I personally ended up modding the game to get rid of this fog which made the game a lot more crisp, colorful, and beautiful. If you're interested in the mysterious Arlo, then keep reading to learn ten things you didn't know about Arlo. These relationships are with Phyllis and Gust. Buddy – 10 extra Stamina Points and 10% off Acupuncture, Lover – 25 extra Stamina Points and 20% off Acupuncture, 10 Red Mushroom (gather these from in and around the Portia Tree Farm), 10 Meat (can get these by killing Colorful Llamas), 10 Catfish (fish these from the Portia River – by the waterfall – or purchase them from Tody on a Sunday), 3 Chilli Pepper (you can grow these, or purchase them from Sophie’s Ranch), Desert Abandoned Ruins in order to collect. Friend – 20% discount when purchasing land. He thinks that training as individuals is important to building your own strength. Gives -2, except for Aadit and Paulie, who give +2, and Alice, Oakes, Tody and Papa Bear, who give +1. Having a Mini-Drill can making mining a lot more effective than using a pickaxe, especially if you invest in the Expert Electrician skill. We know that Arlo is obviously into combat, but did you know there is another way to his heart other than food? Abandoned Tag. Gives -2, except for Aadit, Alice, Oakes, Dr. Xu and Papa Bear, who give +1. Good Friend – 5 extra Workshop Reputation for completing a commission. Romantic Proposal achievement in My Time at Portia: Accept Gust's proposal - worth 30 Gamerscore. When you’re on the See-Saw, you’ll be given the chance to hold down . Even if you don't want to romance Arlo, you need to become his best friend. You buy these from Alice’s Flower Shop. This is a straightforward mission where you accept her invitation to watch the sunset the following evening. My Time At Portia: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Arlo. Asteria (Bouquet). One thing you will immediately notice when walking around town is that Arlo always seems to be on the move. If you don't want to give away a sword that powerful, then a simple iron sword will earn you fifteen friendship points. You sometimes get this from boxes in Abandoned Ruins #1. This is a straightforward mission, meet Gust at the Church of the Light at 19:00. You will need to feed QQ up to 6 times (not the 10 stated in the mission), as this equates to one feed a day. She’ll ask you to collect: Once you’ve gathered all the food, return to Phyllis for a cutscene, and the mission will eventually conclude. You may not get this from Arlo himself, but if you talk to Sam, you will learn that Arlo got on her for being too formal. Gives +4, except for Petra and Sam, who gives +1. There is one more achievement you can get from marrying Gust. He talks about how they are all equally important to the team and is always spending time with them. While the two do technically get together, you sadly don't see them get married. Given to Pinky to disown her if you’ve adopted her.