Do not dispose of food before trash day. © 2018-2020 - OffbeatBros. Published on Nov 5, 2013 McMaster University Library's Respect campaign video "How to Throw Away Your Garage" starring the character 'Messy Jessie'. Log in. If your can has no handles and a flip top lid, try placing a large flat brick or stone on top of the closed lid to make it too heavy for the critters to get in. However, there are only certain plastics accepted by depots. We all produce it, we all dread taking it out and we certainly all can't stand it when we have to clean up behind a critter who has gotten into it. Plastic laminate offers extra durability and weather protection. Throw your garbage properly . Toss in your main garbage bag and set out for the trash man. Do not fill cans to the point of overflowing. Garbage collectors will take care of the rest. If your garbage can has handles on the sides and a lid, use a bungee cord to hook one handle to the other by resting the cord on top of the lid. Once done, this compost works as a great nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden. floors, it is very unhygienic to leave your trash outside the garbage room. Junior High School. Prevent this whole mess from happening by washing out your trash can periodically or whenever a critter makes its way into your trash. If a soda bottle was placed in the bin unsecured, and some liquid spilled out, watch out, the bees are coming! Please try again later. Be careful not to cut yourself on any of the glass, and take care not to drop any glass! If your can has no handles and a flip top lid, try placing a large flat brick or stone on top of the closed lid to make it too heavy for the critters to get in. Just as we highly recommended washing out your park forest cooperative trash bin, we also strongly encourage you to wash out your recycle bin. Littering and improper disposal of trash can cause infection, pollution, odor and even fire! Recycled and compostable plastic, made of up to 50% recycled materials. Avoid getting any fines by following the above recommendations for proper garbage etiquette. 13 likes. A friendly reminder from the students of Communication Arts of the College of the Holy Spirit Manila. Anytime you have food kitchen scraps, toss them into the bucket and into the freezer. Follow these steps for disposing of your garbage to do your bit in order to reduce pollution and buildup in landfills! This page wanted to let people know more about the improper waste disposal. And at our Cedarwood Housing Cooperative, there are plenty of raccoons and squirrels ready to take on the garbage challenge. If you notice a spill clean it up right away to avoid an infestation and periodically wash the bin out to keep it clean. Repairs to concrete and railings will be charged to members. If you have a couple hundred bucks laying around, you can also buy a "bear-proof" garbage can that requires a multiple finger opening trick plus some that lock with a key, others that use a combination lock. Placing loose items in your co-op recycling bin is prohibited because loose papers, bottles and cardboard can and do go flying as soon as you set it out on the curb. 1. © 2020 Cedarwood Cooperative, Inc  | Proudly Designed by Kamadu, Privacy Policy  |  Accessibility Statement. Simply littering the ground with wrappers, dumping plastic in the ocean and countless other things pose a simple question. Plastic is non-biodegradable so it’s best to recycle them, so they don’t stink up and fill even more landfills. recycle .conserve - 1022864 1. These two factors are essential for successful composting. The accepted plastics are. Second, the morning of trash day, go through your refrigerator and pull out any old leftovers and food that has expired. Made by: … 40 mil thick, (90-95%) recycled aluminum. Don’t throw away things that someone else can reuse. Turn the compost over with a shovel, and mix it up. Rounded corners give a professional look and prevent cuts, fraying etc during installation. Outdoor durability of 10 years.