What does Pet Loss at Home offer? Find Pet Loss At Home - Concord, Manchester reviews and more on In-Home Pet Euthanasia Directory. Address **Postal Address Only** Beloved Pet Home Euthanasia and Hospice 153 Main St. #129 North Reading … Thank you Sir for your Service to our Country and for your excellent Services today for our Family Member. Thank you Dr Killian. It did not look like she was going to make it through the night, and she seemed to be in a lot of pain. At Peaceful Pet Parting, we do all that we can to make the process of at home pet euthanasia for your cat or dog as peaceful as possible. My husband commented on how gentle and calming he was with our Belle during the euthanasia. Clay paw print (made at your home) Lock of fur, if desired . He stood aside respectfully while we spoke to Buffy. Thank you Dr. Killian! It was all so peaceful. When he arrived at our home, I was having second thoughts because Seamus was acting pretty normal, walked over to eat, drink water then potty. Hello all, my name is Dr. Jerrod Killian and I’m a retired U.S. Army Veterinarian. During these 10 minutes, we can feed treats (Have them handy) and love on them. With deepest and heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Killian for the difficult task that he performs. He went above and beyond and came to our home that evening after hours. As a family we had decided our 15yr old poodle deserved to rest instead of being in constant pain. With that said I must say that trusting Dr. Jerrod Killian to help us with Dasher’s passing was the gift of a lifetime. Lukin’s last two hours of existence with us were so incredibly special. Her passing was so peaceful and having it in our home, where she was comfortable was such a blessing. Dr. Leverone’s calming voice and reassurance helped all of us be so peaceful through the entire process. Keshet passed peacefully in her bed and my wife and I were able to hold her until the very end. ~Rob Twyning, Co-Founder of Pet Loss At Home. He took his time in explaining the procedures to minimize his discomfort and pain. He allowed us to spend the last few minutes with him, even through I was an emotional wreck. Show More. Pet Loss At Home is committed to helping pet owners and their pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a gentle examination, he decided to change the choice of medications a bit. He was very gentle and calming to not just our boy, but to us as well. He was so kind, gentle and compassionate to Dutch during the process of letting him go. We know this is a very difficult time during your pet’s end-of-life because of illness or old age. Thank you, Dr. Killian. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Purchase Reading Instructions: PURCHASE READING . I will always love Cooper. Instead, her last time here was enjoyable and stress free. Dr. Killian was compassionate and patient throughout the whole experience. Dr. Killian did a very gentle three step process. I did not want my favorite girl’s last moments to be in that vet’s office where she trembled in fear. Because of him, our sweet Lou Lou was able to pass peacefully at home surrounded by my kids and I. Dr. Killian is so gentle, caring, and respectful. He took care of everything and he was so gentle and caring. This whole experience could have been horrendous if I had to take her to a full service vet hospital. Then he introduced himself to her, and knelt behind her so that we could be in front of her. We also shave a small patch of hair on your little one’s back and apply a strong numbing cream to reduce any sting from the tiny needle. Although it was so hard to say goodbye, having the option to have Dr Killian come to the house and make it more peaceful for Gracie to be home and on her favorite pillow and blanket was a priceless experience for all of us. When I finally knew it was time we arranged a time and he came out. We will forever be grateful for his compassion and expedience in making the trip from New Braunfels at 10:00 at night. Our little Cee Cee had the most peaceful passage I have ever witnessed. Thank goodness we found Gentle Pet Passages when looking online to see if there were any vets in our area who made ‘house calls.’ Dr. Killian explained the whole process so we understood what would happen and made the experience as bearable as could be during such a difficult time. I am so very thankful I was able to bring her home from the hospital so her final moments and passing could be at home in a familiar and peaceful environment. We had to use Dr Killian’s service last night for our beautiful Gracie. Our pup was diagnosed with brain tumors, that despite several rounds of radiation therapy, they continued to grow causing loss of rear leg function and seizure activity. When you call Pet Loss at Home, we will help guide you through this difficult time because we care. We are here for you and are a simple phone call away. We didn’t want her passing to be at the cold and sterile Vet Office. Our Family cannot thank you Dr. Killian enough for the extreme care and loving way you helped us say goodbye to our 17 years old