List of Supernatural Powers and Abilities. Due to an unknown factor, this caused K-Burst to lose his powers. he soon ran away and Charles Xavier found him and brought him in as an X-Man. This generator generates 8 super-powers by default, and you can generate super-powers by yourself. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Her principle weapon is a water drill, jets of water projected at such high speed and pressure that they have the ability to cut stone or metal. They also use the power source safely in the event of a power failure. Power LeveL: unclassfied since his power is always above one's level of his opponent. HISTORY: After discovering his great strength as a teenager, Chase became a professional wrestler. The construction of her inner ear prevents water from entering. The power to gain strength from a mutagen. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. His body is now infused with quantum dimensional energies. Ground Power Generator is a versatile portable device. And ordered one of his friends to call the cops, after that day his friends began to respect him more. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is a power generator that’s often used for power outages in the home. Weakness: Xian is not able to fully change his appearance when replicating another one's powers unless it is from a shape-shifter. Paraphernalia: A high-tech suit of his own creation, can be uploaded with various other powers. Powers: Control over any matter in a liquid state. ARC KING HAS EVEN STATED THAT HES THE ROSALIN OF ALL PYROKINETICS. he is well educated and is fair at strategy. His ability was reported, and he was studied by numerous physiologists who determined that his ability could not be replicated in other soldiers, and that his own power was doing hell to his body, but they offered him the chance to be part of an experimental project, where his own body would be reinforced, and become capable of bearing the strain of his powers. This makes her susceptible to bright light and she requires the use of dark prescription glasses on land that are photo sensitive. Then he told them how you were abducted. Because she is so petite, the less experienced opponents often fall for it. Between this and knowing the physical coercion would backfire given her background, Magneto relented and she returned to police custody. He was in jail, afraid to break out for fear of hurting someone, when Scott Summers broke him out. Other Abilities: Peak Human Physical Ability,  As the Quantum Spaceman, he gained the ability to travel vast distances in moments, and he became mostly immortal. and then the x-men trie and they succed. This program requires no technical experience or knowledge. You're going about it with the bluntness of a caveman wielding a club. Lifeguards mutant power was to randomly gain a power to save lives. With this, you will know exactly what you need to do. You can able to regain energy freedom. This way you can work independently of the network. the band says to the whole of school that he is a muntant everyone abuse him so breath takes a big breath in  and frezes  the whole audinces. Her breathing rate is extremely slow and her body processes air more efficiently. The generator does not require much physical effort. he dedicated the time most people do to sleep on mastering many forms of martial arts and is on par with deathstroke in skill. When the initial team of X-Men was captured by living island Krakoa, Xavier called her in to help as he did the others in the second team of X-Men. She taught in the classroom while he trained in the Danger Room. Not to be confused with Mutation Empowerment. ALIGNMENT: Good MUTANT POWER(S): Ability to channel extra amounts of energy throughout his body for increased human attributes (healing, stamina, speed, strength etc.) In addition, this generator has an internal cable that prevents it from occupying many places on the ground. K-Burst remained with the team a few weeks, then struck up a deal with SHIELD: they would give him any leads they had as to the wherabouts of Magneto, and K-Burst would share his location if and when he found it. Between that adventure and a couple mistakes she had made in rescuing people in the past, Pania decided to stay with the group in order to receive more training in the use of her powers. But the bullet didn't hit his friends, instead Mochdar was holding it in his hands. A lot of interesting ideas here!