It can't use native NES ROMs, and the converter is only for Windows. Use at your own risk. The '040 is faster per cycle than the 486, but the 68K is not. They are different things. Search around on the web, I'm sure it is out there somewhere. Thom – you should look at the VTech Helio. Most 68k instructions take even longer (up to 12 cycles on average on some of my benchmarks). LittleJohn Palm OS (LJP) Emulator LJP is a multi-system emulator for Palm OS 5 devices featuring support for many classic consoles from Nintendo, Sega, … Unfortunately, a 33MHz Dragonball processor on your Palm is much slower than a 33Mhz 486DX. Visor Solo 2Mb, B&W -- Palm OS 3.1H2 When color hi-res Palms came on the scene, I thought a Commodore 64 emulator would be lovely. But, for me, Android phones have never been as productive or pleasant to use as Palm OS. Pilot, PalmPilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII) on a Macintosh, Unix, or Windows-based desktop computer. Download, The Palm OS Simulator is a Windows desktop application for testing and debugging Palm apps and environments. I actually started work on an article on Psion/Symbian in the same style as the long Palm retrospective, but since I’m not nearly as familiar with them as I am with Palm, the amount of work is so large it’s just impossible to combine with work and normal life etc. (FWIW, I hold out some hope for projects like Plasma, where hopefully we can tailor the ROM to create the experience we want. Of course - the NES was meant for a TV as well - so the resolution is fine on a Palm OS 5 device. May require UDMH if not enough dynamic memory is free. I loved that phone, wish Nokia had kept developing Maemo instead of the path they went (though I do like the Maemo/MeeGo mix on the N9 from the perspective of the UI is fantastic to use, but I still liked the ‘Linux machine in my pocket’ feel of the N900. Download, Mu is a new Palm OS emulator with a focus on perfectly replicating the functionality of the Palm M515 running Palm OS 4.1. But there’s an SDK with an emulator, so I feel that might appeal to you.. Legacy review (with a picture of the device/OS):,, I’m on the opther side of the fence. Which Nes Roms work with the demo? It's just not possible to get full speed on most pre OS-5 devices. As an open-source project, it is also one of the only free Palm emulators available. The sound functions built into OS 5 are much more robust than in earlier versions -- that'd be a good reason to limit this to OS 5. There’s Garnet VM, and then there’s Garnet VM for Windows. Well, sure this is cool. I don’t think I’ll ever get permission from ACCESS, so that’s the end of that idea. BUT can some one tell me where I can get some NES ROMS from. Very interesting. Do a search on for "NES roms" .. To run Palm OS apps on your desktop PC or other device, see Mu Emulator. The Palm OS Simulator is a Windows desktop application for testing and debugging Palm apps and environments. I’ve briefly considered zipping up all the emulators, simulators, and ROMs I have into a nice preconfigured, documented package for people to play with, but that’s not something I can do for obvious copyright, trademark, and patent reasons. PalmDB is proudly hosted by fans for fans and is not affiliated with the former Palm Computing company or its current rights holders in any official capacity. If I understood what any of that meant, perhaps I could. I just want a simple device, with enough programmability to get things done and kill a little time in a game. Still, I think it’s important that I continue to collect these Palm OS ROMs and emulators/simulators, because as the years go by, more and more Palm devices will start to break down or get lost, leaving us without to ability to experience this amazingly lovable operating system. Use at your own risk. The screen of the Palm-based PDAs is limited in size. Is it down for everyone else as well? Though the resolution might be - depending on the PDA model - even better than the C64, the emulated systems all were designed to be displayed on a *TV*. A 33Mhz Dragonball CPU takes three to five cycles to execute an instruction. remember - the demo limits you to 32k roms(i think thats right? I just tried the demo (it limits you to ROMs that are 31k or less) with the Mario Bros rom - works perfectly. The toolkit does this automatically for you. Mimicking a Palm device, POSE is a Win32 Palm emulator supported by Palm Computing. As an open-source project, it is also one of the only free Palm emulators available. Download Palm OS Emulator for Mac emulator_src_3.5.sit (3.27 MiB / 3.43 MB) Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9 / compressed w/ Stuffit I have 2 mothballed Palm devices, but I never used ’em. Items that were ahead of their time, and in a flash behind the times. Well, no – not entirely. My only problem was with how the SID could be emulated effectively on such a tiny speaker. Don't be fooled by small .ZIP file sizes, it's the non-compressed size that it looks at. The NES emulator by KalemSoft is what a finely crafted emulator should be: good interface, sound, stable with lots of options – I call this the "Lexus" of Palm emulators… Nice emulator, very smooth, and a straight forward desktop app. So far (though there aren't many ROMs to try because of the size limit of the demo) it seems very professional and bug free. I used my Palm and Handspring devices happily for years, only stopping when the batteries failed. Although there’s no support for a help manual, the dedicated parameters are intuitive so tweaking them is just a matter of a few minutes. The API and OS was more or less a complete clone of PalmOS. (90 downloads), (550 downloads), (156 downloads), (140 downloads), (139 downloads).