ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any reproduction, copying, or redistribution (electronic or otherwise, including the world wide web), of content from this webpage, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of American Truth Today. Height & Weight: Are you interested to know that How tall is Paul Pelosi, Jr.? Another video posted that same day confirmed that NRGLab was working in Ukraine. And, while Feng’s name is still affixed to the LLC, it’s not clear she is. Viral images of Exxon gas station signs were shared in October 2020, ahead of Election Day. Karena Feng, a Taiwan-born woman living in San Francisco, alleges that Paul Pelosi Jr. was “abusive” to her, that he forced her to have an abortion by threatening her life, that he conducted foreign business while claiming to be a representative of Nancy Pelosi, and that he engineered Child Protective Services’ seizure of Feng’s four children. Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul is also on the board of an energy company. She is also an author of the book Campaign Boot Camp (2007). Another American entrepreneur Carl Paladino has a net value of $150 million in total., — The American Mirror (@American_Mirror) September 27, 2019. A man leaves India for Omaha with $58 in his pocket. The family should influence into children, her daughter Alexandra Pelosi raised the voice as a hit woman of MAFIA, she threatened her mum (Nancy Pelosi) cut President Donald Trump’s head. She had her kids taken from her by CPS because of emotional problems and some hallucinations et cetera.”. “The building’s got a tortured history. He earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) in foreign service at Georgetown University, and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Stern School of Business at New York University. Paul Pelosi, Jr.’s height Not Available & Weight Unknown. The people question the reason that motivates Congresswoman, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi always said no wall, therefore, her family’s background should explain. Nancy Pelosi's son in Ukraine to talk about "soccer"? After I came out of CPS court, he waited for me in the car and drove back to San Francisco’s Harrison Street Chevron gas station where he told me to get into the driver’s seat, and that he has to leave the country and wait for the FBI to cool down before he returns. The man is Vinod Gupta, former CEO of InfoUSA, a company that built a database that marketers use to sell everything from consumer products to politicians. The person that I ever loved is only you, and I want our relationship to be private.’”, “After that, Paul Pelosi, Jr. would regularly go on trips out of town, out of country. Now, new evidence confirms that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was actively hunting for information on Paul Pelosi Jr.’s whereabouts and potential criminal business activities, prompting a subpoena for some of Feng’s records and causing Pelosi Jr. to panic and go on the run. Regarding the allegation, President Donald Trump also tried to get a reaction from Nancy. “He said, I’m just trying to help you, Ms. Feng. Paul Francis Pelosi Sr, also known as Paul Pelosi, is a successful businessman. The next month, Pelosi Jr. unsuccessfully tried to impregnate Feng by “appointment.”. He kept coming like this for two months every day, then I closed the clinic since there was no meaning to having the service there when Paul is having everyone leave,” Feng stated. In the January 2019 letter obtained by National File, Pelosi Jr. identified himself as a “close friend to the entire Feng family” since “August 2006,” and stated, “I have never witnessed any event or incident that would cause me to worry about Karena Feng or the children.”. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Pelosi Jr. threatened to report Feng to Child Protective Services during a fight over their property dispute, according to text messages. Body build Not Known, Eye color Hazel & Hair color Black. Such a device, billed as scalable and cheap, would indeed change the world. Snopes and the logo are registered service marks of I don’t know where she went astray. Then the result is whatever they say you are. I assume they thought they would be able to ‘take him out’ before he could uncover their crimes, but it seems they were wrong, dead wrong. After that, Brian met up with Paul directly and confirmed it,” Feng said. Yesterday morning, Amy Yim went to their school with a surprise appearance continuing the harassment in the form of a psychiatric assessment of each child during school time. Right before my dad got arrested, I saw her speaking outside of the clinic with Paul for hours” while her son got treated, Karena Feng said of the witness in the case. Feng said that Pelosi Jr. coordinated the transfer of the title for her property to an entity called “Feng 24th, LLC,” which uses her family’s name but has no association to her family. She specifically said, ‘don’t wake him up,’” Karena Feng stated. He was identified as a realtor. Then Nancy Pelosi came in with a big smile, and sat down. Paul Pelosi Sr. Is A Married Man. “About Ana Shell.”     Politifact. With such a strong background, Mr. Black will be leading the company’s security and strategic development efforts ... Paul Pelosi Jr. is interested in developing clean energy that can replace gasoline and diesel as transportation fuel sources,” read the description on the video. “X Prize Winner Has Checkered Financial Past.” The scientific assertions underlying such a breakthrough rested not on peer-reviewed scientific literature, however, but on a proprietary demonstration witnessed by a handful of non-experts who signed non-disclosure agreements while under the supervision of NRGLab employees. Feng said that Pelosi Jr., who routinely travels to foreign countries on business trips, represents himself on the phone as the “Office of Nancy Pelosi” in his business dealings. Journalist Patrick Howley broke the story: BOOM: Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr. (who went to Ukraine in 2017) was a board member of Viscoil and executive at its related company NRGLab, which DID ENERGY Business in UKRAINE! “In brief, SH-boxes are environmentally friendly generators which employs the use of poly-crystal technology to producing electricity from environmental heat. Critics of the president latched onto his use of the phrase "Joe's shot," in a speech in October 2020. You get it all right here.”. Thomas, Owen. After previously investing in the Oakland Invaders of the United States Football League, in 2009 he purchased a franchise in the United Football League for $12 million, the California Redwoods. Arizona was one of several states apparently won by Joe Biden in 2020 that were targeted by election-related conspiracy theories. 10 October 2019. Feng said that since she found out about the title transfer, Kevin Martin has wired her close to $200,000 in randomly sized payments and requested her silence about the situation. Age 49 years old. Paul Pelosi Jr. also traveled to Ukraine. Funke, Daniel. Paul Francis Pelosi Sr. (born April 15, 1940) is an American businessman who owns and operates Financial Leasing Services, Inc., a San Francisco-based real estate and venture capital investment and consulting firm.In addition, he was the owner of the now-defunct Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League. According to the New York Times, a 2006 lawsuit filed against Gupta by disgruntled shareholders — Connecticut-based hedge funds, Dolphin Limited Partnership and Cardinal Capital Management — charged that Bill Clinton and current presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, took a January 2002 family vacation to Acapulco on InfoUSA’s private jet — costing the then-public company $146,866.’. … Newton helped to secure the rights to build a plant for the production of SH-boxes in Ukraine.”, As such, the entire link to Ukraine rests in the assertion that the company NRGLab built or intended to build a manufacturing plant for something called an “SH-Box” in Ukraine. The Corporate Governance Initiative (CGI). It went through title and escrow,” Martin said. Paul likewise, his wife, Nancy has a net value of $120 million in total. The property in question in Feng’s lawsuit, on the corner of 24th and Utah Street one block from San Francisco General Hospital formerly housed her father’s China House Clinic, an acupuncture and healing clinic. NRGLab’s website states that the company is based in Singapore and notes, “The company’s additional projects include a strategic partnership and investment from Viscoil Holdings to recycle waste materials into eco-friendly diesel fuel. The law provides Social Security money to states for overseeing adoptions out of foster care and sets a deadline to strip parents of all parental rights when a child has been in foster care for 15 of the last 22 months. The foster home does not allow my son to cut his hair, nor allow me to take care of my children’s needs.