The kids "plant" a seed in a bag and wait for the root to sprout. Garden, Plant, & Seeds Songs for Kids. By Steven Hicks. Paint While Planting Seeds! Materials Needed: Mix some small seeds (like marigold or other small and thin seeds) into the paint for a different texture! Fast-growing seeds are best to keep their interest and enthusiasm. Strawberry Dramatic Play Shop. Planting Seeds Theme Ideas for Your Easel. PreK–K, 1–2. Supplies for each student: Make a Seed Book. Plants, Seeds, Garden theme activities, lessons, and printables for Pre-K, Preschool, and Kindergarten. Lesson Plan. You can show them again how plants need sunlight to grow. Once it sprouts, we move to the planting lesson, Plant one on me! Grow plants on the window sill and measure and record information on their growth. Plants & Seeds Science Activities. Planting Seeds Theme Large Group Games To Help Your Preschoolers Build Their Muscles While Having Fun Together. Plant two seeds, and place one in a window sill and one in a dark cabinet and compare growth as well. 5 DAYS. Children can see the seeds begin to grow roots and sprout when using clear plastic to germinate the seeds. Students will be able to identify what plants need to survive and grow their own plant. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle; Plant Survival worksheet (1 per student) Seeds (about 3 per student) Pots (or plastic cups, 1 per student) Soil; Water; Related books and/or media. Learn about the parts of the plant, flower, stem, … Planting seeds in a kindergarten class is an educational activity to teach children where our food and flowers come from. Subscribe to my mailing list so you won’t miss a thing! This pack includes editable lesson plans and hands-on activities for a week full of math, reading, & science learning activities about seeds and the foods we eat that come from seeds.Note: This set is part of our Spring Theme Preschool Duration. Students learn all about seeds through dissection, classification, comparison and contrast, and hands-on planting experience. Return to Top. Seed Sensation: Exploring and Sorting Seeds. The concepts of a year, and the changing of the seasons are very important concepts to reinforce with young learners. Get a full week of preschool seeds theme lesson plans! Students will explore seeds through dissecting, sorting, comparing and contrasting. Commonly used seeds are lima beans and sunflowers for their size and speed in growing. Grades. This lesson explores the needs of a seed to sprout. Overview. Seed, Seed, GROW! BOOK: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert ; BOOK: The Little Gardener by Jan Gerardi; Learning Objectives. Here, pre-kindergartners and kindergartners begin to understand the concept of one year, the passing of time, and the changing of seasons. Get the Garden / Plants Theme printable resource pack here. Worms Play Dough Math Mats. Gardening lesson plans for preschool. The kids remain on the floor while I explain and demonstrate the exploration. Sprouting a Seed: Bag Topper Printable . This set includes active hands-on learning ideas and the following printables: 1) Foods With and Without Seeds Shared Writing Recording Sheet 2) Uppercase Alphabet Seed Packet Cards 3) Lowercase Alphabet Seed Cards 4) A to Z Seed Writing Task Cards 5) 1 to 12 Flower Pot Seed Counting Mats 6) Seeds Science Journal 7) Seed Shape … Plants & Seeds Art Activities. This Plant Seeds Lesson Plan is suitable for Pre-K - Kindergarten.