Jul 6, 2020 - Here are the 12 zodiac signs, as represented by the characters in Netflix's Outer Banks series. While you're certainly sensitive, your tendency to listen to your heart can go too far. 12 ARIES: John B Routledge. In these times, she lets her emotions guide her and can seem moody. Mage, advisor of kings, alchemist, and a natural-born leader, her red hair isn’t the only reason that I am pairing her with the fiery Aries, first of the zodiac signs (and personally one of my favorite fire signs). Where Jughead becomes the leader of the Serpents, he still consults his father before making any decisions. Pisces are emotionally sensitive because of this, and theys can easily succumb to their emotions. Originally head of the Behavior department of Westworld, Bernard Lowe worked closely alongside Dr. Robert Ford to create hosts that were eerily human-like. 7 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have Anxiety, The Best Sex Toys To Try According To Your Zodiac, Inspo Time: This Is How Celebs Are Styling Their Hair This Fall. He enjoys being in charge and dives headfirst into challenges, sometimes literally. Although he cares for Sarah, his deep jealousy and stubborn nature cause him to make some truly terrible decisions. Netflix's Outer Banks dropped on the streaming platform on April 15 and quickly became one of its most popular programs. Friendly and adaptable like most of his sign, he had a renewed vigor for life every time he stepped off the train. RELATED: Westworld: 10 Worst Things Dolores Ever Did, Ranked. If you played the games or read the books, you witnessed this first hand. The Witcher is one of my personal favorite series, and so it only made me wonder what the astrology signs of those characters would be. Archie’s love for his dad and Veronica are showcased throughout the series, from his desperate attempt to hunt the Black Hood after his attack on Archie’s father to his faithfulness to Veronica. You're known for your hardworking and intensely loyal nature, Virgo. Hopefully you won't make the same mistakes that Rafe does, but we wouldn't put anything past you when you're in the middle of an emotional breakdown. Geminis are the twin of the zodiac, which has earned them the name “two-face.” This fits Dijkstra’s personality because if you think he’s helping you, he can switch in an instant and act like it never happened. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. She's the most caring of all of the characters – she's an environmentalist, she saves animals, and she is absolutely committed to the Pogues. Like a Taurus, JJ has the ability to slow down and is more patient than his friends. Aries lead with blind optimism, and if you know Triss at all, you know she’s ready to make the world a better place and assisting in any way she can. Sure, it leads to him literally having his kidney removed, but his intentions were good. JJ Maybank is one of the main characters in Outer Banks. You, Scorpio, are known for your cool and calm demeanor, as is F.P. He decided he wanted the Royal Merchant treasure, and he didn't care who he hurt while he was trying to reach his goal. Talk about complexity! Westworld: 5 Perfect Fan Theories About The Series' Future (& 5 That Are Hilariously Bad), Westworld: 10 Worst Things Dolores Ever Did, Ranked. Toni is also a humanitarian, as are you, Aquarius. RELATED: Outer Banks: 10 Other Works You've Seen The Cast In. Libras are all about balance. An Aries has relentless ambition, which is something Triss shows all the time. The many different Westworld personalities make it possible to decide which character fits you best. Although he's considered the "weird" one of his group, Pope simply thinks ahead and plans for the future. He utilizes input and processing to manipulate others, but if someone is a Virgo, these qualities can absolutely be used with good intentions. She played the long-game, one that her demise would not even prevent her from seeing through. ... and Miranda in all of our souls and we're using the zodiac signs to find out which character we're most like with a few bonus entries for our favorite heartthrobs from our ... Next 10 Instagram Posts That Prove the Outer Banks Cast Is Like Family. She’s also diplomatic and fair-minded. RELATED: 10 Teen Drama Action Shows To Watch After Binge-Watching Outer Banks. IMDb.com, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. Dandelion’s love for colorful clothing, lavish parties, and the finer things in life make him a Leo, 100%. Which Outer Banks Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Although his actions are misguided, he does his best to make the right choice and think critically about what's going on around him. When an Aquarius falls in love–and with this case, it’s Geralt–they fall hard. Big John displays typical Aquarius qualities. JJ is the loose cannon in The Pogues. Outer Banks is Netflix's latest YA series that will take you on a ride. Whether fans identify with the isolated visionary Dr. Ford who conceived Westworld, the lonely and diligent Bernard Lowe who helped him realize his dreams, or Dolores Abernathy, the first of his robotic creations to bring it all crashing down, their personality traits often aligned so well because of their corresponding astrological signs. Although she cares about her family, she'd rather live in her own world than see what's actually happening around her. You, Gemini, are more complex than this. She loves to learn, is enthusiastic, very socially adept, and witty. Jughead Jones becomes the leader of the Serpents and, with his crew behind him, he’s able to counter any threat that comes Riverdale’s way, whether it be Jingle Jangle or the Gargoyle King. Scorpios are always calculating to be several steps ahead of the game, and Yennefer’s personality reflects that. Kayleena has been raised on Star Wars and Indiana Jones from the crib. 