i currently have bf Goodrich g-force comp 2s amd they are a lil sketchy when cold. Anyone have … Toyo Tires sponsor of the European Cyclocross Championships, Toyo Tires gives support to the 44th AG Memorial Van Damme, Dead Sea launch for Lexus RC F Carbon Kevlar drift car, Toyo Tires Partners with AIG Women’s Open, Toyo Tires becomes member in three relevant ESG indexes, Novel Racing starts into the Nordschleife season, New Corporate Visual for Toyo Tires Brand, Nürburgring 24-hour Endurance Race with NOVEL racing, Celebrating trophy and Toyo's Quick Start at Cyclocross. I recently got a set of nt-05 but I can't comment on their performance as it is snowing outside so I havent been able to put them on. Looking at upgrading to one of the above mentioned tires, currently 275/40R19 on a 10” rim. If you want to use them for a straight line dont waste your money. Those are all different categories, not really comparable. I have heard excellent reviews on the RT-615s in terms of grip but absolutely terrible wear. The 265 fits well as does a 275 street tire. Price for the two tires is the same. My rims are TSW Thruxtons and the rears are 9.5. Someone already said it but the nt-01 is a R compound tire and is more of a road race tire from what i have read. They have good reviews and it is a new design that is less than a year old. Visit Toyo Tires YouTube Channel to find product movies, interviews with top drivers, action from various race series, events and much more. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Nitto NT555 G2, Bridgestone S007a vs Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Michelin Pilot Super Sport to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Subjectively though, the PS4S has the best driving feel of all three (IMHO). 20x10/20×8.5 wheels. and just looking for the best streetable tire for digs off lines and rolling first gear pulls in the city! Michelin MP4S = All around great performance tire. a 9.5" wheel with a 275 tire will help ya more than a 235. Not spinning everywhere was more important to me then having a fender lip. When developing both product lines, Nitto matched the tread design and sizing to fit modern performance vehicles. You know the proof is here, I’ve won several championships with the tires and I’m the only person to win two consecutive Baha 1000s.". JavaScript is disabled. I'm going to purchase a set of NT05 tires in staggered sizes (245/285). I am about to be in the need for new ones. I do HPDE in a 2009 E90, drive quite aggressively,only 3-6 track days per year, am running a square set-up at 275-35-18. ... on all temperatures the tire is very consistent which is very important for me when I’m doing that stuff... No matter the road, count on Toyo Tires to bring quality and performance to your sports car, luxury saloon, SUV, or pick-up truck. Toyo R888R vs Nitto NT01. When you choose Toyo, you make a statement. Come discuss mods, horsepower, engine specs and more! Maybe you should consider getting new wheels in a staggered set up. LS2-402, Livernois (2.1/1.57/53cc) heads, 250/246 .631/.631 114+6 cam, 1.8 rockers, FAST 102, Meziere, 70lb Siemens, SLP Pulley, Walbro GSS340, GMM Ripshifter, B&G springs, Koni's, nylon suspension bushings, Hotchkis, SPEC-twin, Spintech 3", Kooks 1 7/8", BMR drive train, Kaaz 3.91, Lingenfelter CAI, fiberglass hood, Harrop brakes, Nitto NT05 285-35-18, Mini-tubs, Old OCT 08 Dyno: 554rwhp/492rwtq, 17/26 MPG - E85. Just got some Nitto NT05s on my car. Hello All, At suggestion of this board, I went with Nitto NT01's two years ago and absolutely loved them. Whatever tire you choose buy a 245 or 255 for the back. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Now deciding between the R888R's (recommended by my tire shop) or going with another set of NT01's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32DCuxkJWCw, http://www.mickeythompsontires.com/strip.php?item=ETDragJr, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I'm going to try them for my next tire. Toyo r888r vs. Nitto nt05 Discussion in 'Suspension Modifications' started by sonichedgehog, Jun 26, 2018. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. 20 Posts . Looking for straight line performance mostly with decent wet traction! Go. Joined: Jun 25, 2018 Location: Memphis. But out of those, the 888Rs are by far the best since they are an R compound vs the rest being street tires with 200+ UTQG, nt05 or nt05R id go with either, i can get the R cheaper anyway, more looking at the best streetable tire for not slipping in the city, and yeah im in winnipeg, due north hahah shes gettin parked for winter and the cobalt is comin out lmao. And I have cut 1.53 at the strip with them at 18psi. Joined Jul 30, 2018 Posts 189 Reaction score 38 Location Alexandria, VA First Name Scott Vehicle(s) 2019 GT350R Ruby Red Vehicle Showcase 1. Excellent in wet. just checked pmc tire and wow that is cheap! Itll be on studded snowtires and factory wheels come winter again...... Fuuuuuck I hate North Dakota winters. I have a set of Toyo R888 tires and a friend has NT555R tires on his Mustang. I was reading about the NT01 and if i recall right the article said they were great tires but only for the track (going sideways). Im in Grand Forks pretty close to Cananananananananada. In the wet, the PS4S will thoroughly trump the other two tires. I typically get about 10k miles out of a set. I do know that on some local forums there are several Z06 guys running them and they seem to like them a lot. OK, well I have BOTH tires. Michelin pilot sport 4S vs Nitto nt05 vs Toyo R888R. No complaints about my NT05s so far. The NT05 doesn't have as much outright grip as the R888R but it's better for daily usage (less NVH and more comfort). Next Last. Both will fit easily on a 8" rim and the extra width will help traction. LOL. The NT05 is a Nitto's most aggressive non-competition street tire which is based on the Nitto NT01 race tire technology but designed specifically for maximum street performance. I will not put street tires back on this car. Scored a SVE wheel package for under 1500 shipped to me ready to bolt on. If you want to use them for a straight line dont waste your money. What do y’all think about these options? 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