actor Sean Connery at the age of 90 this weekend saw accolades from across the worlds of cinema, celebrity, politics, and more. MORE HERE. Following the toppling of Saddam Hussein, he became interim prime minister Ayad Allawi's spokesman and national security advisor. The British Royal Navy veteran also took on many memorable roles in war and action movies including The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, The Hunt for Red October, and The Rock. Soon members of Redfa's family began leaving the country; one as a tourist, another for medical treatment… Munir Redfa set his date for August 16, 1966. This early plan backfired after the agent was reported to the Egyptian Air Force Police and then arrested, along with five suspected accomplices. Redfa… According to Israeli accounts, Redfa was the most suitable candidate for Operation Diamond as he had been passed over for promotion in the past and was unhappy at having to fly combat missions against the Iraqi Kurds, another marginalized ethnic group in the country. Template:Expand Arabic According to Iraqi Air Force accounts, this pilot was assassinated after making excessive financial demands in exchange for his defection. Despite the secrecy surrounding the background of the operation, Israel was quick to show Redfa’s MiG-21F-13 to the foreign press soon after its arrival.