Unfortunately, I’m not equipped to untangle it all for you. The most widely used Arabic part among astrologers is the part of marriage, calculated to answer the question by a client “when will I get married ?” It is calculated by adding the ascendant to the descendant and from this sum subtracting the natal position of Venus. Part of Fortune is an obscure part of astrology that originally was part of the Ascendant. In this post we’ll look at the nature of the Part of Fortune and what it represents, and deal with how to calculate it in another post. Of course, very little information exists in modern astrological literature on what it actually represents. “If each individual seeks his joy by using the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the most positive ways, while trying not to offend, hurt or create negativity with the people and circumstances represented by the sign and house opposing his Part of Fortune, it becomes obvious that in the eyes of God, the world experiences positive evolution. Your email address will not be published. When we talk about wealth and the 2nd house, we talk about hard earned money. It’s hard to predict how the Uranus and Neptune conjunction to your Ascendant would influence the POF – it’s really a case of looking at yourself and your life to see how the archetypes play themselves out. If you were born at night the lot of spirit is is the same phase in relation to the Ascendant as the lunar phase. You, on the other hand, will not necessarily help them in the same way. They were a pair or a dyad, and the Greeks also used them to calculate planetary periods similar to the dashas still prevalent in Hindu astrology. Its an arabic part, not a real planet or body, denoting where your pot of gold may lie. So your son will need to manifest the highest qualities of those parts of himself first – and that can take a lifetime to master! That’s more of an 8th house thing…other people’s money. These are the keys to your success and joy in life: The sign and house placement show qualities that you should be able to express easily – innate abilities and talents, as well as indications of your vocation and career, and how you can gain worldly success, greater well-being and improved health. Hi Jessica, will chiron affect on pof ? The POF is a point that indicates good fortune. Fortune is also called the Lot of the Moon (as per the calculation details posted above), while the Lot of Spirit was the Lot of the Sun. ( Log Out /  If you’d like to support my work and help to keep this site ad free, you can PayPal Me or donate below. This integration means you’ll be operating from your Higher Self and this can endow your personality with charisma. Change ). The social role your occupation fulfils can be seen in the sign ten signs along from the Part of Fortune, while the 11th sign along shows how you can earn money, and how well. As usual in Astrology sometimes it brings amazing results, that it can be used to rectify a chart, and sometimes it doesn’t. Some say the house position is more important and this shows what you’re truly interested in and where you hope to find fulfilment. The POF is kind of like the vertex, though.