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Are you a Kook or are you a Pogue? Which Westworld Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? NEXT: MBTI®: 5 Netflix Original Series That ISFJs Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate), All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. You’ve got your eye on the prize, and you’re not losing focus anytime soon (especially not over a cute boy). Like Ward, you go after what you want aggressively and without a thought for who you might hurt along the way. Which Character From The Wire Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? The son of Delos visionary James Delos, Logan was a constant disappointment to his father because of his free-wheeling lifestyle. Oh, Philippa, a character who I have a love-hate relationship with. Ward is logical, practical, and systematic, which is why his business is so successful. You’re brave and assertive, meaning you take action (sometimes even before you’ve fully thought it through). But, don’t take her optimism for weakness. She’s the HBIC and she wears that crown proudly. That’s not the reason I think he’s a Sagittarius; unfortunately, Sagittarius is considered to be psychotic, and while I don’t think all Sagittarius are like this, Emhyr fits that perfectly. Archie is a stud at everything he does: guitar, football, boxing. While Logan could be charming when he wanted to be, he most embodied the Libra traits of being self-indulgent, contrary, and impulsive. Have you ever had an extra friend that always did the most no matter what you did, and had a dramatic personality? Archie, in the comics, likes girls and milkshakes. That's the very definition of Rafe Cameron. Remember when she lets Chic stay at the house despite him actually being a total stranger? Capricorn is ruled by Saturn: because of this, there can be some tough lessons to learn. The Kooks are Sarah Cameron and her family, the wealthier population of the Outer Banks. He knows that hard work will get him where he wants to go, and he's one of the most reliable and stable members of the Pogue group. He doesn't know how to be honest about his feelings, so ends up acting out and making things that much worse. We're bringing together two of our absolute favorite things: awesome female television characters and the zodiac signs. For the most part, he has a cheerful disposition, but his determination is unrivaled. You’re complicated, and there’s no denying Alice’s similar complexity. You're the king of the zodiac, Leo, just like John B is kind of king of the Pogues. He might come off as mean, but under that tough immature exterior is a person who craves balance. Here Are The Zodiac Signs of Your Favorite Characters from The Witcher 3. Awoken to the reality of his imprisonment, he set out to destroy the limitations of his freedoms. No Outer Banks character captures this double-sided personality quite like Sarah Cameron. She's fun at parties and is quite the people pleaser when it comes to Rafe, Sarah, and Topper. It's interesting that she's so good at solving conflicts in her family and is very socially adept. Are You Introverted Or Extroverted Based On Your Zodiac Sign, The Classic Movie You Need To Watch Based On Your Zodiac Sign, 10 Real Ways To Use Your Horoscope To Improve Your Life, What Face Mask Are You Based On Your Zodiac. Aquariuses are independent and original, and Toni Topaz exhibits both these traits throughout the series. This woman had each one of her fingernails ripped off, and that didn’t slow her down one bit. You have an aggressive side that comes out often, especially when you feel you're being challenged. He could be overcritical of his peers, particularly Elsie, but never let his striving for perfectionism jeopardize his place at Delos. You're self-confident and creative, which means people are drawn to your energy. by Jen Abidor. The Pogues are John B and his friends, the island's working class. Kiara is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends. Like a Gemini, she always wants to know what other people are up to, so she may not be the best character to tell your secrets. As the bull sign she was persistent in her goals, even siding with the enemies of her enemies to get the job done. He began to conceal many secrets, one of which was that he was weak-willed and had become completely controlled by Rehoboam. Tasked with maintaining order in the park and seeing to the safety and security of its human patrons, Ashley Stubbs was also on the side of the hosts. RELATED: Outer Banks: 10 Plot Holes That Make No Sense. He's a good guy, but learning to think before he acts would do him (and you) some good. Remember when she saved Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy? If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Character On 'Riverdale' In honor of the season three premiere, I created a handy list of characters and their corresponding zodiac signs!