In saying that I just want to let you that we are proud of you and keep doing what you are doing I’m glad you made it out of baton rouge because you know how it goes down in the B.R. It proved that he was a biological father of a child. In summer, 2018 it turned out, that his ex-girlfriend Starr Dejanee lied to him, and after DNA test it was proved, that Kamron, known also as Baby K, is not biologically YoungBoy’s baby. I’m from Jamaica but I still listen to you.I’ve been listing to your song from I was 8 years old. Thats my favorite rapper he’s all i listen to no other rapper 38 baby fan 4 life. He calls her “Mom” now. What’s up Kentrell. He has 3* children stop saying 4, Take kamron out. Now the rapper spends most part of his time at West Coast as he makes career there, but still he is not ready to buy a house and move out. periodt ! And in saying that I am your real blood big cousin on your dad’s side. Later, he released his first Mixtape in 2015 titled Life Before Fame and some of his mixtapes are Mind of a Menace, Mind of Menace 2 and Before I Go. Sherhonda seems to be talented as a standup comedian. He be so turned up and wild maybe one day he’ll get to meet you . Later 3Three mother Monique paid for the first professional recording session of YoungBoy. The famous rapper, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, and she had been in relations during several years. Kayden is one of them, born to the popular rapper by his ex-girlfriend Nisha. His father is sentenced to 55 years in Prison and was raised by his maternal grandmother, NBA’s mother name is Sherhonda Gaulden. HA HA HA HA ❤️❤️, This information really helps ….I also jhuss found out that me and nba youngboy was born on the same day this made me sooo happy and even a bigger fan of nba youngboy❤️❤️❤️, youngboy is my fan so cant nobody about him unless he did somthing wrong on gang, noooo yall is all wrong nba youngboy is my baby daddy i got 4 kids by him, hey nba youngboy is my favorite rapper I call him my baby daddy, NBA youngboy is my favorite rapper I call him my daddy, my future baby Daddy❤ i love you NBA Youngboy❤, umm NBA I was wright on my balloon and umm I put all of your names on even your kids um 4kt and stay safe you are my life 4kt 4kt, draco k3 and baby kacey is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee , outside today is old so if yall listen to that then something fucking wrong tf, nba young is my favor rapper people all ways talked about him dont know what he been though tf im yb was my boy friend i will love him and give more love then he need because it see that his baby mamas dont self for jania,starr,nisha,nia,money yaya 4KTREY. Sherhonda is a mother of 3. YoungBoy spent his childhood and teen years in Baton Rouge, Lousianna. NBA YoungBoy was born on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He fed his kids from a bottle himself. Hey im a fan of yours your songs has changed my life and how i act towards ppl. My boyfriend next. As for now, Kentrell Gaulden has four sons and three baby moms. Taylins last name is Loveless and his mother is Nia. He was arrested for an out-of-state warrant and two counts of attempted second-degree murder at the age of 17. Apart from this, he released Master The Day of Judgement, 4Respect, 4Freedom, 4whatImportant, and 4Loyality. He later changed it to YoungBoy Never Broke Again. That’s his uncle told him, when he asked about his dad. Mannn MAN YOUNG BOY is the best NLE and NBA should have a song together Mann that’s gon be sooo lit !!!!!!! But after your dad got locked up I moved to fort worth,TX because me and him was so close it just did feel the same with out my right hand but I do visit a lot. Your are my role modle i’m 12 years old i trying to learn to rap just like you my father got sentence to life in prison my mom is dead kentrell please don’t let me down man. Valuable Pain……Cross Me…. Although the rapper and his girlfriend have already separated, he keeps supporting her with money. MUSIC. NBA YoungBoy Family His father is sentenced to 55 years in Prison and was raised by his maternal grandmother, NBA’s mother name is Sherhonda Gaulden. Family Life. Later, he told Starr Thigpen to get the housekeeper out of the room and she assaulted the housekeeper and hit her on the face. Now both of them are fighting for their lives. Taylin Gaulden, or Tay Tay, is the third kid of a scandalous rapper YoungBoy. His mixtape 38 Baby features Baton Rouge rappers Kevin Gates and Boosie BadAzz. In addition, the NBA released a mixtape A.I YoungBoy in August 3, 2017, which gained the 24th spot on Billboard 200. Mallu Trevejo, Jania Jackson The rapper had one-night affair with a girl Niya. May GOD Bless you MORE. I luv nba youngboy at fieat i thought that my brother and nba was the same age but they one year apart so i was lile okay tjwy still the same love tou nbayoungboy gang gang, Baby k isn’t his anymore he took a DNA test and it isn’t his he only got 3 kids, I’m a big fan of yours and everything u rap about i can feel it you r one of the realest n i love u until death call my name, kentrell you rap about real life stuff i go around repping you everyday and now i know i can think on how you think and when im md or summin i can listen to you i ffel like you my counselor through music- love you, Kentrell you the greatest of all timesI swear you’re the realest artist I’ve ever seen who knows how to deal with certain situations at times and seems very mature at the age of 19…… sml keep doing you…. Day which I know is probably going to happen they all be rappers just like you I be seeing videos when they be turning up to your music Luvv. Furthermore, his single “Untouchable” ranked 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, Second Single “No Smoke” received 61 spots on Billboard top 100. We give you trending news and famous personalities all around the world. Kacey Alexander Gaulden (son with Jania Bania). Kentrell spent a lot of time with Kayden and his younger brothers. Estimated Net Worth of him is about $ 2  million USD as of 2019 and he is 5 feet 8 inch and weighs around 72 KG. Like how do you worship a 19 yr old with 4 kids and herpes, My grandson anthony talks about you all the time so I brought him down down here to baton rouge Louisiana we came from Delaware Ohio to try and see you he wants to go to chippewa st where you grew up at we look up places to go to see if he can see you you inspire him about rapping nba youngboy thanks for inspiring my grandson, You a real ass dude I feel the shii you speak on them kids look just like you especially Draco I love them all and I hope that one day which I know it’s going to happen they all be rappers just like you I see when they be turning up to your music Luvv you yb, One you a real ass dude mane you real sad I feel the shot you speak about my and them kids look just like you especially Draco I love them all and …i hope that one. He shares four sons with three mothers earlier he was in a relationship with Jania Jackson and share a son with her. He tells, that his hometown has a special atmosphere, probably, dangerous and unhealthy to some extent, but very close to YoungBoy’s heart. In case he violates law during these three years, the rapper would be put in jail for 10 years. Have Thoughts On NBA Youngboy And Yaya Mayweather YoungBoy currently has seven children, two of whom were born during the same week. It seems that the rapper created a kind of his personal harem. YoungBoy tells in his interviews about his mother, late grandmother and siblings. The baby he’s having with Yaya will make eight. Later she forgot about music and devoted herself to her husband and kids.