In turn, the thalamus sends a signal to the automatic nervous system thereby producing a physiological response. I will analyze the types of emotions I felt and whether they were primary or secondary. One difficulty of defining the basic set of emotions is culture related. Typically, when you are having a positive feeling you see things on the up side instead of an unfavorable outlook. Some of the important characteristics of emotions are as follows: 1. While weighing their impact, other factors like frequency and intensity, nature of situations and the stimuli aroused should also be considered. I hypothesize that people will report having … Musu, a feeling of reluctance to yield to unreasonable demands made by one’s parents. Men and women have been known to have about the same levels of happiness, however they differ greatly in respect to their experience of negative emotions. Positive emotions are powerful emotions—emotions that have the ability to affect you and those around you in good ways. Es gibt in meinem Kreise einige Menschen, welche der Ueberzeugung sind, dass wir zu endgültiger Glückseligkeit kommen werden, so wir uns hier immer auf der „positiven“ Seite bewegen, alles positiv betrachten, nur „positive“ Emotionen hegen, (ich spreche mit Bedacht von Emotionen, nicht von Gefühlen. Negative (Anger, Sadness & Fear) By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. The love of their offspring spurs the parents to great sacrifices. Positive Emotion Researchers explain these differences through several possible answers. Since the bodily changes are ambiguous, the theory says any number of emotions can be felt from stirred up bodily condition. How about getting this access immediately? How about getting a customized one? Feeling happy broadens my outlook on life. Yet, somehow people seem to have little control over them. It is a stirred up feeling, that is the way it appears to the individual himself. Men are usually more aggressive in unprovoked situations. However, the activating system tries to serve only a general function and the specific structures in the brain organize the input and determine the particular form of emotion to be expressed. As emotions are associated with such factors as personality, motivation, mood and temperament, such positive emotion as love can have both negative and positive overt … There is only the difference of degrees. Emotional Intelligence, In recent years, have become something of a hot topic in management. The ability to understand and interpret the emotional states of others is very important in our social life. Typically, when you are having a positive feeling you see things on the up side instead of an unfavorable outlook. Emotions have a stimulating effect, for example, a person who is in a happy state of mind invariably makes others also happy and sees happiness around him. [20] changes in the circulation of blood, impact on the digestive system and changes in the functioning of some glands like adrenal glands. 29th Jun 2017 Philosophy Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Despite what he says I am still a nervous wreck when may fall or hurt himself. James was captivated with understanding the functions of consciousness. Essay, 7 pages. After all, “The most easily measurable behavior associated with happiness is smiling” (p.166). This theory maintains that the emotion we feel is due to our interpretation of an arousal or stirred up. 8. Emotions are feelings such as happiness, disappointment and sorrow that generally have both physiological and cognitive elements that influence behaviour. We are really sorry but we cannot send the sample immediately. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. Finding these emotions doesn’t mean that people of other cultures do not experience them. He is not as popular as James but was an important contributor to the James-Lange theory. Are You on a Short Deadline? Essay on Love and Emotions. Even though his work is directly linked to James, his deconstruction of emotions has made his work a precursor to the theories of emotion (Wassmann, 2010). Hagaii, a mood of vulnerable heartache colored by frustration. In “The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin, Louise Mallard is a dynamic character who went from a state of grieving to being overjoyed by her new freedom. Emotions affect your physical bodies as much as your body affects your feelings and thinking. Only the users having paid subscription get the unlimited number of samples immediately. When comes to the raising of children, men are more apt to being positive. For example, on the first day of my inventory I got woken up before eight in the morning by uncertain noises coming from my bathroom. Self confidence, determination, perseverance, and hard work are the key factors of success. “Emotion is an affective experience that accompanies generalized linear adjustment and mental and physiological stirred up states in the individual and that shows itself in his overt behaviour”. Positive Psychology. These tactics include relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring exercises, and communication and listening techniques. 4. Smiles are contagious displays of emotion; therefore, if there were ways to get people to smile more and elicit positive emotions, why wouldn’t we? b. There are a couple of advantages connected with experiencing a positive emotion theory. Multiple studies have shown how positive emotions broaden our outlook, offset negative emotions, enhance our resilience, and improve our emotional well-being (Baumgardner & Crothers, p42). There are also my benefits to positive emotions. Logic is pretty much another word for common sense, it is a necessity in everyday life... As usually every day of my life I must carry something in my wallet in somewhere of my bag, they might be some utensils, as an eraser, books, etc. Positive emotions are powerful emotions—emotions that have the ability to affect you and those around you in good ways. Positive and Negative Emotions Essay Sample Positive emotions are healthy for us, both physically and mentally. Positive (Love & Joy) In this paper, I will discuss how hard or easy it is to identify emotions and the methods I used to identify my emotions. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Retrieved from Unversity of Phoenix, PSY220 website. Also under emotional experiences, the reasoning and thinking powers are decreased. I often had to refer back to the list of different emotions. The child who has no emotions of fear is sure to get affected because it does not learn to save itself against a possible danger. Emotions occupy a very important position in a person’s life, as they motivate many in their job endeavors. Welcome to! Importance 5. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. All rights reserved, Positive and Negative Emotions. The pleasant emotions like affection (love), amusement, curiosity and happiness which are very helpful and essential for normal development are termed as positive emotions. “Kinikilig ka no? An aroused bodily state which results from this perception and which is ambiguous. Characteristics of Emotions 3. There are countless benefits associated with the experience of positive emotions. Women are definitely more emotional than men are. Emotions control your thinking, behavior and actions. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Get a custom sample essay written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. Theories. While negative emotions may compromise our health, positive emotions can enhance our health. * Helping us interact more efficiently with others. In contrast, the James-Lange theory holds that bodily reactions are not the base of felt emotions. The theory discusses how emotions are directly affected by the physiological arousal of the body in reaction to an exciting stimulus (Deckers, 2010).