Family Fur Baby, our Military Brat Dog faithfully traveled and allowed others to keep her when we deployed, had Temporary Duties away for both short and long terms, the caring and very calming way Dr. Killian completed her eternal pain free procedure to the “Rainbow Bridge”, will NEVER be forgotten. Lukin was truly the best “buddy“ ever… he was the epitome of LOVE in canine form. If you ever find yourself having to make the agonizing decision to help your pet pass over, please call Dr. Killian. ~Rob Twyning, Co-Founder of Pet Loss At Home Pet Loss At Home is committed to helping pet owners and their pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Killian assessed her and confirmed in our hearts what we already knew. That next morning we called Dr. Killian and he came right over to assess our baby. Dr. Killian waited for us to put her on a bier and place a flag over her, then helped my husband and the other veterans carry her out. What are the costs? In what was the hardest day of my life, I found comfort in being able to hold MK in my arms, in the peace of our home as he took his last breath. So when Lukin’s final day with us arrived, we knew his last moments with us had to be filled with nothing but love and dignity and Dr Killian helped us achieve that for our beautiful boy! Thank you. Pet Loss At Home is committed to helping pet owners and their pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Adams Family. He was very kind, helpful, and respectful on the phone. Thank you doctor for all that you do. ©Copyright 2018 gentlepetpassages. Thank you Dr. Killian, for making this difficult time as painless as possible. Dr. Killian could not have been more perfect to us during this time. I can not recommend him enough. He spoke to Lukin the entire time, reassuring him he would be ok, letting him know how wonderful he was, how very special he was and especially how handsome he was!! We have another dog and will definitely use Dr. Killian’s services if the same situation arises. The previous day we took her to our vets office but she was so scared and uncomfortable that we left in tears and brought her home. I knew it was time to put our retired US Military Service Dog “Justis” to a much deserving peaceful rest. We would definitely recommend his service and we thank him dearly. We immediately contacted Dr. Killian again, and asked if there was any way he could see Cocoa today. We let Cooper find his spot. She gave us unconditional love for almost 16 years and we owed her nothing less. Faced with the reality that we were going to lose our beloved Dutch too soon, I feel as though God put us in the path of one of his angels, Dr. Killian. He was kind, compassionate, and clearly very skilled and knowledgeable. Above all, we want you to be treated with dignity and respect as we guide you through the process of saying goodbye. Thank you Dr. Killian. He also communicated with us the entire time and made sure we were as prepared as possible before and during the process. Please click the link for more information about our updated policies and procedures. I miss Bailey every day. We made the decision to let him go but did not want his final moments to be put in the truck, which he hated, and just stuck with a medication that burns going in, that’s when we found Dr Killian. My heart is heavy due to the loss of our dear Gentle Dasher best man at a wedding this year. Pet Loss At Home is a group of trained compassionate mobile veterinarians providing end-of-life care in the comfort of home. Gracie, you will never be forgotten and we will live you always!! She lived a very happy, long life and left us peacefully with your help. In Feb of 2020 our 12 year old german shepherd Dada required the services of Dr. Kilian due to illness and unbearable pain. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are eternally grateful. I contacted him regarding our 12 year old husky, Glacier, an AKC Champion. The storm was so bad that my husband had a difficult time digging the grave in our Own Pet resting site, that he had to use a sump pump to take the water out, but the storm continued and Dr. Leverone saw the problems we were having and offered to take our girl with him for cremation. And we know Lukin heard and understood every word. Please click the link for more information about our updated policies and procedures. Having her home and around family meant so much to us and her. White German Shepard – everyone else thought he was a beautiful wolf. Gentle Pet Passages made this difficult time a lot easier. Key facets of your pet’s condition will be assessed and discussed including appetite, potty control, mobility, activity, comfort, sleep, and overall Quality of Life. He is incredibly kind, caring and empathetic. Please let us help. We are here for you with kind compassion. Even her younger brother, our Mal-ffunction was there, sitting between us. I had the privilege to be there and cannot say enough about Dr. Killian! I hope someday my life will end so beautifully! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We can’t thank him enough for everything he did.