), (Christopher Robin is tearing up slightly 'til another tweet message is heard), (Christopher Robin took out his smartphone. Darby considers Pooh, Tigger and everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood to be very good friends and will always try her best to help them and make them feel wanted. Fate She also likes to solve problems, play, and have fun with her friends in the Hundred Acre Wood while her older friend goes to college. ), Eeyore: "I'm pretty sure they was no onions. Firework: Disneyland Forever • Once Upon a Time • Remember... Dreams Come True ), (then, a tweet message is heard, Christopher Robin goes to check his smartphone, revealing that ", Tigger (offscreen): "Darby? Apple Bloom), SpongeBob's Death Bed (Feat. She is voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz. My Friends Tigger And Pooh Games Darby’s Room. ), (Cricket is sobbing heavily in the corner of Darby's hospital room), (Christopher Robin and Kanga are tearing up slightly), (Butterbean, Poppy, & Dazzle are tearing up slightly), (Eeyore sadly returns to Darby's hospital room with the pizza order), (Tigger, Pooh, Kanga, Roo, Robotboy, Rabbit, Kanga, Kessie, Lumpy, Piglet, Cricket, Butterbean, Poppy, & Dazzle are sobbing their eyes out, except for Owl, and too busy to notice Eeyore with the pizza order. Sunburn, giving up ), Rabbit: "I'm glad, the super sleuths are back in business. Super Sleuth frieeeeeeennnnndddd. • Mickey's Rainy Day Express • Mickey's Storybook Express • Main Street Electrical Parade Season Two: "Me and My Shadow/To Catch a Hiccup" • "Rabbit Marks the Spot/Good-bye, Mr. Pooh" • "Bubble Trouble/Ground Piglet Day" • "All's Well That Ends Wishing Well" • "Un-Valentine's Day" • "No Rabbit's a Fortress/The Monster Frankenpooh" • "Where, Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone?/Up, Up and Awry" • "Eeyore's Tail Tale/Three Little Piglets" • "Prize Piglet/Fast Friends" • "Pooh Moon/Caws and Effect" Darby is the main protagonist and hostess of Playhouse Disney Channel's (later Disney Junior's) 2007 -10 television CGI series My Friends Tigger& Pooh. Christopher Robin: "Goodbye, Farewell" • "Busy Doing Nothing" • "Christopher Robin", Television Songs Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You: "Girls are Like Boys" • "When the Love Bug Bites" • "Places in the Heart" Psp … ), (Butterbean and her friends realize that nothing happened, 'til she can get out her bean and whisk and revive Darby with a fairy finish, but right before they do anything to do so, Owl grabs one of their shoulders and shaking his head left and right to tell them to not use their magic to revive Darby. ), (Eeyore opens the pizza box and finds pizza toppings. Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day: "A Rather Blustery Day" • "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers" • "Heffalumps and Woozles" • "Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down" • "Hip-Hip-Poohray" Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin: "Forever & Ever" • "Adventure is a Wonderful Thing" • "If It Says So" • "Wherever You Are" • "Everything is Right" Background information • Flights of Fantasy Parade • Happiness is Here Parade • Jubilation! Cricket: "Now, My Friends Tigger and Pooh is back on TV." Pooh's Super Sleuth Christmas MovieTigger & Pooh and a Musical TooSuper Duper Super Sleuths She is a bright, imaginative young redheaded girl, who along with those three has formed a group of Hundred Acre Wood problem-solvers known as the Super Sleuths, which she leads. Rabbit: "I'm glad, the super sleuths are back in business." Welcome to Pooh Corner: "Welcome to Pooh Corner Theme Song" • "Try a Little Something New" • "The Right Side" • "Yes, I Can" • "You're the Only You" • "I Hum to Myself" • "Please and Thank You" • "Responsible Persons" • "Welcome to Pooh Corner Ending Theme" were? She is a red headed 6-year-old girl who has a little dog named Buster. She is voiced by Chloë Grace Moretz. Halloween: Happy Hallowishes • Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade • Mickey's Halloween Celebration ", (Eeyore sadly exits Darby's hospital room. ), (Darby, Tigger, and WInnie the Pooh are still laughing a bit and Owl swipes the sweet away from his