The likelihood of “credit-negative strategies” like deferring near-term pension contributions may also rise, Moody’s said.Even with the graduated income tax failure, Illinois has other options available, Carol Spain, S&P’s director of U.S. public finance, said in an emailed statement. PIR's revenues are dependent on allocation of the production capacity between internal segments and contract manufacturing for external customers. Legacy drug sales edged up 5%. Swiss Family Robinson Study Guide, "The Chinese language article featured a painting by the Japanese artist Kaii Higashiyama, which shows a horse in the clouds. EBITDA is a key performance. Federal Reserve announces policy decision. HdMoviesHub - 300mb Movies, 720p Movies, Hindi Dubbed Series, 1080p Movies, 480p Movies, 500mb Movies, 900mb Movies, Tv series with direct download links. Nadir Dendoune Book, The total operating expenses amounted to NOK 137.4 million for the quarter (NOK 161.7 million). Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 13 August 2020 07:52:13 UTC, Manufacturing facilities in Selbu and Røros, Norway, Revenues of NOK 155 million, 9% down from Q219, EBITDA of NOK 29.5 million, margin of 19%, Revenues of NOK 307 million, 6% down from 1H19, EBITDA of NOK 45.5 million, margin of 15%, Awarded contract from governmental customer in North America for multiple sonar systems, Awarded contract from customer in Asia for the SeaCOP system, for surveillance and environmental monitoring, Revenues of NOK 58.7 million, in line with Q219 and up 13% from the previous quarter despite challenges caused by the pandemic, EBITDA of NOK 15.7 million, margin of 27%, Revenue contribution from sale of SeaCOP, a system for environmental monitoring and surveillance, Awarded aquaculture contract from repeat customer, Launch of WINGHEAD® expected to significantly expand addressable market, System for environmental monitoring and surveillance, Targeting energy and shipbuilding companies, ports and harbour authorities, transportation companies etc, Global market potential, sales secured in Americas and Asia, Significantly expanding the addressable market by targeting the, Examples of use include asset inspection (offshore wind farms, bridge fundaments) and feature detection (route pipe surveys, cable lay), Global market potential, multiple sales secured in Europe, Americas and Asia, Long range sonar with 360 degrees coverage for detection of security threats, Targeting ports and harbours, critical infrastructure, ships, utility companies, Revenues of NOK 38.4 million, 8% decline from Q219, Revenues of NOK 155.2 million, 9% down from Q219 and up by 2% since previous quarter, Total OPEX of NOK 137.4 million, down from NOK 161.7 million in Q219 and NOK 146.9 million in Q120, Profit for the period of NOK 11.6 million, Land and PPE: Increase of NOK 22.7 million related to investments in machinery and equipment and expansion capex at Røros, Intangible assets: Increase of NOK 15.1 million from end of Q120 explained by investments in R&D, Inventories: NOK 175.6 million, up NOK 15.9 million from end of Q120, Maintaining security stock of critical components, Trade receivables: NOK 111.9 million, down NOK 44.6 million, Decline from previous quarter partly explained by lower sales in segment ITS and currency effects, Trade payables: NOK 72.2 million, down from NOK 78.5 million per end of Q120, Equity of NOK 442.9 million, representing an equity ratio of 71.9%, Solid liquidity and financial position with NOK 247.3 million in undrawn committed credit facilities, Oceans expected to continue to be affected by pandemic, level of impact to vary across regions, Segment ITS remains affected in Q3, gradual improvements anticipated in Q4, Experience improvements in PIR as R&D projects put on hold due to pandemic are now progressing. As an alternative to the estimator: if you have concerns with Step 2(c), you may choose Step 2(b); if you have concerns with Step 4(a), you may enter an additional amount you want withheld per pay period in Step 4(c). Statisch schakelen is nu óók goedkoop schakelen", "Trends in semiconductor digital circuits", Philips Electronic Components and Materials Division, "Mullard & CES - Mullard & Combined Electronic Services (CES)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, YL6004 - High power output (Double-sized module) ("HP"), YL6005, YL6005/00 - Counter unit (triple binary) ("3C") (violet), YL6005/05 - Single divide by 2 counter (violet) ("1C"), YL6008 - Medium power output (orange) ("MP"), YL6010 - Photo-electric detector head ("PD"), YL6012 - Twin 2-input NOR gate (black) ("2.2 NOR"), 88930/51 - Programm-Vorbereitungs-Einheit, B893000, B164903 - Twin 3-input AND gates (orange) ("2.3A1", "2x3N1"), B893001, B164904 - Twin 2-input AND gates (orange) ("2.2A1", "2x2N1"), B893002, 2P72729 - Twin 3-input OR gates (orange) ("2.3O1", "23O1", "2x3P1"), B893003, 2P72730 - Twin 2-input OR gates (orange) ("2.2O1", "22O1", "2x2P1"), B894002, B164910 - Twin inverter amplifier (yellow) ("2IA1", "2.IA1", "2xIA1", B894005, 2P72728 - Twin inverter amplifier (yellow) ("2IA2", "2xIA2"), B894001, B164909 - Twin emitter follower (yellow) ("2EF1", 2xEF1"), B894003, 2P72727 - Twin emitter follower (yellow) ("2EF2", "2xEF2"), B894000, B164907 - Emitter follower/inverter amplifier (yellow) ("EF1/IA1"), B895001, B164908 - One-shot multivibrator ("OS1"), B892001, 2P72707 - Shift-register Flip-flop (red) ("FF2"), B893004, 2P72726 - Pulse logic (orange) ("PL1", "2xPL1"), B885000, B164911 - Decade counter ("DC1"), B893005 - Selection gate for core memories ("SG1"), 2P72732 - Pulse generator for core memories ("PG1"), 2P72731 - Read amplifier for core memories ("RA1"), 2P73703 - Flip-flop / Bistable multivibrator with built-in trigger gates and set-reset inputs (black) ("FF12"), Dual positive gate inverter amplifier ("2.GI10"), Dual positive gate inverter amplifier ("2.GI11"), Dual positive gate inverter amplifier ("2.GI12"), 2.IA60, 2IA60 - Twin inverter amplifier for low power output (blue), 2.LPA60, 2LPA60 - Twin low power output (blue), 2.SF60, 2SF60 - Twin input switch filter (green), DOA61 - Differential operational amplifier, This page was last edited on 23 May 2020, at 11:25.