Randal's Monday Shrek 2 Leave the mansion through most south-eastern room and report back to the dogwalker, who is relieved that the player has brought the dog back. Fahrenheit (Hinweise) Fünf Freunde und der silberne Turm von Westka * Search for objects in different modes: words, silhouettes, phenomena, and Zodiac modes. He tells the player that he requires "reagents" for the soup he is making, requiring 5 cabbages, 5 onions, and 5 potatoes. Metal Gear Solid - Guns of Patrio von M.E.K. Quest 49:  To Wet a Whistle:  Find 25 Drunken Joe Whiskey. Keepsake von Kerstin Häntsch Enlightenus 1 - Die Suche nach den verlorenen Seiten Whales Voyage 1 (Lösung + Citymaps) Quest 41:  Did Not Believe His Eyes:  Exchange with the gypsies to find the Polar Bear. 1 Gothic Dreamfall Fascination Reise zum Zentrum des Mondes - Jules Verne von Nikki Nightlong Serious Sam 3 Before the First Encounter Juwel des Nils Sethi 2 – Sethi und das Geheimnis des Sonnentempels Quest 40:  Clipper in a Fog:  Drive the Mist phenomenon away in any room to find the Clipper. - Interact with the item to learn four locations. Drakan von Bernd Gegner Baron Wittard – Das dunkle Geheimnis von Utopia Welt der Wunder 2 - Eine Stadt spielt verrückt von Nikki Der Hobbit Death's dogwalker Space Quest 2 TKKG - Fall 16: Das unheimliche Zimmer Each portion of 75 vegetables (must have 25 of all three types) added to the cauldron will grant the player 53 spooky tokens per hand-in, and as many as possible portions are handed in in one action. Come on, open the envelope and start your adventure in the manor. Brothers - A Tale of two Sons Geheimakte Tunguska Harry Hopser auf Schatzsuche von Axel Borns Mystic - Duell der Zauberer Der Planer 2 One type of potato may be turned in without the other. Old Man`s Journey Geheimakte 3 Kings Quest 7 Carmageddon 1 Halflife 2 Rally Racing 97 Rogue Warrior Bifi Schizm 2 Risky Woods If you see this guide on any other site, please report it to us so we can take legal action … You can purchase for 20 diamonds. Evocation Largo Winch Quest 24:  Sticky Brushes:  Banish snatchins to find a Brush for Glue. Cleopatra – Schicksal einer Königin Maniac Mansion Versailles II - Das Testament Watch out for all the scary roamers.....This is a quest progression game where you incre… OSRS Getting Ahead Quest Proposed As First Twisted Tale on Oct 22, Join in RS Double XP Live for XP Boost to Archaeology from Nov 6, Buy RS3 Gold & OSRS Gold with 7% Off for Halloween from Oct 28, Join in OSRS Halloween 2020 for Magical Pumpkin & Other Rewards, Learn OSRS Fluid Strikes Relic Hotfix & Last Recall Proposal, Enjoy RS Time to Train for Skilling Items Used in Double XP Live, Learn Details of RS Achievement Rework with New Categories & More. The following tables list experience rewarded in a single unboosted action when preparing any of the crates. Exchange the map with Snatchin Seafarers that walk around outside of the manor to obtain the Column. Egypt 2 – Die Tierspürnasen – Katzenraub im Vogelviertel [3] New chapters of the story are written every season (winter in the manor, summer in the manor, Christmas in the manor). Quest 43:  Blown up Bunker:   Explore the Laboratory in Silhouettes mode to find the Screen. This page was last modified on 5 November 2020, at 19:47. Leisure Suit Larry 3 Joshua the cat challenges you to solve mysteries in his game full of adventures! Nomad Rune, Sabine Mystery Manor is a hidden object (sometimes known as hidden picture) game. Quest 34:  Guide:  Charge the Legacy of Atlantis collection to complete the quest. Sam & Max Episode 1 – Culture Shock If you think something is out of place, leave a comment and we'll try to fix it. Monkey Island 4 - Flucht von Monkey Island von Kerstin Häntsch Players can also use compasses to highlight items that they find difficult to see, snails to add time or hourglasses to freeze time. - Ask Famine for the solution to create the anti-blight. Martin Mystere Quest 16:  Brig in the Dark:  Explore the Pirate Brig at Night to find a Piece with the Masts. Bone 2 – Das große Kuhrennen Geisterjäger Delaware St. John 1 – Das Haus der Toten Coins, jewels and experience are needed to unlock further rooms and floors in the game. It features four miniquests and each miniquest has its own rewards. Messiah von Bernd Gegner Space Bar You can purchase for 25 diamonds. The Perils of Man Infernal The spade gives off heat messages indicating the distance to the location of the bones: "Ice Cold." Alone in the Dark 1 Rhem 3 - The Secret Library 12 - Geheimnis der Schattenhelden By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. The Journey Down 1 - Chapter one Dracula Resurrection Atlantis 3 von Merlin Master of Orion 2 NBA Live 98 Half Life: Opposing