Land or Ocean? One of the nose options, which features a drop of mucus coming from the nose, is possibly a reference to the Pokémon Cubchoo. The pet polar bear sits on its back legs, leaving its front paws free. Thanks. Animal counterpart :D Or will they go back into stores! A large trident that sits beside the polar bear. This was released in January 2020 at Claws ‘N Paws and at the Sapphire Shop for 5 Sapphires. Pet Bear Aj Worth - Pet's Gallery. The rare accessories can only be found in the Pets Only Party and the Play-As-Your-Pet Party. I'm trading an orange short for a pet bear that isn't a 2020 bear. i would love it if the bears were white, light brown, blue, and maybe yellow; they can have clothing or none. A large wooden sled that the pet stands on top of. 3 Diamonds Some large fins that go atop the pet's head. Yes I'm wondering because I am a hugeeeeeeee collector! The Pet Penguin is a non-member land and underwater pet and the counterpart to the Penguin animal. Do you think they will go up in price?? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. LOOKING FOR BEARS! They were later re-released into the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds. Blue Z's appear. It was originally released on November 28, 2018 at the Sapphire Shop and Claws 'N Paws for 1,500 Gems. They are available around the time of the Night Of The Phantoms, and they weresold through the "Choose a Pet" menu and the Spooky Party.It was obtainable via purchasing a membership during the month of Octoberin 2019, it came with the Dark Moon Bundle. (: But yeah! A red ski mask that goes over the pet's eyes. It was originally members-only, but that changed on October 5, 2018, when it was made available to all Jammers by entering the code "penguins" in the game. The Pet Polar Bear has three toys: Polar Bear's Burrow. This is just generally a discussion board about pet bears! The pet makes a move where it holds out its two front legs then pulls one of them behind its head. It was originally obtained as a promotional gift when redeeming a Membership retail gift card through the end of December 2014. You can find local stores near you with our banixx search page store locator page. Not to be confused with Meagyn's Pet Bear. Animal Jam Pet Seals Actions & Special Abilities. Last edited: 8/9/20 The Pet Polar Bear was released during January 2020 at Claws ‘N Paws and theSapphire Shop for 50 Sapphires. Posted: (2 months ago) Meagyn S Pet Bear Animal Jam Wiki Fandom Powered By Wikia Truth or dare bear. The Pet Polar Bear was released during January 2020 at Claws ‘N Paws and the Sapphire Shop for 50 Sapphires. It was released on December 17, 2015, at the Diamond Shop.It was removed on July 2, 2017. It's currently still in stores. I contacted AJHQ but they never replied to me. Who has pet bears? Members-only? The Pet Batis a members-only land-flying pet that was first released during September 2011. (also i'm not really sure about the bears worth, so pls lmk if i'm asking for too much) my user is birthdaybunny225, thanks for your time:3. :D Or will they go back into stores! I prefer a 2018 bear but if 2019 it depends. i'm slightly picky, so if you trade me, i may or may not accept. The Pet Polar Bear's default appearance is a dark cream color with a dark gray nose, and cream swirls in its ears and nostrils. Ice Pick, Snow Den, Water Wings, Snow Cone Maker, Snorkel Mask, Deck of Cards, Igloo, Fishing Pole, Berries, Ice Cream, Crab Cakes, Quiche, Waffles, Sausages, Nuts, Omelettes, Bacon, This article either lacks images, has too few to be considered complete, or needs some of higher quality. If you see a value you think is out-of-date, contact a staff member with trade attempts to back up your claims, or direct them to a thread/comment section with valid attempts. It happened a couple weeks ago. A gray jester hat with color changing bulbs on the endpoints.