Larger mice will be too big for them to handle! As a child, Isabel spent countless hours following her older brothers on their search for reptiles, amphibians, and other critters. Pacman frogs get their common name from the popular PacMan arcade game, because like the animated character, these frogs have a rounded appearance with huge mouths. They’re just so round! PacMan frogs get their nickname because of their ferocious appetite. Try not to make common-practice of this. This is why we recommend misting the substrate on a daily basis. They prefer to dig, wait, and eat. Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital, 2020, Terrestrial Frogs and Toads. Common Name: Ornate horned frog, Pacman frog, Pac-man frog, Pac man frog, South American horned frog, Argentine horned frog, ornate Pacman frog, and Argentine wide-mouthed frog, Adult Size: 6 inches long (about as wide as they are long); females are larger than males. Dragon Snake 101: The Essential Care Guide, Mexican Alligator Lizard Care (Abronia Graminea), Green Tree Monitor 101 (aka Emerald): The Full Guide, 16 Best Types Of Pet Turtles: The Only List You Need. If the substrate is too dry, it will be tough to maintain the overall humidity. Since Pacman frogs like to burrow, it’s essential for them to have a substrate that facilitates this. Their skin needs to be well-hydrated and can end up becoming infected in subpar conditions. This potentially fatal condition occurs when waste in an animal's enclosure is not properly cleaned. Pac Man Frogs, Also Known as the "Horned Frog" Come in a variety of colors (aka Morphs). They’ll typically remain motionless and simply wait for a small animal to walk by. Read our, Illustration: Katie Kerpel. The rest of their body is pretty standard for frogs. The recommended tank size for a Pacman frog is at least 10 gallons. Pacman frogs can get cut very easily, so keep this in mind when deciding on vegetation. Using their large mouths, they clamp down on prey and swallow it whole. These frogs have a very large mouth (hence the name) that fits with their rather big heads. You’ll also want to give your Pacman frogs a water dish. While Pacman frogs are fairly durable animals, there are a few potential health issues you’ll need to keep an eye out for. This quickly turned into a deep passion for these animals that she has to this day. As they get larger you can start to add in phoenix worm, roaches, horned works, and earthworms. This allows them to stay moist and ambush prey. For such a beginner-friendly animal, this is quite a long time commitment! The food should always be dusted with supplements to ensure that your frog remains happy and healthy. If you feel like dabbling with mice you’ll need to feed your younger (and smaller) Pacman frogs newborn mice. Any kind of prey that walks by is fair game for this hungry frog. Also, be on the lookout for ammonia poisoning. They’ll spend most of their time either buried in the substrate or venturing to their water bowl to get a drink (and splash around). Expert Tip: Make sure to mist the substrate a bit each day. Specimens with green primary coloring will either have red and brown patches on their body, or brown ones. Just think, a large 7 inch female is a totally different beast than a small 2.5 inch male! Bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and eyes are among the most common ailments of amphibians, and the Pacman frog is no exception. Any redness, swelling, or pus is a sign of an infection. You can buy these frogs in red, tricolor, chocolate, blue, tan, yellow and orange. For the most part, Pacman frogs are a very mellow species. Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital, 2020. If your tank temperatures are warm enough and your frog still isn't eating well, bring your frog to an experienced exotics vet to rule out parasitism. The appearance of the Pacman frog plays a big part in the popularity of the species. Pacman frog tank size Pacman frogs do not move very much. Pacman frogs do not need a large cage since they are not very active. All of the above conditions can be treated by a veterinarian if detected early enough. Juveniles grow quickly. As you can see, Pacman frog care is something anyone can handle. These chinky little creatures are adorable, unique, and easy to care for. And with that being said, it’s still not something you’ll want to do often. It’s important to offer a good thick layer of substrate which will enable your frog to burrow.