The patient may need to sleep in an elevated position for around two days. Neck lift for 1,230,- Post-operative aftercare. Most can be restarted after 2-3 weeks; there may be some residual bruising and swelling; generally, this can be covered up with concealer. In such case, the client is being treated with top priority so that any complication is managed professionally. The final result when all of the swelling has resolved can take as long as a year. Icing around your face and neck for the first three days, in the form of ice in a zip lock bag, frozen peas or gel mask all have a beneficial effect on reducing swelling when applied to the area for ten minutes regularly after surgery. On average, at 2-weeks after surgery. Elevation of the neck requires maximising the lifting of the neck that has descended with facial ageing and gravity. In order to minimize risk we have experienced and skillful surgeons certified in aesthetic surgery and assisting staff focused on aesthetic surgery too. These non-surgical treatments may be effective short-term in the early stages. Your surgeon will remove any excess skin or fat under your chin giving it a smoother more defined look. We are constantly refining the model to give each patient the best experience possible. The vessels in the neck are important as they provide the blood supply to the head and neck. If the surgery corrects the neck muscles (platysmaplasty),  small incisions are made under the chin or behind the ears to reach the neck muscles and tighten them as needed. The position of the chin in relation to the jaw and lips is an important consideration. A great looking neck lift requires a balance of respect to a patient’s genetic makeup surgical technical excellence and the surgeon’s artistic talent. A personalised journey where we support you during your recovery. National Business Awards UK (winner 2015), The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for 2016, Clinic Compare, Imperial Works, Block C, Perren St, London NW5 3ED. APPLY FOR FREE CONSULTATION Dr De Silva and his team give comprehensive advice to all his patients on what should be avoided before and after surgery. Key to the surgery is addressing the thin platysma muscle that becomes lax in the neck, often resulting in vertical bands running down the anterior part of the neck. One of the most frequent indicators of facial ageing are changes in the neck. The anatomy of the neck is intricate with layers of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. There are many prescription and herbal medications that should be avoided both before and after surgery, as they can encourage both bruising and swelling. Dr De Silva has hand-picked each and every staff member not only for their expertise but their expertise and clinical skills, also for their approach, communication and personal skills. In Dr De Silva’s hand’s complications are uncommon, swelling and bruising are the most common aspects of recovery. Weight loss will have an effect on improving the condition of your neck as there is fat that can accumulate under the neck. Loose skin cannot be effectively treated non-surgically and requires a surgical procedure to give a natural-looking rejuvenation. Expert in revision surgery and pioneered use of regenerative medicine in Natural Looking Results, Central London: 23 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QN, UK, Copyright © 2020 Dr. Julian De Silva | Accessibility Statement | Terms & Conditions | Sitemap, Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery. Every procedure is linked to a certain level of complications. Over twenty per cent of Dr De Silva’s patients have had surgery elsewhere. Dr De Silva has published several books on facial surgery and has the complete guide to facelift and neck lift surgery for publication next year. World class treatments by certified professionals. Although these standards are followed strictly, the risk level can not be eliminated entirely. Patients who are not good candidates for an isolated neck lift are those with extreme skin laxity and with soft tissue that is present over the jawline, termed jowls. Signature techniques in Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Facelift surgery. The type of surgery you have influences your healing; not all facelift is the same. There are other factors such as resting and taking things easy during the daytime that will maintain relatively low and stable blood pressure. Almost there! The neck may be swollen and bruised for few days after neck lift. With good surgery, friends and family members will not be able to tell you have undergone facelift surgery. Our proposal is to give you a choice to have surgery within a safe environment, with the care each person would like to personally receive, performed by Dr De Silva and supported by his team. However, the risk level can be managed by following simple rules. Teaching has always been a passion, and Dr De Silva has been the lead course director for an international facelift course annually since 2016. We have a supportive and empathetic team that will continue to guide every patient through their recovery. Pain or discomfort is uncommon and resolves within 24-hours. We take a great deal of time to ensure we provide both emotional support before and after surgery. The neck lift uses a similar technique to the face lift by tightening the underlying neck muscles to restore a more youthful and tight looking jawline. The position and shape of the scar can be camouflaged around the natural curves and lines behind the ears, and under the chin, they reach their final endpoint 6-12 months later. Team of our surgeons and clinics are registered by law with Health Care Surveillance Authority (HCSA) with many years of experience. © 2007-2020 | All Rights Reserved. Cost is also based on the standard of the surgeon chosen with an average price being between three and five thousand pounds. The limitations with non-surgical treatments are with increased laxity of the skin, excess soft tissue below the neck and vertical bands in the neck (laxity in underlying platysma muscle). These include the use of fibrin tissue adhesives in patients that have increased risk of bleeding; this works to reduce bleeding by triggering the clotting cascade. Please read the preconditions and risks page before embarking on any surgery. Radiofrequency or ultrasound devices (Ultherapy) to tighten the neck tissues have some effect, however usually a modest improvement and relatively short duration. These signs of facial ageing are suited to a combined technique that includes both face and neck lift surgery. Many of our patients are very nervous and have not undergone previous surgery. Non-surgical treatments, including the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, can be used to treat early soft tissue changes along the jawline (termed jowls). Heavy neck and subsequent tissues require additional techniques and sutures to lift the neck and support the neck against gravity. We have also seen media photographs of celebrities who look quite different from their youth and a natural-looking rejuvenation is important for most of my patients. Anti-wrinkle injections are a neurotoxin that weakens the platysma muscle from contracting. What is the recovery after facelift surgery? Dr De Silva uses a specialised double imbrication technique to maximise the tightness of the neck, to give the best support possible against gravity and the longest possible result. Non-surgical machines offer minimal improvement (<10%), Starting to look like your mother or father, Deep plane face and neck lift surgery give a massive improvement in face shape, only 3% of facelift is deep plane, Natural shaping of jaw line (*key importance for natural look, some patients benefit from a chin implant), Signature deep plane advantages in recovery over alternative surgery (SMAS facelift), Patients with very full neck, need advanced shaping of salivary glands in neck, gives better neck profile than in 20s, Artistry, every patient’s face is unique, requires customisation with regenerative medicine, lip lifts, chin implant to give the best result, With Dr. De Silva sedation anaesthesia, all patients rapid recovery less than 1-hour after procedure, Scars must be positioned discreetly, 99% virtually invisible (meticulous technique, 3 levels stitches, never staples), Enhanced recovery, Dr. De Silva has pioneered use of regenerative medicine and oxygen therapy, Please note absolute results cannot be guaranteed, realistic expectations are important, Neck muscle corset stitches (plastysmaplasty), Deep soft tissue reshaping (salivary gland reduction, Volume augmentation of the cheeks with fillers, fat transfer or implants, Fat-transfer to the mid-face and cheeks (Fat Transfer), Skin resurfacing for lines & deep wrinkles (.