Athena and Minerva yelled at the same time, scared. Right beside Molly's crib and sitting next to Sally is….. "Mom! "This is your little sister, Molly Athena Jackson, Percy." This made me gasp. ", Sally sighed. The old centaur turned his head towards Percy and walked towards him. Depending on who your godly parent is determines how much better you'll be.". Sally sighed of relief then clapped her hands together. Before I got to the couch Percy got up and walked into the kitchen. But whatever it is they're trying to convince me of, it's not going to work. LIKE YOU USUALLY DO!” At this Zeus blasted Ouranos making him disappear leaving Annabeth Chase alone in bed with only her underwear on. When I woke , I found out my daddy, Paul Blofis,moved to New York and got married to my mommy, Sally Blofis Jackson. I said nervously. Later on Mount Olympus. You seem sad. When I was four, I got in a car crash and was put in a coma for three years. My Goodness, you have grown to be handsome man." ", Sally gave me a glare that could rival a Hellhounds(how many mortals get to say they've seen that?) By: MudSkipper001 Hannah Grace Fredrickson was just messing around at school one day when two teenagers confronted her claiming that her father was an Ancient Greek god. Annabeth asked curiously. WHAT!?" They both arrived to see Annabeth looking angry and talking to Chiron as she somehow managed to dressed and beat them there. "Because right before Athena/Minerva left, I grabbed her by her arm, and She hitted me repeatedly, but before Minerva could hit me one last time, making my injures permanent, Athena snapped back in control." "Yeah, beside we got other things to worry about, beside your mother, Annabeth. ", "I was getting to that Arty!" Percy said concerned and while looking at his dad. ( especially since half his siblings have tried to kill him.). " How would you fell about a daughter?". An entity who harbors complex feelings towards Issei Hyoudou, Little Sister is the combined spirit of the two miscarried children lost by Mitsuru and Sachiko Hyoudou. When she meets Issei for the first time, she expresses a great amount of sisterly affection for him, and became irritated when his attention was focused on anything but her. "...Are you, Paul Blofis? Go after Arachne, destroy her permanently!" "Sure, sure, your very generous. “He’s telling the truth Chiron,” Zeus answered for Percy’s question as he then walked toward the hearth and talked to Hestia a bit. OWWW!" Of coarse, now that I think about it, it was impossible for Greek gods to actually exists,and that happened. " She employs this ability to prevent Issei from leaving his room. I'm very… let's call it persistent. Electromagnetic Interference: Little Sister can disrupt nearby electronics with her presence. "Shhhh! Doesn't it just scream 'insane asylum escapees'? Part of my brain seems to comprehend it, but the rest of me isn't. Sally said still a little surprised, calming Molly down. We brought visitors to see Molly" Poseidon called happily. I silently prayed to the gods that Percy hadn't gone on another 'Demigod Retrieval Mission' as he calls it, and "accidentally" blow something up...again. I laughed silently to myself at my family in front of me. I never told anybody, not even sally, that I had a daughter. Poseidon said. Arty!" I looked over to see Sally sitting on the edge of her seat shoving popcorn into her mouth. Of course, I'm not sure an insane person can be smart or dumb. Like my little sister, for an example." :(But it was great. "Good. Well... at least I thought it was normal. You should have Apollo looks at those." So if anything blame her for upsetting the lord of Olympus.” Percy continues to chuckle but as Chiron was about to question more Zeus in the form of a camper that no one recognized but Chiron because of Zeus sneaking into camp in the same form around a century ago put a hand on Chiron’s shoulder. "Were you raised by your mom or your dad? Artemis kicked Ouranos in the crotch making him stumble backwards as her hunters fended him off giving her time to speak with her dying Perseus. "OK. You see, you see, as you probably know, your daughter, Mirra, has been in a coma for the last three years. It is so confusing. He wanted to watch The Avengers but got out voted. Aosh Hatchi's Guide to Writing Fan Fiction, Clotho, the Spinner of Thread, paused in her work to glance over at her younger sister. Percy stated rather than asked. In the crib, beside Sally's bed, Molly squeals for Percy and Poseidon. I smiled. Dionysus became annoyed “SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BRATS!” As he shouted the campers quieted down as Chiron began again. or maybe his new Oracle. She is also unable to cross a line made of salt. Percy yelled suddenly scaring both Sally, Poseidon, and woke Molly up causing her to cry. ", "You're made for battle. I leave you two alone for five freaking minutes!". Mark Little is a demigod son of Apollo. "If You tell anyone where I/we are going, Minerva won't be the only one punching you."