It almost feels like a court I would download from 2K Share, or even like the black and white gameplay from NBA 2K12. What’s old is new again, as the saying goes, and I believe there are some mods that might end up making a comeback in the near future. card this last weekend. The worst? Here’s a list of shoes you can buy from here: Pro-Am Team Arena Once here, select MyCourt and from here you can apply murals to the court, change the color of your ball, and change the backboards. Even after all these years, NBA 2K14 is still a popular game to mod, as evident by today’s file additions. Completing exercises helps you raise your level caps, here’s a list of exercises that you can do here: Team Practice Facility In Episode #347 of the NLSC Podcast: NBA 2K21 Next Gen gameplay, WNBA modes, a Kobe Bryant screenshot, and the worst old school hoops games. You will find this near the NBA Store, at Doc’s you can get your player’s hair cut, dyed and generally however you want it to look like. 1990 Mike Gminski Face Aleczou It’s no fun playing a simulation of the 2020 All-Star Game on any old court. I tapped out of 2K19 too early to notice whether this was fixed last year (I feel like it wasn't) but the ambiance is literally like night and day, right on down to how much improved the players and jerseys look when they're not trudging through what appears to be a brownout. It’s the 50th anniversary for the Trail Blazers, and they’ve gone back to their retro color scheme to celebrate the occasion. Here is a Neighborhood Guide for this year’s NBA 2K20. The end is here as it relates to NBA 2K20 MyTeam. That includes full lineups for Team LeBron and Team Giannis as well as the official All-Star Court straight from the Windy City. July 28, 2020 Day/Night Cycle Pep The NBA All-Star 2020 Game arrives in a week with many of the league’s best players taking the court in Chicago. Perhaps I’m wide of the mark on these predictions; I may be putting too much stock into some recent releases, or I may be projecting because I find these ideas intriguing. Leave a comment. Danilo Gallinari Face Charlotte Hornets Jersey (pinoy21) (Updated to v1.2), Andrew Updated Court Template by Lethanos (originally by Lagoa), pinoy21 Thanks to everyone who continues to contribute to our Downloads database! Leveling up will unlock more items to buy from the NBA Store. From here, you can buy shoes for your player. You will find this place next to The Cages. My favorite court transformation has come from the lighting improvements to classic team courts (particularly the 90's teams and earlier). A day/night cycle has been introduced in the NBA 2K20 Neighborhood. Monday Tip-Off: Do We Take Basketball Gaming Too Seriously? The feature is presented as either a list of five items, or in the form of a Top 5 countdown. If you head to the end of the same street you will see 2K Shoes. Also, a reminder that when the alternate courts and jerseys get added, how they worked in NBA 2K19 is if you selected the “City” uniforms, you got the alternate court if your team had one. It's like the all-star patch on the Indians uniforms in MLB The Show. NBA 2K21 Here’s the official look from overhead at the All-Star court: And here’s a quick look at some footage from a Team LeBron vs. The latest file additions for NBA 2K21 PC include a new Blacktop court, custom Wilson basketball, and this year’s Fantasy Star trainer. You will find this area right beside the Boost Stand. You will find this on the corner of the street if you head right to go back to MyCourt. So far, it doesn’t seem NBA 2K20 has run with that idea, but it’s always possible. Leave a comment. A vape enthusiast who'd sell himself for vape joos and some fused clapton rolls. Leveling up will unlock jewelry and eye-wear. The game rewards you with 10 VC if you choose winners of the real world NBA games. Here, you can go through certain drills for basketball to improve your player’s badges and get increased stat caps. NBA 2K20 – 2020 Jumpman x PSG Jersey Tutorial. Here’s a list of things that you can buy at the NBA Store: Doc’s Barber Shop The Statue and NBA2K19 Wall of Fame NBA Jordan Charlotte Hornets 2020 Uniforms, Andrew You can view billboards to know what events are happening in NBA 2K20 for that week. NBA 2K20 – How To Setup The Summer Circuit Drew League Roster (Xbox) … Bubble Arena Mod by Hokupguy (PC) 2020/21 Memphis Grizzlies Hardwood Classic Jersey (caseyvitelli) You will experience a few changes in NBA 2K20’s Neighborhood such as Footlocker being replaced by 2K Shoes. NLSC Podcast #346: And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors, Charles Barkley Portrait & 92 Suns Team Mural, Updated Court Template by Lethanos (originally by Lagoa), 2020/21 Spectrum Center (Charlotte Hornets Court), 2020/21 Dallas Mavericks Hardwood Classic Jersey (caseyvitelli), 2020/21 Memphis Grizzlies Hardwood Classic Jersey (caseyvitelli), Brooklyn Nets Yellow Biggie Fashion Jersey (caseyvitelli), 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors Oracle Arena, NBA Jordan Charlotte Hornets 2020 Uniforms, Houston Rockets Concept Pack by djSpinfamous, No Signature Skills TURK Script by Mackubex, Apply RESTART Courts TURK Script by Mackubex, NBA Orlando Bubble ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mod, The Friday Five: 5 Mods That Might Make a Comeback, October 10, 2020