Only the best. This is not as compact or as light as many other commuter scooters, but then this is designed as an all-terrain adventure rather than a commuter scooter. Make Concrete Playground yours with My Playground. The scooter also features a kinetic energy recovery system which converts kinetic energy (created by the wheels’ spinning motion) into electric energy (stored in the battery) to prolong battery life. This is important for maximising speed and distance capacities and transportability when collapsed (refer below). The maximum distances on a single charge can be as far as 110km on Eco-Speed setting. Or he can opt to use both motors in Turbo mode to go faster. Neuron Mobility's Orange-Hued Electric Scooters Have Hit Brisbane's Streets The Singapore-based company has joined Lime, sending out 200 two-wheeled vehicles into the CBD, New Farm and South Brisbane. There are speed controls on the handlebar, as well as the controls for lighting, throttle, brakes and the LCD panel showing your speed, battery life, etc. Globber One K E-Motion 10 Kids Electric Scooter $350.00 . Globber. Patrons download the company's app, scan a QR code on their chosen scooter, ride to wherever they need to, find a parking spot and then add a photo of the stationary scooter to the app to end their transaction. Regenerative braking on the front wheel and highly reactive rear wheel braking are a really good safety feature of this scooter. And you can choose to use one or both motors, and Eco or Turbo modes, again controlling juice and distance. Australiawide delivery and support. It will also have an on-ground operations team taking care of daily maintenance, making sure that the right spread of scooters are available across the city, swapping out batteries to keep the vehicles juiced and overseeing parking. Powered by a powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery the scooter can travel at speeds up to 25km/hr. Portability is another excellent feature, with a super-easy single motion fold down system for easy transporting. The lights are controlled from the handlebar. The new scooters have 10-inch-diameter wheels, while Neuron's scooters have 12-inch wheels. The Zero 10X eScooter is a high-performance all-terrain value for money scooter featuring a dual-motor drive and a dual suspension system for both power and comfort even on rough of surfaces and inclines. The foot-deck is still comfortably wide and non-slip, again for comfort, control and safety. If you're in a spot that you're not supposed to be in, the e-scooters will stop completely. They can help you further. Brisbane is the first place in the world to receive the company's latest model: the N3. If you're buying a major brand you might be able to claim a manufacturer warranty from other retailers. Out of Stock . With new and improved technology and features the Inokim Quick 3+ electric scooter is an exciting addition to the market. “We’ve been working with the council for the past few months and it’s really to see how do we come into the city, not being a disruptor, but part of an integral part of this city,” he said. Weight: Most electric scooters are around 15kg. If you're making your way across the inner-city, you now have two choices. You'll automatically be taken to the map screen, showing all available Lime vehicles in your area. From here, either scan the QR code using your phone's camera or manually enter the 6-digit vehicle code located beneath the QR code. Neuron Mobility will start rolling their scooters out in just a few weeks, with co-founder and chief executive Zachary Wang saying the company plans to stay in Brisbane for good. This comes in five exciting and highly visible colours which not only look great but also enhance your safety on the ride. Please note that each state and territory has its own road rules around the use of electric scooters, which you should check before purchase or use. These estimates are reported to be conservative by users. Lights on both the front and the rear of the scooter (which flash when you’re braking) keep you illuminated and safe at night. Note that the charge time is 14 hours so that needs to be factored into your use of this scooter. To add to the comfort of your ride the scooter features a wide 66.6cm foot-bed which is anti-slip. “All of that will just hugely improve the safety of these things,” Mr Wang said. The wheels are fitted with 10" pneumatic street tyres. Deputy mayor Krista Adams said earlier this week that Neuron had put together a compelling tender package for the council. The scooter hardware is also able to stop users parking scooters in places the council doesn’t want them. Out of Stock. The E-XR is the largest and most powerful stand-up scooter that Razor markets and it’s made to enjoy. Wheel Size: Nearly all scooters come with wheels that are 6-8 inches in diameter. Flanked by the sunny beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Brisbane is the hub of Queensland culture. Our advice is to avoid choosing a scooter simply for the top speed. Electric Mobility Scooter Exclusive Scooter Specialist. Terms and Conditions apply. Menu; Account; Setting; Compare Products ; My Account; Create an Account ... One S3 Complete-Green/Orange. It even copes