It’s all completely fucking meaningless of course and a couple of minutes perusing the feeds of those photographers who’ve made it to the dizzy heights of ’30’ will quickly show you that the score is certainly no indicator of quality! Thank you for keeping ReviewMaster a helpful and reliable community. You can help secure votes by connecting with members to help spread the word about your entry. Your review was successfully submitted and is pending approval. bridgephotography. Deleting your account will permanently remove all of your information and reviews from our database. Trey Ratcliff. Explore Photocrowd. ReviewMaster automatically displays popular sites according to your current location. My main social media presence has always been Facebook. You can review open contests and click on the name of the contest to gain more details about it. Moreover the Explore feed itself is genuinely interesting and a great resource to scroll through should you be looking for inspiration. Join a challenge, dive in and share your creativity! The Photography Contests Network is a site that helps you keep track of open photography contests that are off the site. Anyone can sign up for a free online ViewBug account. ViewBug is an awesome photo contest community. The ViewBug team has chosen one of your B&W images for inclusion in our Black & White Masterpieces photo contest! Even if you don’t have access to a computer, you can enter ViewBug contests right from your mobile phone or device. A few things we believe in … Respecting the phot... Review Score 7 out of 10. These free contests often attract amateurs and may have prizes designed for individuals who are new to photography. Lynne Tucker. If you’ve read my article on this Scandinavian photo-sharing site then you’ll know that I had high hopes for it and that those high-hopes were ultimately not fulfilled. I love Photocrowd as it inspires me to get out there every chance I have and take photographs. Get stuck into the groups, the forum and the chat and you can build up a following. Join some pertinent groups based on your style of photography, your camera brand or your location – there are thousands on the site. Please consider that this action cannot be undone. If you’re looking to promote yourself online you simply cannot afford to ignore it, however you feel about the quality of the photos on the app. Participate in over 20 free photo contests. New contests and themes launch often to suit every interest and skill level. Join over 3 million photographers who already use ViewBug. To this date I have not paid a cent to Facebook for advertising or boost. ViewBug makes a commitment to attract a world-class judging panel for each of its juried contests. These contests ROCK! All of ViewBug’s contests are online, so you never have to worry about photo printing or mounting and framing your images. Coverage comes via the niches within DeviantArt – black and white photography, D810 users, film shooters, wildlife photographers, portrait photographers, Leica lovers – whatever defines your photography, you will find kindred spirits on DeviantArt. Upgrade Buy a gift. ViewBug also holds special “Photo of the Month” and “Photo of the Year” contests. Judges often review uploaded photos and may reward photographers who show promise and talent. Use all the tools we offer to gain exposure and get rewarded. Join over 3 million photographers who already use ViewBug. Premium, Pro, and PRO+ contests let you compete with others at your skill level. You can also vote in some of ViewBug’s many online photo competitions and view submissions from previous winners. Here are some common questions photographers have about ViewBug photo contests: ViewBug’s two founders started with the vision of building a thriving, global community of photographers and visual creators. Photocrowd is a fantastic way to learn, get ideas and gain confidence. Thanks for inspiring us. Get inspired by connecting with your favorite photographers. New photo contests launch daily in popular categories such as: Within these topic areas, ViewBug holds contests on specific themes. You can also learn from viewing others’ work to help you identify your areas of focus and personal aesthetic. You may win high-quality cameras, lenses, tripods, and more thanks to popular photography brands that sponsor various contests. Make sure to fill in the blanks, and your account will be set up in no time. ViewBug can help you pursue these passions—and many more. It’s been a feature of the photographic landscape for so long that many photographers take Flickr for granted. Instagram falls down in terms of community and coverage but it was made for sharing. So what about the premium offering? Keep Going! You can also see how many people have entered the contest so far. Why? That means you need to export your photos to your smartphone and upload directly from the Instagram app. Whether you’re new to photography or an experienced pro, you can gain exposure and recognition through ViewBug, along with opportunities to win valuable prizes. Let’s break it down. And YouPic is no different to 500px in this regard. elegant and beautiful logos for your website and watermarks. New to Photocrowd? It might not be the answer to a photographer’s dreams of an online home, but it is a necessary evil. In terms of functionality (and with only one annoying exception), DeviantArt is an extremely well designed site.