Increases damage when used with the element the target is weak to. I make my skill builds with more focus on raid bosses so I’m not a fan of this one. In the end I ended up getting points in both, since Complete Rest helps in situations where voltage doesn’t build up as much. Gear accumulates by connecting with charged Technics. Regardless of amount of Gear gauge, it adds an elemental-based explosive effect to each normal attack swing. 30 second cooldown when de-activating Wand Lovers. So even as equipment numbers, become increasingly larger relative to base stats, the benefit from Shifta and Deband. In order to deal the most damage, to hit enemy weak spots, the player will need to have that part be the one nearest them when Poison Ignition is activated. Elemental Stance: 1.39 (on element with Shifta), 1.21 (off element with Shifta) Break Stance: 1.56 (on breakable with Shifta ), 1.05 (off breakable with Shifta) Other considerations: Have to be in the air with Shifta on you for Shifta Air Attack Boost. Super Treatment does apply to healing Bind status inflicted by the Profound Darkness. 100. Next, get all the skills related to the styles of gunslash you want to use. Different attacks give different voltage amounts. Sign in|Report Abuse|Powered By Google Sites. The rest don’t really matter what order you want to level them in. You can also check other PSO2 Builds created by our team right here: Best PSO2 Builds. Here you can buy, sell, and trade PSO2 Meseta with the use of real cash. Increases the healing rate of Resta by (4% * skill level). Thanks to Wands, Techter's weapons of choice, the class deals very respectable AOE damage. Since Episode 3, Wand Tech Explosion is now affected by Just Attack timing. Field Remain. Short-range clubs with both a Striking and Tech damage component that also allow the casting of techs. Passive skill. This build relies mainly on Melee Attacks so you need to use the MEL Type Mag and evolve it accordingly. A deck of cards that allows usage of Technics. If you have points in Step Advance in another class, that applies to Step while using Wand Lovers. Stacks with other passive regeneration skills, such as PP Restorate and Soothing Splendor potential (Seitenranse, Endymion, Saint Feather). Also, keep in mind that Freeze status cannot be self-cured unless you have pre-casted an Anti field, so avoid it if attempting to use Super Treatment on yourself. Shifta Critical isn't worth the 10 points, but Deband Cut is helpful, even if you just leave one point in it. Increases maximum HP when Shifta is cast on a As far as I know, Resta only scales with Resta Adv. Its second weapon - Talis, while not as powerful (mainly because of the lack of dedicated skills in the tree), provides extremely high flexibility and allows Techter to deal damage, buff, and heal from a considerable distance. Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. In the featured build, we focus on the Support aspect of Techter and take full advantage of it, without forgoing other essentials. Better HP recovery is not too useful because there are so many ways to recover HP, so you want to level this based on the PP recovery bonuses, which only go up every other level. For the Techter's side of things, we have chosen Skills that are focused on team support, sustainability, and maximizing the effectiveness of Wands. Not that useful past level 1. Gives you access to the Leaping Dodge Skill that allows you to gain verticality, which makes locking on weak spots and selecting priority targets much easier. You are also immune to damage during the Leap, so this doubles as a defensive measure. Shifta Gauge Boost: Boosts gear gain and Photon Blast gauge gain when Shifta is on. This ring makes your Wand change elements based on the last Technique you have charged. Effective range increased with Territory Burst. You can also go for. Stacks with PP Convert, Photon Blast: Ketos Proi, Mag PP Recovery, and Soothing Splendor potential. Increases passive PP regeneration. IMPORTANT: Pick the L/A. If Fighter main, take the Critical Strike and Stance Critical skills on Fighter side, then get Critical Field along with Elemental Stance Critical, to hit 100% critical chance.