We supply AdBlue for commercial purposes and you can find a lot of information on our product page http://bit.ly/adblu, Richard Young If the warning symbol is lit when under normal driving conditions you should have it reset using the. AdBlue® near you! With new car demand down, we see some newcomers to the best-selling list. Peugeot 3008 electronic parking brake warning light - this symbol will normally be illuminated when the parking brake is in the ON position. on 9 August 2017, ken oak Each wheel will have an ABS sensor. The garage I took it to have been in touch with peugeot on my behalf and they have offered to pay 25% of the cost as a good will gesture, still a lot of money to pay but at least they offered something. You can diagnose the fault by using the, Peugeot 3008 SRS airbag warning light. Several Peugeot vehicles use AdBlue ®. Driving with over or under inflated tyres can lead to poor mpg consumption and compromise safety. Coronavirus: DVSA refuses to rule out second MoT extension, Over 21,000 dash camera videos uploaded to safety portal since 2018.       Have the vehicle checked over and repaired before you continue to use.    on 18 May 2018, L. Kaponas For more details, see our, Peugeot 3008 instrument panel lighting dimmer. Peter Nwosu Please refer to the Vehicle Handbook to find the location of the AdBlue ® tank. next to the fuel filler cap. AdBlue can be bought at retail outlets, dealerships or service stations, with some manufacturers providing AdBlue free of charge, if supplied through one of their dealerships. Here in Germany, Adblue at the truck pump does cost about 55 Eurocents per liter. The airbag warning symbol in the Peugeot 3008 indicates there is a fault within this system and needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Have I gone to sleep and woke up 20 years or so in the future, because I didn't comprehend any of this.. infewerwords Hiring rather than buying? If this engine symbol is illuminated on the dashboard of your Peugeot you should limit your driving and have the problem diagnosed as soon as possible. on 11 May 2017, Richard Ellis-Jones Can I get my money back? Thousands of showrooms have closed their doors, but you can still buy a new or used car. Generally it means the glow plugs need to be replaced. on 17 October 2017. Analytic Cookies allow us to understand how our users are interacting with our website, any information is collected anonymously. When must I fill up the AdBlue ® tank in my Peugeot? Essential Cookies are required to make this site work, without them your browsing experience would not be as good as we want you to have. Home; More information; Our articles; AdBlue® near you! on 7 March 2018, Anthony k Briamah D john Peugeot 3008 passenger airbag, the passenger airbag symbol will illuminate when the airbag is switched OFF. Where on the windscreen should I put my dash camera? From the point that this light first comes on - it indicates that you have between 350 to 1500 miles before you will breakdown unless the system is topped up. Peugeot 3008 UREA warning light - this UREA symbol illuminated on your dashboard indicates that you need to top up your AdBlue additive tank otherwise you will breakdown. Peugeot 3008 battery warning light - the battery symbol illuminated on your Peugeot 3008 does not always mean that a new battery is needed. Peugeot 3008 >P< warning light for the parking system - this symbol means that the parking sensors are active and are measuring the distance between the sensors and the object in front or behind. on 11 January 2015, thomas0469 on 20 December 2016, tonylathes on 17 December 2016, Charles Firbank on 20 December 2016, P Preston 17L. The location of the tank varies across manufacturers and from model to model, but is often close to the diesel tank or in the boot, under the carpet, or in the engine compartment. on 2 March 2019, janice whalley    If the warning light is flashing it means the system has a fault or is unavailable. I have a Peugeot 3008 65 plate with the Adblue technology and which was just 3 weeks outside of the warranty. Coronavirus: Can I buy a car during the Covid-19 lockdown? The list of manufactures models which require AdBlue is extensive and continually growing.    Peugeot 3008 tyre pressure monitoring system - if this symbol is illuminated on your dashboard you should check your tyres and top of with air accordingly. We tell you how. Crown Oil Then, depending on what vehicle you drive, how you drive it and where you drive it the cost can increase again if your vehicle usage requires a higher level of AdBlue to be used. As you said, just focus on buying cars that do not need AdBlue. My battery has lasted 17 years.    