We tested 24 pairs of jeans from Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, Target, and American Eagle to find out which brand's pants are actually worth the money. Hip: 39 inches. With my experience, old navy sizes are bigger than AE's. It's more petite and smaller for that crowd. Old Navy Women's Pants & Jeans Regular Size Chart. (I'm away from home and in the middle of moving so I can't currently contribute). Really cool site, though I can't say they seemed too accurate with my AE size haha! Women's Jeans Size Conversion Chart Understand The Codes Waist Size = Waist size printed in jeans (Inches) Int. This depends on what you mean by “other department stores”, as Old Navy does not technically fit into the definition of “department store”. Finding Your Size. Period. Crew were all 37 inches. Pants are my least favorite thing to buy so usually when I find a brand I like I stick with it. JCrew jeans stretch out a lot but I feel like they fit perfectly to my body and the pockets are in the right place to flatter my butt. (They also don't have that many brands--none that I buy jeans from.) If you don't have a measuring tape on hand, simply use a piece of ribbon or string and line it up against a yardstick. With no shoes on, measure from the top of your inner thigh down to the floor. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Measurement Unit: US (inch) | World (cm) | Both. Their sizes are terribly off. And don't worry about waiting too long to return their items. At least that's how it was a few months ago when I returned a shirt. And size 4/5 Levi's jeans have a … Jean #2: American Eagle Mid-Rise Super Skinny, size 6, $29.99 Despite the fact that these jeans were advertised as "super skinny," they weren't as tight as the "skinny" ones we tried on at Forever 21. Ignore the size on the label and just get what fits. :(. I got the mint green jeans and loved them, but they wrinkle so much on me and it looks bad. You can always call and ask their customer service to confirm that policy, they're pretty helpful and nice. Joe’s Jeans were the smallest hip measurement, at 36 inches, while American Eagle jeans were the biggest, at 39.75 inches. That's based on the brands' size charts which tend to be extremely off, especially at low to mid range mall stores that vanity size to the extreme. American Eagle - size 12 short (fit fine, but they're normal jeans are too low cut for me); skinny boot cut & straight. How do Hollister jeans fit compared to American Eagle jeans? I've never been able to shop at american eagle before so I have no idea how they fit. SizeCharter has the sizing for your favorite major clothing brands all in one place. All styles are available in additional sizes only at ae.com . I used to work at hollister. Does anyone think it would be valuable to discuss our jeans sizes and come up with some sort of reference for how certain brand's sizes run (especially for buying online)? Uniqlo (Slim Fit Ankle Jean): Waist - 33.25 inches. Levi’s, Express, Gap and J. I think a lot of what you are looking for has been answered by What Size Am I? BDG from urban outfitters: These are my absolute favorite for any and all skinny jeans. I'm a 4 in American eagle and a size 1 in hollister! here are some of my sizes: American Eagle: worked here for awhile and the different styles of jeans fit very differently...I wore a 6 mostly here. I really like this idea! JCrew: by far my FAVORITE jeans. I was like... whaaaaat? US = US/American jeans size EU = European jeans size UK = British (UK) jeans size JP = Japanese jeans size International Jeans Size Conversion: Shop American Eagle Outfitters for men's and women's jeans, T's, shoes and more. American Eagle - size 12 short (fit fine, but they're normal jeans are too low cut for me); skinny boot cut & straight, American Eagle midi boyfriend shorts - size 12 (way too big on me, I definitely need a size 10 at the largest, purchased last summer); recently bought another pair of AE jean shorts - 10 was too tight, but 12 is too big. Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist. We’re in this together. Measurement Unit: US (inch) | World (cm) | Both. They didn't stretch much, the pockets were too low to flatter my butt, and they were shaped for someone with less hips and butt than I've got- sort of like hollister jeans. As long as you have the receipt, I believe there is no time limit on when you want to return. My measurements are bust: 42" underbust: 34" waist: 32" hips: 41". I wear a 29 in these, but could honestly probably get away with a 28 in the boot cut kind. So that's what I got, after my 5-6 month agonizing over American Eagle haha. With your feet approximately 6” apart, measure around the fullest part of your hips. Levi’s, Express, Gap and J. I usually wear a 6 in AE jeans. Those are the only pants I ever wear listed above, but I'll try to add to this list if I can. A size 1 at hollister is the same as American eagle size 2/4. Still-- they are based on size charts, not actual sizes, so use with caution. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 2020 old navy jean sizes compared to american eagle, old navy jean sizes compared to american eagle, When Is It Supposed To Snow In West Virginia, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks All Characters. For reference, I'm 36-27-37. Without knowing anything about you, the sizes you've given are absolutely useless. I'm not overweight but I do have a very curvy waist and hip area. Crew were all 37 inches. Nov 16th '13. I'm wearing an old pair of shorts from the Gap right now that are an 8 from before I lost a bit of weight, and they are falling off. We stand with the black community and pledge our dedication to the fight against systemic racism. If you don't have a ruler or tape measure handy, you can try to measure with a standard credit card, which has a width of 3 ⅜ inch or 8.56 cm and a height of 2 ⅛ inch or 5.4 cm. Hip - 39 inches. Here are some tips to help you order the correct size. They also seem to run smaller now, as I tried on an 8 in store (the same size my khaki pants are) and could barely get them on. The sizes at Old Navy tend to run a little larger than other stores, especially when it comes to the jeans. They always wrinkle a lot on me. I'll start by commenting below! Some of their cuts are a bit different but I wear a 28/29 in them. For reference I'm 5'3, weight 145 and my measurements are bust: 37", waist: 29", hips: 40". To ensure a comfortable fit, do not pull the measuring tape too tightly. I had a 29 but probably should have gotten a 30. I'd be drowning in their suggestion! quick question coming from a 5'3" girl. It sucks because hollister is aimed towards 13 + years old. I picked up a couple pairs at Old Navy earlier this year and they're holding up remarkably well, plus they seemed to have more non-distressed options (which is not something I thought I'd ever say). This retractable one is very easy to use, and the fact it uses both CM and IN is extremely helpful. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and hold it alongside a ruler. 7 for all mankind: I tried these....they didn't fit very well on me even though I loved them. At Gap, I'm a 6 at most, just to accommodate my hips, and there's extra room at the waist. If I chose what sizes to wear based off those reccomendation I would be swimming in clothes. The sizes at American Eagle don't run super small like A&F, they seem pretty true to size and not too far off from Old Navy sizes. Thanks for sharing! Target (Straight Leg Jean): Waist: 29.5 inches. Aeropostale Girls Jeans & Pants Size Chart, Aeropostale Girls Curvy Jeans & Pants Size Chart, Aeropostale Girls Curvy Jeans & Pants More Styles Size Chart, Aeropostale Girls Jeans & Pants More Styles Size Chart. Used World Wide. I normally wear (in most brands) a 6 or in the jrs section I wear 9's. = International size (S, M, L, XL). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the femalefashionadvice community, Continue browsing in r/femalefashionadvice, Press J to jump to the feed. Nov 16th '13. While size 4 jeans at American Eagle have a 26.5-inch waist, a size 4 waist is 26 inches at Old Navy and 27 inches at Abercrombie & Fitch. They come in all sorts of different washes and pocket styles and they always fit. I'm pretty sure I could fit two of me in a 12 at BR. Re: American Eagle sizes compared to Old Navy Well, say you were getting a womens size Small at Old Navy, it would be a little bit bigger then American Eagle. Looking at the size chart, their size 18 appears to be comparable to a gap size 18, which is what I am looking for. And don't worry about waiting too long to return their items. It told me I'm a 8-10 in bottoms at the Gap. It said 10-12 for Banana Republic tops. Old Navy size charts including Women's Pants & Jeans Regular, Inseam, Petite and Tall. In addition to tag size, the following information will be helpful, your waist and hip measurements, the fabric content of the jeans, and the actual measurements of the jeans (perhaps using Blue in Green's method ) to give a more clear idea of how the pants may fit. The actual tape you choose doesn’t matter that much. Why are you wearing the size of my people (petite)? I have short (28") legs and a long torso, so I find that the low-cut styles are always WAY too low for me.