forehead. Pooh's Heffalump Movie: Lumpy • Mama Heffalump While Christopher Robin is away at college, Darby is a major character in My Friends Tigger & Pooh, and one of only four to have appeared in every one of the stories, along with Pooh, Tigger and her dog Buster, replacing Christopher Robin after he left for college. Super-sleuthing, playing, sunbathing, fun, being with her friends Video Games: Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood • Tigger's Honey Hunt • Piglet's Big Game • Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure • Pooh's Party Game: In Search of the Treasure •Kinect Disneyland Adventures • Kingdom Hearts • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep • Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories • Kingdome Hearts II • Winnie the Pooh: Adventures of the Hundred Acre Wood • Animated Storybook: Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree • Animated Storybook: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too • Kingdom Hearts III • Disney Emoji Blitz, Entertainment: "A Whole New World" A Magical Disney Songbook • Fantasy Festival • It's Party Time... with Mickey and Friends • Mickey presents: “Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris” • Once Upon a Mouse • Winnie the Pooh and Friends, too! ), (Rabbit is laughing a bit in excitement. "Good sleuthin', everybody! Appearance Woozles, Bees Finn and Jake's Death Bed (Feat. Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You: Winifred No, Noooo, DARBBBYYYYY!!!! Springtime With Roo: "We're Huntin' Eggs Today" • "Easter Day With You" • "The Way It Must Be Done" My Friends Tigger & Pooh Quote ), (Lumpy and Roo are also sobbing heavily. DarbbuddyDar-DarDargirl Buster (dog) Enemies Likes The Tigger Movie: "Someone Like Me" • "Whoop-de-Dooper Bounce" • "Lull-a-Bee" • "Round My Family Tree" • "How to Be a Tigger" • "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" ), Pooh: "Never fear, Darby, The stickiness of honey is here, I have the perfect snack to get you back to the way you.. Boo to You Too! ), Eeyore: "Don't worry about me, It's just my pizza delivery. Season One: "Pooh Oughta Be in Pictures" • "Donkey for a Day/Friend, In Deed" • "There's No Camp Like Home/Balloonatics" • "Find Her, Keep Her" • "The Piglet Who Would Be King" • "Cleanliness is Next to Impossible" • "The Great Honey Pot Robbery" • "Stripes/Monkey See, Monkey Do Better" • "Babysitter Blues" • "How Much is That Rabbit in the Window" • "Gone with the Wind/Nothing But the Tooth" • "Paw and Order" • "Honey for a Bunny/Trap as Trap Can" • "The Masked Offender/Things That Go Piglet in the Night" • "Luck Amok/Magic Earmuffs" • "The Wishing Bear" • "King of the Beasties/The Rats Who Came to Dinner" • "My Hero/Owl Feathers" • "A Very, Very Large Animal/Fish Out of Water" • "Lights Out/Tigger's Shoes" • "The "New" Eeyore/Tigger, Private Ear" • "Party Poohper/The Old Switcheroo" "Darby's Favorite Place" is the second segment of the sixty-fifth and final episode of My Friends Tigger & Pooh. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer), Olie Polie Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Dexter Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, SpongeBob Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Fluttershy Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Sailor Moon Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Zowie Polie Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, The Powerpuff Girls' Death Bed (Feat. Follow a 6-year-old girl named Darby and her puppy Buster, who join Pooh and Tigger on adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. ), (Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are still sobbing a bit. Her usual outfit is a white shirt with a purple jumper and blue jeans. ), (Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are sobbing heavily near Darby's hospital bed. Spring: Disney Color-Fest: A Street Party! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Season One: "Best Wishes, Winnie the Pooh/Double Time" • "Are You Me?/Rabbit's Happy Birthday Party" • "Circumference Equals Pirate 'Arrr' Squared/Pooh's to Do" • "Pigletry/Dinosnores" • "I Could Have Laughed All Night/X Spots the Mark" • "My Gloomy Valentine/Mr.