on Step 2. Be careful if you use a lighter to end your crown sinnet. To learn how to make a diamond braid lanyard, scroll down! Securing your lanyard strands at the end with a clip or keychain may make it easier to thread. 171 Likes 1 Comment . Then, hold the centers in place while you grab one end of the bottom strand and draw it up over the center to make a large loop. Lanyard string. Help I've done this pattern for Avery long time and now this making me,waste cord. Embed. Reply 99. Lanyards are great. The finished product will look much smoother. The title implies more than one. Keep a your material taught. They can be really long or practically in the knot. Finally, take the string on the left top and pass it over the first string, but under the second. I use Rexlace, which is around $7-$9. Keep your material straight, or else, by the end, some of your stitches will look different than others. Thinner gimp and boondoggle laces will yield more length in the final product. Is the problem with the starting knot or the subsequent ties as you go through? ...or until you want to add in some variety! Reply Before, your laces should have stayed on the same side of their other end. I see bracelets and belt in the last photos and would like to know how to make them. I know there are other Instructables on 'lanyards,' but all of them that I have seen use paracord, which is woven differently. Now you have completed your first plastic lacing craft! Keep the ends parallel to each other. Tighten that stitch, and continue making stitches until the lanyard is the length you want. Thanks for sharing your skills with the rest of us! All of the other knots could be done in your sleep compared to this one. I encourage you to keep experimenting- there are many more techniques and styles than the ones I have covered here. 4.5k Views. If the string is twisted, it will interrupt the symmetry and the lanyard will look odd. I have also taught several people to do them, but it is definitely much harder when I cannot help them face-to-face. I am using your square as above have 4 lines out and same length and same diameters.I'm ending up with 2 same color lines 2-3 feet longer lanyards. Before I start I want to say I have no clue why they are called lanyards, SO this is not what they are supposed to be! Use a flame to carefully melt the bottom of your craft to fuse the plastic laces together. B. EXCELLENT instructions and pictures. You can cut them as long as you'd like, but bear in mind that with thick craft lace about 3 feet (1 m) of craft lace will yield about 3 inches (7.6 cm) of lanyard. If you know how to do the box braid, you do the same steps. 6 years ago It is neither better nor worse than Rexlace, just different. You can take out a stitch and redo it if you need to. Note that the loop your second top strand went. Avoid twisting your material. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. It doesn't matter, just your personal aesthetics. They are very common at camps,especially with the Boy Scouts, who love knots. They … I loved making boondoggles when I was a kid. You have completed your very own lanyard! This step isn’t strictly necessary, especially if you leave long enough ends that you can just pull on from time to time if the last square seems to be loosening. If you want to combine stitches -- that is, switch from a box style to a diamond style -- all you need to do is change your weaving pattern accordingly! This article has been viewed 676,435 times. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Where would it go? One or two (or four, or eight) strands of flexible lacing can be twisted, braided, and tied into jewelry, keychains, zipper pulls and more. After a few more repetitions, you should be able to clearly see the square shape of your lacing, with one side one color and the other side the other color. One notice: Beware of twists! All it takes is a little patience! It doesn't have to be exactly at the center right now, you can adjust it later. Get it as soon as Wed, Oct 14. How to Make a "Lanyard" Out of Plastic Lacing! I originally started doing these at camp, and i thought of them when I was looking for something to post that hadn't been done already. Flip the stitch over and make sure your hook is in place. By using our site, you agree to our. Many things can be repaired by weaving a lanyard around them. If you do this right, the entire lanyard will look the same from every side. This step will explain how to switch things up. It is very hard to describe, so please look at the pictures as I walk you through it. To weave or tie lanyards, you need three things:1. Make a plus sign out of them, turning it into four strands. Juvale 1240 Feet Plastic Lacing String Cord Kit - 31 Colors, 15 Lanyard Hooks, and 15 Keyrings, for DIY Craft Jewelry. Also, lanyards have a variety of uses, such as offering a great way to secure keys, cell phones, badges, or whistles. I picked up all of the materials at a craft store for under $10, and I have enough to make more than a dozen lanyards with it.Where did you make it? References It should be much easier to put the knots together. Securing your lanyard hook allows you to maintain a tight tension while you're braiding, making the process easier. 11 months ago. 7 years ago Apply a small bead of glue to the base of each end. I like to make these for fun, and people seem to love them, especially my little cousins and my girlfriend.How did you make it? As you become more experienced, you can do many tricks and twists to make a more interesting lanyard, and I might make another Instructable about these later. on Introduction. Repeat step 3, but turn your ends so they are running diagonally across the square instead of straight across. Make sure the string is on the left-hand side. Now that you have a few knots, you should be able to hold your lanyard easily. 14 Steps. Stop before you run out of material, as you will need to tie-off your end to secure your stitching. This comes in a variety of colors, usually in 100-yard spools. Warning: Hot glue is a serious burn hazard, and takes practice to use neatly- for safety and best results, do not allow children under 13 to use it, and always supervise even the older kids. I recommend about a foot or two of each color (or do both the same color) on the first lanyard. The small ones I can do in a couple class periods, while I remember dragging some enormous ones around for a week. Now that you’ve mastered the weaving process, you can make your ‘knots’ turn to flip the colors on each side, or even keep going to turn your square weaving into a spiral. The first knot is unquestionably the hardest one. What is the string to make the lanyard called? If a visual will help, search it on YouTube. 1. Using two different colors will be easier at first while you're learning the crown sinnet method.