His rankings range between 78 and 122. Auto PRO scouting on), 1xLiiga, USA West/Central/East, 1x Russia. Laferriere has a big shot in his under-developed frame. Cste Certification, #Hlinka: USA ups its lead to 2-0 over Russia on this PPG by Hermantown C Blake Biondi (Ranked No. #NTDP #WorldU17 pic.twitter.com/LFD7M5MUKK, The U17s get on the board courtesy of Brett Berard PP goal. Plank Jacks Mountain Climbers, It marks the eighth time since the universal draft was adopted that a team has two selections in the top five. Size isn’t an issue with him, as he’s a quick and elusive skater, with an impressive set of hands. He is fluid and graceful in all directions and crosses over in a textbook fashion. But Biondi leads by example, not only for his scoring prowess, but also for his tireless efforts off the puck. Both were smaller, and both were pretty unknown at the time. It’s easy to point towards Miettinen’s aforementioned shot or his playmaking abilities — what scoring leader doesn’t possess at least one or both of those qualities? To quote Species: “there must be something in the iere in those junior hockey towns.”. First, I find raw points by defense to be very overrated. He plays physical and will finish his checks, especially on the forecheck, and is willing to sacrifice his body for the sake of keeping pucks out of his own end. His 182 shots were third in the USHL and almost double from last year’s total and in less games. Daniil Gushchin (#54 on McKenzie's midseason ranking), might be a top 10 skater and transition player in this class. For amateur scouting I have 2 scouts each for WHL, OHL, and QMJHL. He never stops moving, he wins races, he can get under bigger defenders, and then he has the puck skill he needs to dart to the net and make a play. Biondi is a strong, agile skater with very good speed, excellent balance and edgework, and he protects the puck in an expert fashion when driving the net. He has outstanding pucks skills, beginning with his deadly shot and continuing with expert stickhandling and keen vision. Hey, this is Gurn Sumal the Game Modes producer on EA SPORTS™️ NHL® 20. Plenty of scouts will refer to him as a potential top-six winger, which for a mid-second round pick (or lower, depending on who you ask) that would be quite the steal. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. He’s a smooth skater with some decent hands, and can make plays through the neutral zone. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Kuznetsov also excels at breaking up entry attempts outside his own line, and his speed and reach allows him to loosen his gap rather than misjudge the oncoming puck carrier’s speed. He gets glowing praise for his skating, puck movement, and skill. Rookie defenseman Yan Kuznetsov blasts one home for his first collegiate goal and a 1-0 #IceBus lead pic.twitter.com/Ge7awpcavO, Draft eligible left handed defenseman Yan Kuznetsov with a solid check in front of his net. Having soft hands and keen instincts certainly help, but Ambrosio can also shift gears, button hook, or stop on a dime; thus creating a significant issue for opponents. So Chopped Janesville Menu, Rebound goal. Line Chemistry looks to add more depth to line-up creation for players. He’s an exceptionally smart winger with a pro style game and a shoot first mentality. In high school, he had 37 goals and 39 assists in just 25 games. He is extremely dogged with the puck and can shelter it from the poking sticks of multiple defenders at a time, leading to his share of drawn penalties. Committed to Minnesota-Duluth, he probably will not suit up for a pro game until years from now, so whichever team takes him will have to monitor his development closely. Player of the Game Matt Beniers closes out Team "s 5-1 win with a goal that epitomizes the U17s hard working effort on Sunday. Whenever Ambrosio handles the puck, the quality and skill in his hands is apparent. Ambrosio thrives when making plays at high speed, but he’s a very effective scorer at all times. It is also where Kaiser’s elite hockey sense comes into play as he can determine actions that would lead to smart or poor decisions. James Brown: Soul On Top, For what it’s worth, Kaiser is typically ranked behind Kuznetsov so that partly answers those sorts of questions. He thinks the game at a high level and will no doubt be an impactful college scorer. He has the ability to make plays all over the offensive zone. Naturally, a top-line player who puts up points is going to have superior puck skills and will be leaned on to provide his team a spark on offense when needed. He also will take hits to make a play and is not afraid to play along the boards where size and strength can be an issue. But I didn’t write this report in October, I am writing it in February. His mood quickly shifted from disappointment to excitement, but not without a hint of motivation. The two top-ranked defensemen are Jamie Drysdale of Erie and Jake Sanderson of the USA Hockey National Team Development Program Under-18 team. His skating could play up even more if he played with more regular urgency as he can get to a good top speed when he pushes. The biggest issue with Berard is that he is a small player who doesn’t have a lot of meat on him. #USHL | #2020NHLDraft | @FCHockey | @DobberProspects pic.twitter.com/xTQHy1jEdJ, Alex Laferriere is constantly hungry for the puck. Blake Biondi is an interesting case in trying to mentally wrap your head around goofy numbers in a lesser league. However, Miettinen absolutely destroyed the same league as Simontaival: So, considering those ridiculous numbers and that they’re the same height, why is Miettinen almost always ranked behind Simontaival? He could be interesting to watch, especially if his skating and other skills really took off this year. So what is he? The 3rd scout finds prospects for 2 months in either east or west, I move the 3rd one around when it's like a week away from the trade deadline. He possesses tremendous anticipation and ability to find open ice near the opposition goal. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He’s an imposing presence on the ice, combining high speed with high end scoring instincts and physicality. I think reading between the lines and seeing what doesn’t get praised, I assume his defense is a concern even if they don’t come right out and say it. Committed to Minnesota-Duluth, it would not surprise me to see Biondi, with his skill set, scrape out a bottom-six NHL role in the long-term future. 40). He won’t be a power play guy at the next level, but like Kleven, plays a hard, modern game. Kubernetes Benchmark, #NTDP #GoFriars pic.twitter.com/ByU7xP6lWc. 3 scouts in each ohl, whl, and qmjhl, I assign one for each league to find forward prospects for 4 sometimes 5 months, 1 finding defensive prospects for 3 or 4, the other you can either have finding goalies for 2 months or finding any for 4 months or just let the ai control the 3rd one. Kaiser is active in all three zones. 2019/20 Stats: 38 points in 40 games (4th on the team, 1st among defense) So, take everything I wrote about Nybeck, mentally switch his position from forward to … It's an inexact science, but since taking over as head scout of the Montreal Canadiens in 2003, current assistant general manager Trevor Timmins and his team have found their fair share of hidden games in later rounds, players that defied all odds to earn their way into highly-contested NHL jobs. A defenseman can help out a lot on offense without racking up points. The next closest teammate who is also eligible for this upcoming draft had 14 fewer points in 5 more games. The Rhode Island native and Providence commit brings high-end puck skills, hockey IQ, and a world class motor to his shifts. And, again, he’s the only defenseman in the whole NCAA who is 17 years old. Wimpy Breakfast, He can work hard along the boards and gets the puck to the forwards for lead rushes effectively. He is an elite skater with an explosive first step and top-end acceleration. He’s short at only 5’9”, and he’s very light at only 152 lbs, AND he’s very young as a September 9th birthday and being only a few days away from being eligible for next year’s draft. In his 10 game stint for the USHL, he had 3 points in 10 games. He will support his defensemen below his own circles and dig in for board battles, plus hound and press opponents as they try to operate their cycle game. CHL Leagues as follows: 1st Scout to 3rd Round, 2nd Scout to 4th Round, and 3rd Scout to 5th Round. Coaches with a penalty kill attribute for instance will effectively act as a ‘buff’ for penalty killers on the team. This is another element of his game that is recognized by is coaches, which we can see after Des Moines wins offensive zone faceoffs, as the winger moves off the line back to the point from where his shot can have a greater impact. Kuznetsov is a cerebral teenager without the puck and has the potential to be a high-impact player on defense, and he can be deployed to clear the crease, disrupt opposing cycles, and keep lines of sight clear for his goalies. 1 by the New York Rangers, who were awarded the first pick by winning the Second Phase of the NHL Draft Lottery on Aug. 10. The hype is definitely real. And leagues/regions with 1 scout, i send them to scout Early 1st round. Kisses Down Low Meaning, After those 4 weeks are done, it's time for player scouting. Having a shooting percentage bender, or great luck and bounces, means you can look a lot better than you actually are... or vice versa. @MuskegonJacks @USHL @russiahockey_en @russiahockey pic.twitter.com/giCQM9Pjck. That ability saves costly turnovers or icing calls if dumped desperately. The quirky goaltender with the unconventional style probably scared off some observers when they saw his awkward, unorthodox, floppy style on display, explaining how he lasted until the 10th round (199th overall) in 1983. His stride is quick and powerful, and doesn’t ever break down. Then a funny thing happened. What a difference three months of focused training has had on the winger. He’s very skilled with handling the puck, and he has a very good shot that can score even from distance. Kuznetsov plays a physical style of hockey in his own end, and is very effective at clearing the front of the net. This for all CHL league scouts. His hands in tight are among the best in the USHL this season. He’s an offensive defenseman with some of the most skill among defenders in this draft class. Campbell didn't become a regular NHL presence until 2002, but quickly continued to serve as a steady back end presence en route to four All-Star appearances, a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks and over 1,000 career games. He’s also known more for his play making and transition abilities than being a pure goal scorer. Short and slight, there is the fear that he will always be prone to injury, and simply being overpowered, even if he is a fine skater. They work well together with his feet, as you can see with the way he cuts sharply before or immediately following, a zone entry. He is not a blazer, but his top speed is decent. He got his points without shooting the puck a lot (less than one shot per game), despite reportedly having a heavy wrist and slapshot. Being that he’s only 17, he has several years of development ahead. 16:59. So the same things apply. On offense, Kuznetsov has a big shot, but that’s about it.