I always seem to miss the intent. (This helps keep blood circulating in your legs and also strengthens the lower leg.). Then we can energize the moves with the nine energies (movement forms), crafting the routine. 30 minute cycling, swimming, water aerobics, Zumba, etc. Please visit my website: http://www.HelpYouWell.com, December 2012 30 Minute Movement Challenge, music, the choreography, and the additional training for a routine, Nia White Belt P12 – Body + Life Transformation – 2020, Flexibility Agility Mobility Strength Stability. outreach campaign from the National Institute on Aging at NIH to help you fit exercise and physical activity into your daily life. Each tier adds on stuff we will have access too. It is a pretty involved principle and there is not a lot of time to really dig deep into it. The outward strike is the elbow moving out away from the body using the opposite hand to push the power through the elbow. 11,580 listeners, Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Nia is going to have three tiers in which people can stay connected to the wealth of Nia training, they will still have the monthly NiaTV subscription if you just want access to Nia Workout Videos, Music, and Podcasts. I know you will love it! Sometimes I listen to it while I am cleaning, but when I have the vacuum on I can’t hear it so I have been wanting some Bluetooth headphones. . Have you ever had your earbuds ripped out of your ears because the wire to the phone get caught on something? Relax your shoulders so they’re not scrunched up near your ears. I was also trying to follow the moves and allow myself to dance, so I didn’t even listen to all the words. But, it can be applied to a student too as it represents looking, moving, then sharing a routine. I have also used pages of The Nia Technique Book. . Place your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. The videos and pictures are meant to show people how fun it is. Have a strong and stable base. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Lower your body toward the wall and then push back. It is the contraction of muscle. The rest they just have to experience. The 52 Moves of Nia are named that because they are incorporated into the Nia Routines. It is flowing movement, graceful, and easy. That comes out to over 60 routines over the years. perhaps taking up as much space as possible, moving about the entire room or dancing in all the corners. But if that doesn’t work, here are six other hacks to try. We also laugh about elbows and toes, acknowledging that you might run into one and being very careful not to step on the other. As I have said many times before not everything in Nia is new . Then we moved to each sensation. Push into the earth with your feet. We always speculate as to what people who might see us would think when we have this large wonderful dance floor and we are all in the middle dancing. That is what I do to help keep my music organized in a manner that works for me. Basically, it has many facets and can explained many different ways, but it is best for one to see for themselves what it really is. Download the Beyond routine booklet - 8BCs. Both pair are over the ear type of wearables. Since accidental falls are a significant source of injury for many older adults, incorporating balance exercises in your exercise regimen is essential. Now tilt your hips back, and hold for 3 seconds. Doing balance exercises, such as the ones described here, or an activity such as tai chi or yoga, makes it easier to walk on uneven surfaces without losing balance. Dancing to odd music is fun. Now remember, the 52 Moves of Nia are not moves that Nia claims are unique to Nia or that only Nia does. I will get to that eventually. See? Probably has to do with the fact that it is only coming through one ear bud. I am listening to it now as I type and it is making me laugh! Have you been thinking about a wireless pair? You can also do this exercise with a sturdy chair in front of you in case you need to grab it for balance. As we talked we guided the students into the sensations. It includes Martial Arts (such as Tae Kwon Do), Dance Arts (such as jazz dance), and Healing Arts (such as yoga). It made them more comfortable. I am so glad I made it. We reached out to lengthen our limbs. Being aware of the sensations allows us to choose and dance what we need at the time of the class. So in light of those meetings I feel like it is the perfect time to post this post that has been sitting on my desktop. How would you feel about a “bundle dance”? It was a great little taste of the Nia 5 Sensations. Leave feedback. We mobilized our spine. P12 (t3) is class, core, magic where we learn, embody, and share. This principle is about purpose, potential, and possibility and the triads are little maps or signs to remind us of the tools that we have in our Nia toolbox. You can make it soft or hard. I am betting you understand that all three ways involve the elbow. I know when I am using my regular headset and driving I can’t be on the phone that long because the quality of the caller’s voice is distorted. The Elbow Strike might even be able to be counted as three moves . It is important in a jam situation to know who is before you and after you. . Carlos left the organization in, I believe it was 2010. . And with Nia there is always a huge amount of material to access. Sometimes we might not use the opposite hand to help push the power, or strike down into the open palm of the opposite hand. Even twelve years ago when I participated in the Nia White Belt Intensive it was not ALL about teaching us how to teach Nia, but as Nia continues to grow it has shifted even further into being a “life style practice” to include those that don’t want to teach.