Force von Florian Stieler Tunguska Opera Fatal von Günter Richter Coins, jewels and experience are needed to unlock further rooms and floors in the game. Quest 19:  The Familiar Silhouette:  Explore the Ocean room in Silhouettes Mode to find a Piece with the Beach. Broken Age Manhunter New York - Hand in these bones to the dogwalker. Manhunt 2 Still Life 2 Will Rock The Pandora Directive Pestilence is located west of Draynor lodestone and south of Maggie's caravan. Keepsake Leisure Suit Larry 2 Aura 1 - Das Tor zur Ewigkeit Lösung mit Bildern TKKG - Fall 9: Voodoozauber Der Teufel mit den 3 goldenen Haaren Dungeon Keeper Empathy - Path of Whispers She works in the fortune-telling room and her cat is named, Takeshi: the Japanese gardener. Dungeon Keeper - The Deeper Dungeons Tomb Raider 2 Der Verkehrsgigant (Hinweise) Quest for Glory 4 Dark Earth Ambermoon Zanzahar (Tips) von Hitman Metal Gear Solid Iris Fall With double-surge, bladed dive, and mobile perk, around 2,730 tokens can be collected per hour. - Find Muncher behind you in a cutscene. The Journey Down 2 - Chapter Two Wrat of the Gods Stadt der verlorenen Kinder Das Hexagon Kartell Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product, Your device should meet these requirements for the best experience, Mystery Manor: hidden objects privacy policy, Mystery Manor: hidden objects license terms, Xbox One, Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher. - Find Muncher behind you in a cutscene. Fünf Freunde 2 - Das Geheimnis um den silbernen Turm Das Schwarze Auge 3 (one tile away). Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Simon The Sorcerer 5 - Wer will schon Kontakt ? Deathkeep TKKG - Fall 2: Tödliche Schokolade Quest 37:  Secure Raft:   Explore the Oceanic Room to find Robinson’s Raft. Ready to start your investigation? Contract J.A.C.K. Das schwarze Auge - Memoria Flashback Richi Ritsch Ratsch Subject 13 Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten 2, Halflife HALLOWEEN: We'll solve challenging puzzles, find hidden artifacts, uncover secret rooms, and complete exciting quests. Dune 2 Start your detective adventure in an enigmatic mansion full of dark secrets. Rückkehr zur geheimnisvollen Insel Ankh Whales Voyage 2 Monkey Island 4 - Flucht von Monkey Island Quest for Glory 5, Rail On (Werbespiel der Deutschen Bahn) Castle of Dr. Spellcasting 301 War Wind 2 Mystery Manor Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve All Mysteries Adventure Andy October 10, 2019 Mystery Manor is a hidden object game created by Game Insight for Android and iOS devices. Myth, Nacah 2 – Isles of Derek Aces the Deep Ankh Ultima 8 Sam & Max Season one Prinzessin Isabella - Der Fluch der Hexe - Complete the riddle with the following solution. The 2020 Hallowe'en event features four different Hallowe'en miniquests placed around the newly introduced Hallowe'en hub at Draynor Manor. Police Quest 2 - Collect Mysterious Pumpkins and win valuable prizes! Liath von Nikki Die Kunst des Mordens - Geheimakte FBI I’ll guide you through the secrets of Mystery Manor, and we’ll meet all sorts of fantastic beasts, from fierce monsters to spooky ghosts. Preparing at any crate causes the player to continuously prepare the vegetables in 1.8-second intervals. Perry Rhodan - Operation Eastside Quest 33:  Look of Gorgon:   Search for the marine map in the rooms of the house. Atlantis Conan The Eyes of Ara System Shock Flux Family Secrets 1 - Der Domino-Effekt Die Drei ??? The Crate of Cabbages yields prepared cabbages, the Crate of Onions prepared onions, and the Crate of Potatoes prepared potatoes. Inspektor Zebok Privatdetektiv: Jim Pauder The Secrets of the Luxor Haunted Crusader 2 - No Regret Die drei ??? Flight of the Amazon Queen Karma - Curse of the 12 Caves Schatten im Vatikan Akt 2 - Zorn Lord of the Rings 2 Find out what’s going on! The Fall Trilogy Kapitel 2 - Der Neuanfang - Folge 2: Bomben in Rocky Beach Down in the Dumps Mystery Manor is a free-to-play game, using the freemium model of monetization. This is a work in progress. Lea`s Reise durch die Zeit Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban 4. Mafia (Hinweise) 3 Skulls of the Toltec May not be found at once. Tomb Raider 3 The Journey Down 3 - Chapter Three Diabolik - The Original Sin Mafia Fountain of Dreams TKKG 17 - Die Feuerprobe Darkmere - Folge 5: Der Schatz der Azteken von Struwwel Alpha Prime Dracula - Origin Speak to the ghost, who will ask you to find his three brothers around Draynor: After speaking to each of the brothers, the ghost will send you to ask Famine how the blight is made, before you can finally begin creating the anti-blight. Jane Seymour - Federation Quest 1 Alfred Hitchcocks The Final Cut von Nikki