with gravel surfaces beautifully. If it's damage, you'll probably have to pay for the repair, unless you took out electric scooter insurance coverage before. And dual electric (front) and mechanical (rear) brakes increase the safety whilst riding. Australias Premium supplier. We may use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Featuring dual motors and dual suspension the Kaabo Mantis Pro Elite electric scooter is designed primarily as a commuter scooter. Orange scooters a next-generation arrival on Brisbane streets. In Australia, legally you can only go 25km/h on public paths. The two 10 x 2.5” pneumatic tyres increase its functionality and the looks. Motor: Dual 800W | Speed: <65km/h | Range: 110km | Weight: 10" | Rider Weight: <150kg. The kick-start and thumb-operated paddle throttle make riding the scooter super easy. The Neuron scooters have a different system to Lime for recharging. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to You're ready to go! This is quite heavy, especially if you've got to carry it up stairs or into the lift. Prodigy S8 Street Edition- Black. Please note that each state and territory has its own road rules around the use of electric scooters, which you should check before purchase or use. This is especially common if the motor is brushed, so look for a brushless motor if you want quiet riding. It also has an LCD display which shows your speed control, battery life etc. … Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are an extra safety feature. Add to Cart. Nearly all the premium brands come with suspension, which will give a smoother ride on cobbles and brick roads (less common in Australia, vs the UK). The N3 also uses modular parts that can be replaced easily (as opposed to replacing the whole scooter), and is adaptable to different road conditions. Motor: Dual 1000W | Speed: <65km/h | Range: 110km | Weight: 33.5kg | Rider Weight: <120kg. In Bangkok and Chiang Mai, two of Neuron's existing cities, a scooter costs 20 baht to unlock, then one baht per minute to use — around 93 cents and then five cents, in Australian currency. Lights on the front and the rear are another good safety feature and, clearly, necessary for night riding. “In a complex urban environment we will have … areas where it’s better for the scooter to be slower, just to be safer. And they're not just any old motorised stand-up e-scooters. And while Lime scooters are powered primarily by "juicers", or outsourced labour who collect each scooter at night and take them back to a power source to be recharged overnight, Mr Wang said Neuron scooters used changeable battery packs. Check with us for accurate descriptions and advice is the best way. Hop on to one of our scooters located across Brisbane. At the moment, that includes the CBD, Fortitude Valley, New Farm Teneriffe, as well as Petrie Terrace and some of Milton. Our Lime-S electric scooters are monitored remotely by both local staff and an independent team of Lime Juicers. The Singapore-based outfit has unleashed 200 of its vibrant motorised stand-up vehicles on Brissie's streets, with the full fleet of 600 due to be rolled out gradually according to market demand. The scooter can handle a rider weight of 150kg – way higher than most scooters on the market. Last week, Brisbane City Council not only extended the company's tender, but welcomed a competitor. For more details about Neuron Mobility, visit the company's website. This bustling city is one of the oldest in Australia and boasts a rich history dating back to the 19. century, when it was inhabited by the indigenous Turrbal and Jagera people! Be careful. Add to Cart. Then, once you've found a parking spot, you add a photo of the stationary scooter to the app to finish the transaction. With a stylish black slimline design and orange accents, the Ninebot ES2 is an easy-fold electric scooter to meet the needs of those wanting to commute to work or school and still be able to use public transport and/or carry the bike and store it. Lime-S has a maximum range of 20+ miles, depending on usage. KOS S5 Complete - Charge. “Therefore we put up a proposal together, to see from various prongs how we can work together with the city council to actually roll out this service in a safe and fun manner.”. The generation three scooters have sensors that feed information back to Lime to warn if a scooter is being used improperly. $239.99. and explore this beautiful capital city today! An intelligent battery system (BMS) means that you can use a free app on your phone to keep track of your battery status including life and various protection functions. A nice wide handlebar with comfortable non-slip grips gives you good control of the scooter and features a bell, the brake paddles and the thumb throttle control. The World’s Largest Range of Adult and Commuter Scooters. You can also search "Lime" in both the App and Google Play stores. Neuron also offers daily, weekly and monthly passes overseas, for the equivalent of AU$4.65, $9.30 and $28. A handy kickstand allows you to keep the scooter upright if need be without having to lie it down or lean it up against a wall or tree. If you're keen to hop on one of Neuron's new rides, you'll need to be in its ride zone boundary.