The exact date when surnames began is shrouded in legend but they clearly occurred well over 2,000 years ago. In that directory, you will see the refugee's name, which region they came from, and a number. This law targeted the christian Greek population of Istanbul [who held Greek passports] as well as groups with refugee status. Local Community Definition, Greeks pay to tribute to Agios Vasilis or otherwise known as Saint Basil of Caesarea, a father of the Orthodox faith and philanthropist on the first day of the New Year. Pokémon Go Spinarak, A man could be known by his personal name given at birth, supplemented by a second name given in childhood, or by his father’s name. However, the adoption of fixed surnames in Turkey didn’t commence till 1935 (Aksu 2006). Georgopoulos – surname form of Georgios. Tomb Of Sargeras Route, Although i am no expert I can offer anecdotal evidence of the use of the -idis ending before the exchange of populations. Amine Gulse Series, Many surnames reflect some personal or physical characteristic of the original bearer, e.g. In the settlement, as he learned before the disaster, there was a church with a Greek priest. Laskaris: This surname is for a type of soldier. I feel that 23andme would of categorised me as Greek if I wrote that all four of my grandparents were born in Greece. 72. Mavros (black) as in Mavrogiannis (black John). Eighty Years Later Greece Repeats Its Historic OXI, This Time to…, Why Turkey’s New Provocation is the Most Dangerous Yet, EU Leaders Give Turkey a Slap on the Wrist, Greek Island of Samos Rises 18-25 Centimeters After Powerful Earthquake. Jones (2), Williams (4), Harris (7), Wilson (8), Johnson (9) and Martin (10) are patronymic (Rončevič 2004). The Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) has conducted a study to find the most common last names in Greece. They're just Turkified originally pontic greeks. Then in my family from Epirus, for at least 250 years that I can trace NO first born boy was named after his papou. Most of these names end with ‘-oglou’ (‘-oğlu’ in Turkish spelling), literally meaning ‘son of’. I actually have ancestors from Greece (On my mom’s father’s side.. 16. Because some people pronounce it as "e-diss" and then others as "e-deez" therefore resulting in the 2 variations. Can You Lose Elite Smash By Not Playing, National Civil Rights Museum Discount Coupons, Love Yourself Ukulele Fingerstyle Tutorial, The Underground Railroad Summary Chapter 1, So You Want To Talk About Race Audiobook Pdf. 16. 28, supplement 1, pp. Mastrodimitros. Note 3: My maternal grandfather’s nickname after he left Pontos in 1918 was ‘kachak’. I'm 99.1% Western Asian from Turkey. (See Note 1.). The surname Katsakis (as in the author Lica Catsakis) is not a patronym from Crete, but is actually derived from the Turkish word ‘kachak’ which means fugitive or escapee (see Note 3). The more complex and extensive relationships of a modern society made a system of surnames desirable; the adoption of a new civil code in Turkey made it necessary (Lewis 2002). Nikolopoulos. I was wondering how and when the -idis ending of surnames came about. hehe. Zafeiriou – which means “Son Of Zafeiris”, 100. In the western world, the inherited family name is a comparatively recent development. Official records could also include their occupation, their father’s occupation, their military rank, their nickname, their father’s nickname, or their family’s lakap (names applied to all members of extended families over generations and were in many ways, the precursors of surnames). The title ‘Mastro’ indicates a master craftsman, e.g. Türköz, MF 2004, The social life of the state’s fantasy: memories and documents on Turkey’s 1934 surname law, unpublished PhD thesis, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. For women, it was much the same, Ahmet kizi Rahşan (Rahşan, daughter of Ahmet). The suffix used varies according to the place of origin. 54. If a male moved to another place his surname may have been replaced based on the place of his origin, e.g. Matthiou: This Greek surname means son of Matthias. Overall, localities are a minor source for Greek surnames. The Greek custom of naming children after their grandparents quickly produced many individuals in the same community with the same name. Giannis is the second most common Greek name for men and part of that may be due to the importance of Saint John in the Orthodoxy. KENOS (pronounced as in KEN), E-posta hesabınız yayımlanmayacak. Surnames in the modern sense were used among Byzantine and Venetian nobility about the 9th century. Tüm bu kültlerin yanı sıra; Amastris’te Apollon, [...]", Okuyucu:, Antik Çağ’da Karadeniz Bölgesinde din ve kült, Copyright © 2017 Masalis: You will often here this name in Cyprus. I was pretty surprised, thinking I would see “Turkish” genes, but agree with other commenters in the mean time: we are basically Ethnic Anatolians who adopted different identities. Muhtarides. Manikas: This Fgreek surname is what you call a person who makes handles. English In Turkey, The feminine version is usually the genitive of the family name of the woman's father or husband; so, for example, Mr. Yannatos and Mrs. Yannatou. 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If you meet someone named Savvidis, Georgiadis, Vasiliadis, Makridis, Stoltidis, Stavridis, Lazaridis, Kazantzidis chances are his family is either Macedonian or Pontian.