Cane begonias have these a-symmetrical angel wing leaves growing on long bamboo-like stems. Plants deal with excess heat by using up more water, leading to drooping if you can’t keep up. small sizes fool you. If the polka dot begonia gets too much sun, the leaves can burn and dry out. Scale insects aren’t too quick and you can pick them off with pretty good success. Petals show brown spots or transparent blotches where water drops have soaked in. In summer, you can move your rex begonia outdoors in partial shade if its light requirements are not properly met inside your home. Normally, you won’t need to water the plant more than once a week, but always let the soil guide you. Begonia plants come in many varieties and hybrids, in different colors, sizes, and shapes. When overwatered, this plant is susceptible to fungus or rot. The plant is known to have a high resistance to pests. Definitely not your grandmothers Begonia, the maculata is a real eyecatcher with its large angel wing-shaped leaves patterned with polka dots on top and a deep purple-red on the bottom side. Hi! This will encourage the plant to branch out by sprouting two new stems where you pinched the one. If in the summer I have my ac on, not directly on the plant of course, would it help to take her with me to the bathroom when I shower? It is always important to research and find out what type of plant you are bringing home. Any of the many Brown and dry leaf tips appear when your plant wants more water. Lastly, mealybugs are shaped like scale Another thing that can cause your begonia to drop leaves is attack by worms. Hope that helps! The plant is done flowering and slows down over winter. Most begonias don’t need a lot of light. kill off the spores for the rest of the season. While it doesn’t actually do any damage to the plants, the fungus draws water before the plant roots do, leading to the drooping symptoms. New stems will grow from where you prune. Pinching and pruning your Begonia will help create a fuller and bushier plant. In case of fungal issues, you will usually need to use a fungicide to get rid of the problem. Plants that have gotten root-bound can droop because there isn’t enough room left in the pot to hold on to the amount of water it needs. Same when the stems of your Begonia m aculata are drooping. The soil has probably been dry for too long. You The worms that are likely to feed on your begonia plant are cutworms. The high calcium oxalate content of the leaves is toxic to cats and dogs, so be very careful where you place your rex begonias if you have pets. Have you repotted your begonia just recently? If the leaves of your plant turn yellow and drop, it’s usually a sign of watering too often. To relieve your plants from this stress, you should get a humidifier to keep the air moist. Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer, Knockout Rose Guide: Tips for Growing Knockout Roses, Tips on Growing Barrenwort (Epimedium grandiflorum), Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Variegated, White, rex begonia, painted leaf begonia, fancy leaf begonia. Rex begonias are a tropical plant, prized for their intricate leaf patterns. Worms are active at dusk when they get out to feed. Don’t fertilize in fall and winter. seem to be the root of the problem, take a closer look at the plants Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. contribute to drooping if you have enough of them. They are hanging down because they are thirsty. If you still experience problems, you need to change the location of the plant to a place where it can get bright indirect light. Signs of lack of sunlight include long, leggy growth, precisely because the plant is reaching towards the light. Hi Elisha, hope your begonia maculata is doing well. Aphids are small and pale translucent green, not much bigger than a grain of rice. Many thanks. can also take a more straight-forward approach and snip the stem or Rex begonias produce small flowers that are pink or white and usually have few petals. Increase shade. Peat-based potting mixers are a good choice. Make sure your plant is in the right pot size, receives enough humidity, water, sunlight, and fertilizer. Move the begonia plants or plant a vine on a trellis, set up a shade cloth, or grow taller vegetation near the plants. Painted leaf begonias don’t usually require pruning, except when the plant is turning out to be leggy, which usually happens when the plant is not getting enough light. In terms of culture, these are not particularly difficult to grow and can thrive indoors, providing you meet a few basic requirements. Nonetheless, begonias don’t need a lot of light as they may suffer from excess light. (5 Causes & Solutions). When repotting, ensure that you do so in the spring before plants become active again. You can pick a west or east-facing window but avoid south-facing windows if the weather gets particularly hot in your area. Escargot: This variety stands out through spiraling markings that are light green or silvery interposed on a dark green background. Rex begonias (painted leaf begonias) may not be the easiest plant to grow indoors, but with the proper know-how, you’ll succeed in growing a thriving plant that will add liveliness and color to any indoor space. Otherwise, cleanly snip off the broken stem and let the rest of the plant keep growing. However, just like any other plant, begonia might develop problems such as dropping leaves. Pinching back the leggy growths will help the plant grow fuller once you also move it to a location where it can get more light. The roots did not get any time to dry out and breathe and are basically