Home Peugeot 3008 SUV. Kelly added: "Manufacturers will typically top up the tank at time of service, but consumption of AdBlue can vary enormously according to vehicle type and model, vehicle load, environmental conditions, driving requirements and driving style. Peugeot 3008 engine cooling warning light - this symbol indicates that the coolant in your engine system is too hot. warning message, this symbol will illuminate when a fault occurs but there is no obvious warning lamp is applicable. Peugeot 3008 UREA warning light - this UREA symbol illuminated on your dashboard indicates that you need to top up your AdBlue additive tank otherwise you will breakdown. Our guide will save you money, NEW: Child seat chooser - Don't buy a car seat until you've used this. Useful information. This is a serious fault and you should have it inspected before further driving. I have had much better mileage after the top up, and as things settle down, am optomistic about it improving further.    It can usually by identified by a blue cover. Tank information. To find out the exact fault location you can use the. you can replace them all or you can replace the faulty plug. In fact it actually means that there is a fault somewhere within the charging system, so it could be a battery, or it could be another part such as alternator. The AdBlue tank in the 3008 is located in the car’s boot, underneath the spare wheel. This means there is a fault in the ABS system & the most likely cause for a Peugeot ABS warning light is a faulty ABS sensor.    The most likely cause is a faulty sensor such as a MAF, camshaft, crankshaft, O2 sensor or ignition coil. A list of all known passenger cars and vans which require AdBlue is available below, this table has also been updated to include estimated AdBlue consumption figures. on 7 January 2019. The cost of adblue per mile driven is neglible, unless one goes the the dealership to have it filled up. on 17 March 2019, hannah matthews 308 automobile pdf manual download. "The problem is, if the AdBlue fluid runs out, the vehicle won’t start.”.       on 23 January 2017, Only if you want huge trouble and vast expense to save a total output of 0.00000000000000000000000000000001% Co2, rmoo Tank volume. on 10 January 2015.    Tank location. I do not know the prices in the UK. Coronavirus: Can I still drive my car during England's lockdown?       on 31 January 2018. i had a similar situation with my disco sport, I am not convinced it was fully topped up from new. on 16 September 2020, I'm having similar problems with my Peugeot and need a new tank and injector at a cost of £1800. Tank location. The worst case scenario will be a faulty ABS pump or ABS module (these are generally more expensive to replace unless you can find a second hand unit) To diagnose the ABS system and pin point the exact fault you can use the. If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your Peugeot 3008 we would advise you to go for the, Peugeot 3008 check engine warning light. If a car is equipped with SCR technology it will have an AdBlue tank. on 12 January 2015. Peugeot 3008 ECO warning light - the ECO symbol illuminated on the dashboard of your Peugeot 3008 means that the vehicle is stopped when in ECO mode, and when the car starts moving again it will turn off. on 17 April 2017, Peter O'Neill on 11 June 2017, HairyJones    on 16 January 2018, IRC Does one go the the dealer to fill the windshield washer reservoir?    Peugeot 3008 triangle ! Many of these use diesel exhaust fluid - known widely as AdBlue - to reduce exhaust gases and ensure the vehicles comply.Vehicles that require AdBlue will have warning lights to alert the driver that the diesel exhaust fluid reservior will need refilling. on 18 December 2018, Pam Reakes on 21 October 2019, Jo McC on 4 January 2018, Denis Bratley Peugeot - 3008. on 17 February 2018, Malcolm Hughes Peugeot 3008 glow plug or pre heating warning light - this symbol will only appear on diesel vehicles. You can find the exact location of the fault with the, Peugeot 3008 ABS dash warning light. Peugeot ... Home Peugeot 3008 SUV. How to fill tank.       You can diagnose this fault with the, Our site uses Cookies to enhance your browsing experience and help us analyse traffic.