Alfalfa in the AM. I have a few more questions that i hope you can help with Like i stated before we rescued this goat he's about 8 or 9 weeks old and he is the only goat we have, not quite goat ppl but couldn't let him die. He eats and drinks like normal also. I did notice her poop was a tad on the clumpy side. Thanks in advance if you can help! What else can be going on? I have seen many people post online, “My goat has been bloated for several days,” which is impossible. Was told I can supplement diet with Purina processed grain kibble and pelleted alfalfa. His condition still hasn’t improved. If he is acting normal, eating and drinking, etc, then he’s fine for now. If you think she may have gotten into something poisonous, I would suggest you give her some charcoal. Can You Take Colchicine And Ibuprofen Together? is this bloat and what should we do?? … In fact, it was also used as a fuel for traditional lamps. She seems to be finicky. Thank you! He also has been eating a small amount of ear corn (that's new) Let me know what you think. It will probably be lying down in a corner somewhere hiding. Everyone agrees the Safeguard is the most important, but it is a huge dose — about 10x the usual dose used for intestinal worms. If you like to use natural things, copper oxide and sericea lespedeza are two things that have a lot of published research behind them. Goats will do better if they have a goat friend.He needs to be wormed also, and given a coccidiosis treatment -, Yes he has shelter, and we've wormed him and i had been reading up on the coccidiosis treatments.No he is the only goat we've got we are out there in the pen several times a day and my son even goes out late at night to check on him.. and wheezing, laying down but can stand, large belly. No problem. Anyway the vet took poo samples then to check for worms and there were none. Thank you!! She was out to browse last night and hope she didn't get into something poisonous. You do not need a vet to do this. If not, please do. If you go to the supermarket to buy olive oil and see “virgin olive oil”, this means that the oil actually comes from the second pressing of the olives. If it’s been like this for days, it’s not bloat. Parasites are the #1 cause of death in goats, so worms or coccidia would be the first thing to rule out. Different types of worms do different things, but ultimately they both cause goats to have little energy and poor body condition. If you haven’t had him very long, you might not realize how little water a goat that age drinks? Grass hay, no alfalfa. Only do that if you know how to tube a goat, safely! I would give him a shot of vitamin B to boost his appetite. We are not veterinarians or professionals. This reduces the foam and gas that will start as soon as the damage is done. I would drop it to 2 cups a day. Get some more bloat treatment down him along with some baking soda. How is your doe doing now? If you have kept them on the same pasture for the past year — or even a couple of months — they’re basically eating from their toilet, so they are ingesting larvae from the pasture, and at some point the level in their gut is just too much for them to deal with. If you can get her to walk around, that’s also helpful, but I know that’s now always easy. Goats produce their own thiamine in their rumen, so deficiency is one of the most common things that happens when a goat gets too much grain. If not. Just keep an eye on him. I have him eat baking soda with B vitamins and probiotics. Laundry detergent damages the esophagus and can cause breathing difficulties so severe that some children are put on a respirator. I got her to stand for about 10 mins but then she laid back down and hasn’t been up since. Also, if you have bloat release I would start her on some of that now also. If not, you need to give her more baking soda and oil. I’d suggest using a dewormer first though. Sounds like you are feeding him way too much. i just wormed him today with 0.10 cc of wormer. Hello, do you happen to have any advise on treating pneumonia in goats & what over the counter medication can be used? There is more to it than just that. How To Take The Colchicine For Acute Gout? He needs to get over the bloat before he will eat anything. I’m going to say it’s not bloat since he would be dead by now, but I’ve also checked his mucous membrane for color and he’s pink from what I can tell. If in doubt, I research it before I feed it to them. The goal of treating frothy bloat is to break down the foam, which is usually done by drenching with 100–200 cc of cooking oil. It was suggested by a friend that has had goats for years that I give him pepto. He is drinking and urinating. I am pretty sure that he does not have worms since I wormed him for everything. It was sad espailly since we only had him for 2 weeks! Originally, the olive oil came from the Mediterranean. She also had diarrhea. All wethers do is eat, they don't produce anything and therefore do not require that much high quality feed. If you are not seeing fast improvement in treating a goat with bloat, you should call the vet. — to see if this sounds like what you’re seeing., I had a male baby goat 3 weeks old Thanks Melissa, Maxie Ball - for starters, take your buck's temperature. If she has diarrhea, that’s a whole different can of worms. He has a huge pen (40' x 40') and a lean-to. hello, i've been reading your post on bloat. Clumpy poop is a classic sign of a worm overload. We are assuming Goat Bloat and Polio. OK Thanks and what type of Alfalfa hay should i feed him and how much? If the stomach is soft, that’s not bloat. Conferring to the USDA or the United States Department of Agriculture, 100 millimeters, or about 3.5 ounces of a particular type of olive oil may contain: In various countries, olive oils are being processed with chemicals and heat to remove all of its impurities. You should avoid those with the terms, “olive oil”, “pure olive oil”, and some other related terminologies. I will get sampled again. I need a little Info.. Im feeding a doe fot a show she just isn't bulking up. I’m also wondering if her thiamine production was messed up and she’s suffering from a mild case of thiamine deficiency or goat polio. I'm sure i'll be back with more questions.. so glad i came across your blog.. This is the time of year that you see disease from m-worm. I have put him on an electrolyte diet ( water, baking soda, salt, honey and sugar bottles) but he does not show much interest in it. Certainly, this is one of the divisive physiological and psychological topics, which gathered dispute. Thank you so much for your help. It’s tough to know exactly what’s happening without more details. As well as omega-9 fatty acid, which is valuable for the body. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Won't hurt her, and if she did get poisoned it will help.Also, if you can get her some C&D Antitoxin that would be wonderful.Suriyah, Hello I have two Does, yesterday I came home and only one was foaming at the mouth and crying, she was standing so I started reading and saw info on bloating. If his belly is really big, but his spine doesn’t have much meat on it, then he could have a problem with intestinal parasites. She most likely does not have bloat. If you think he is bloated just take a syringe, mix up some baking soda and oil, and squirt it down his throat. Here is more info on using dewormers: It was sad but he did wonderful and is no longer bloated. This information is just from our experience - we are not vets or professionals. If it had lungworm, it would need a dewormer. A vet came out last summer to look at crusty patches on her back which she said probably reaction to bad outbreak of lice, recommended Ultra boss which I did.