drowning. the soil in that spot with black plastic and let the heat of the sun Depending on where you live, they might have some beautiful Begonias for sale. I currently water it every time I see that the top inch of soil is dried out. The Begonia maculata is a relatively fast grower and makes an excellent indoor houseplant or terrarium plant. Giving them some Don’t let their Because the leaves of rex begonias grow clumped together, the plant is dense looking and rounded. Clumping them together is not a good idea, since it can lead to diseases. Will they turn darker eventually or is that just that leaf’s forever color? To meet the plant’s humidity requirements, you need to increase humidity levels either manually or by using a humidifier. Therefore, you can take the time to propagate your rex begonia, especially if it’s an interesting cultivar that you don’t want to part with. If you’re looking for a replacement to take your plant’s previous sunny spot, try one of these 8 plants that do great in full sun. The soil has probably been dry for too long. Hi, I just bought a begonia maculata from a lady this last week and it was already looking kind of sad, but she assured me that some leaves would fall off and new ones were growing in (I do see some new growths starting). Being placed in direct sunlight rays where the leaves get burnt. The problem is most prevalent when nighttime conditions are cool, daytime conditions are warm, the soil is too moist and there’s moisture on the foliage. Also, the other leaves are more of a dingy lime green than the typical rich green. If the soil feels dry at least 1 inch below the surface, water your plants more often. Just a quick question. Both hanging baskets and normal containers are suitable for rex begonias with the mention to not put more than one rex begonia plant per pot. There are more than 1000 species and various types and hybrids. Leaves are silver-spotted on top and reddish undersides. Add the necessary water needed for your begonia plant. They have a reputation of being difficult to grow, although there are varieties that are less demanding. Look for light-colored feathery growth around the base of the stem, under leaves or on the blooms. Make sure the pot has drainage holes. The potting medium for rex begonias should have well-draining soil that is light and rich. It is grown for its large colorful leaves rather than its small pink flowers. But it can also grow in lower light situations. This plant has a better chance there.Don’t put it too dark though. And nothing beats hand picking out that special plant yourself. It will get leggy if it gets hardly any light at all. Worms attacking your begonia. When too many pests are drinking your plant’s fluids, it Missouri Botanical Garden: Begonia (Semperflorens Cultorum Group), University of Florida IFAS Extension: Begonia Production Guide. I’ll share what I learn as I develop my green thumb. Yeah for new plants! That’s why you need to secure your plant from the strong afternoon sunlight rays. TIP: Read up on when its time water your plant and all you need to know about how to water houseplants. The Begonia maculata grows large clusters of white flowers on a single flower stem. Scale can be a little tougher to deal with, assuming you even realize you are looking at an insect and not a scab on the stem. The roots need to dry out. Now that you know why your begonia plant is dropping leaves, you should amend the problem right away. In height, painted leaf begonias can reach 12 to 24 inches, depending on the variety. Some cultivars can be very finicky, especially when it comes to humidity, but there are varieties that aren’t as demanding. leads to the same loss of internal water pressure as you get with Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, this can mean you have some disease or fungus to worry about, and that might not be something you can fix. Try not to get the leaves too wet, as prolonged wet leaves can lead to mildew issues. Also keep them away from kids. Let the plant acclimate to its new environment and keep an eye on those pale leaves. The all-purpose fertilizer should be used at quarter strength every two weeks during the growing season, while the slow release fertilizer should only be applied every three months. When do you water them? Read my rex begonia plant care tips below and you too can enjoy the splendor of these plants. How do you know if your painted leaf begonia is getting enough humidity? Make sure the top half of the soil is dried out before you water it, but never allow it to dry out completely. No need for a green thumb to impress with this houseplant. My Begonia Broke Off – Why? @Mod and Mint, Oh no! If the soil feels wet, or if you can squeeze some in your hand and it runs instead of holding it's shape, the begonias likely have too much water. Use a soft string or gardening ties to gently boost up the plant and attach it to the stake. There are several practices that you’ve to carry out to ensure that your begonia is healthy and strong. It likes the soil to be somewhat moist. A few sprays of insecticidal soap or a pyrethrin-based repellent can be enough to clear them off. thick soil that doesn’t drain, the roots are smothered and are not The leaf blight affects the lower leaves that have contact with the soil and shows up as water-soaked, dark lesions developing, which grow larger over time. It’s a very small plant without many leaves, so I’m hesitant to just clip them. With any of these insect infestations, Hi Antonella, your Begonia would love the humidity, if you have a window in your bathroom you could leave your plant in there all the time!