[18][34] The Irish author and broadcaster Emma Dabiri has enjoyed Thorn's videos. We consistently refuse to see the nuances of a situation and accept that something may actually be complex and unable to be definitively pinned down. It is denying creators agency over their content that they already don’t have much of, and it is positing the theory that political change can only be achieved through means of compulsion, harassment, and borderline contempt — even when that has already proven ineffectual. What once was a field almost dominated by right-wing talking heads now had a semblance of resistance from the left, and all the spoils are to owe for BreadTube’s incredible ability to wield the right’s own rhetorical devices against them, and lure audiences to their side by pointing out the often-deceitful character of right-wing political messaging. I will try to do better.". Then his "flat earth: a measured response" because my fiance wasnt a flat earther and could recognize how wack it was. ", In her own statement, Lindsay Ellis said "I do find [Angel’s] behavior troubling, and I don’t agree with his statements on NB identities. But, answering perceived bigotry with abuse and harassment isn't the answer. Transmedicalists, who often, unfortunately, face varying levels of suffering, trauma and bigotry due to their experience with gender dysphoria, often see those within the transgender community who do not experience a similar level of suffering to have not "earned" being a part of the community. HEY TUMBLR FRIENDS IT’S A NEW VIDEO FROM ME. Her videos are known for their combination of dark and sexual humor, intricate set design, colorful lighting, and flamboyant costumes and makeup. This is compounded by the fact that it is even easier than ever to forget someone's humanity and only see them as a personality or a profile page. To see the project of political revolution through, the left would have to need more than a dozen semi-popular YouTube channels and a litany of serial shitposters on Twitter. If you’re not watching Philosophy Tube with subtitles you’re missing out. However, her constant mistakes as well as lack of properly addressing them, have led to frustration from some within the nonbinary and transgender community, as well as a growing inability to take her actions in good faith. In light of the ContraPoints controversy, both still faced a flood of harassment intended to force them to respond. Like I can't imagine feeling affirmed by queer theory, despite its claims to represent me and my rights. The controversy around Wynn is only the most recent example. hey tumblr friends, I made A NEW VIDEO. [12], The channel's style progressed over a period of years from a direct style of talking to the camera about the works of philosophers such as Descartes and Kant, to more theatrical productions. There are no cuts or editing,[17] and a single costume change is facilitated by a slow camera pan across the room;[14] Thorn used the second of two takes. Lindsay Ellis’ powerful statement showcases how this situation, which has on all sides of the issue been rooted in legitimate criticisms and responses, continually ignores that the other side is human, flawed, and able to feel the emotional weight of the issues surrounding them. Thorn graduated with a first-class Scottish Master of Arts in Philosophy in 2015. Transmedicalists believe that being transgender is contingent upon suffering and/or medical treatment. Then I moved on to the philosophy tube channel, again starting with the more innocuous (stealth) videos. [14] Thorn's video "Men. [15][16] Following attendance at the 2018 conference VidCon, Thorn decided to change his content creation, beginning to film at a studio with costumes and makeup. To attempt to isolate Natalie from those that care about her through online dogpiling and harassment is also a form of emotional abuse. The practice of sharing pronouns has become an increasing trend within trans-inclusive spaces in recent years. His videos discuss political issues through a leftist perspective informed by philosophy, using the Socratic method and, since 2018, theatricality. Conceptually, sharing pronouns normalizes not assuming anyone's gender and prevents trans people from being misgendered, which studies have shown to cause significant psychological harm to a transgender person, especially one who may have recently come out. Indeed, Angel’s inclusion in the video was made even more problematic as the video also featured the aforementioned Harris Brewis in the voice cast, which only caused to highlight the stark contrast between Brewis’s fight against transphobia from the likes of Graham Lineham and Angel’s viewpoints being co-opted to support the exact same transphobe. He also made numerous television appearances on shows such as Maury Povich or Howard Stern throughout the 2000s, educating the public about transgender issues, on top of his social activism for the transgender community. [27] Thorn announced on Twitter that the stream had raised £109,447.54 (roughly $130,000) after PayPal currency conversion fees,[28] with over 175,000 people watching the stream. It's perfectly reasonable to like some parts of a work or body of work and to disagree with other parts. [17] Emily VanDerWerff of Vox summarised that the channel covers both philosophical topics and "sociopolitical ideas of the current era from a leftist point of view". Natalie makes this point herself in her Jordan Peterson video; though for feminism, instead of sexuality. But her remarks quickly received stark criticism, mostly around how they come across as belittling of the issues facing nonbinary people, who often go by "they/them" or other, less universally accepted, pronouns. Just don't do so in a way that ignores someone else's humanity and then demand everyone else co-signs that. Philosophy Tube). This whole situation, from Natalie’s perceived belittling of the plight of nonbinary people, to Buck Angel’s transmedicalist views, to the seeming inability for many critics of these personalities to assume positive intent, to even the very acknowledgement of the existence of transgender identities outside of a cultural binary, exemplifies our modern era’s inability to perceive and conceptualize ideas outside of pre-existing boxes. As ContraPoints, Wynn has amassed a large following and mainstream praise in recent years because of her clever philosophical debates, her distinct visual style, and her hilarious yet well-written stable of characters (all played by Wynn herself) she uses in order to discuss transgender issues, as well as explain and expose the growing worldwide movement of white supremacy. Buck Angel’s inclusion in ContraPoints' "Opulence" video once again sparked a slew of criticism against Wynn for her perceived continued failure to understand the issues faced by the nonbinary community, which have become exemplified by Angel himself. Nominations and campaigning for the RationalWiki 2020 Moderator Election is underway and will end on November 23. All I feel when I read it is undermining a language I need to argue my rights and a fact about myself. Buck Angel, a well-known figure in the transgender community, garnered mainstream attention as a transgender porn star. To treat them as harshly — if not more — than those doing the legwork of stripping minorities their rights, is an admission that the motivating factor beyond these recent tests of moral purity isn’t to quell filth from the leftist movement, but rather to exercise a Gamergate-like quality wherein targets either get in line, or end up fully giving up on satiating their critics’ needs as the goalpost for achieving peace of mind is ever-shifting.