Park hyung sik was asked to describe his ideal type and even the interviewer thought it sounded like park bo young. Singer and actor Park Hyung-sik revealed his ideal type of woman in an interview with a local media outlet on Sunday. Even so until now she has never found her ideal type of man yet. Hyung-Sik Has an Ideal Type of Girl, and She Sounds Like Bo-Young In an interview with Section TV, Hyung-Sik was discussing his work with Bo-Young, and how his friends were jealous of him and all. Aug 6, 2019 - Hyungsik is a surfer boy for 'International bnt' + admits his ideal type and talks about fellow 'acting-dol' Siwan Apr 1, 2019 - Hyungsik is a surfer boy for 'International bnt' + admits his ideal type and talks about fellow 'acting-dol' Siwan Park hyungsik s ideal type he likes a girl who knows what she wants and is passionate in her work. Dec 8, 2019 - Explore W's board "Park Hyungsik", followed by 191 people on Pinterest. *** On April 23, Park Hyung Sik appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” and talked about his ideal type, Kwanghee‘s army enlistment, and more. “I find someone attractive when she is passionate about her work. For Park Bo Young, she said that her ideal type was one she could communicate well with while Park Hyung Sik said that he wanted a woman who … Park Yung-sik recently visited Manila as a Brand Ambassador and was received with overwhelming response by his Filipino Fans. Park Hyung Sik revealed that all his male co-stars in Hwarang were especially jealous that he got to work with her.. Park Hyung Sik was then asked what traits he looks for in a woman. "I worked with many actors who were not far away from me in Hwarang. Park Hyung-sik likes a woman he can protect and someone he finds attractive and passionate with their work. Park hyung sik love life ideal type of woman duration. Park Hyung-sik initially appeared in dramas and movies as a cameo. Park Hyung- Sik Ideal Woman. Park Hyung-sik’s Movie and Drama List 5. See more ideas about park hyung sik, park hyung shik, hyung sik. Women who are hard working and who go for their dreams. “My ideal type is a woman who is independent and passionate about her work, but also has a side to them that makes me want to embrace them when we’re together.” His first lead role was in the 2011 movie Ronin Pop followed by the 2012 SBS drama Dummy Mommy.Park Hyung-sik became more popular after his appearance in the 2016 KBS2 drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and the 2017 JTBC drama Strong Girl Bong-soon.