– Bestower is no longer required to have archotech eyes. – Neural heat overload is no longer dangerous and can often be a good strategy. – Implemented warning message for pawns with psychically dull or deaf traits when becoming a royal or trying to gain a psylink by anima tree. – Monument placing feedback is improved. – You can now navigate debug menus with keyboard alone. This update should be compatible with savegames and mods. – Fix: Inconsistent stat report for stuff, not reporting all stat factors/offsets if you open it via hyperlink. – Medieval surgeries now have links to the proper hediffs. – Improve FloatMenuMap caching and AddUndraftedOrders check order for better performance. – All Empire pawns have at least the title of Freeholder. — New permits: Call orbital strike and call orbital salvo. RimWorld Wiki. – Fix: RadialDistinctThingsAround doesn’t work correctly for 1:X size things. – Monument placement now checks overlap before adjacency. – Reworked how destroyed buildings generate slag so small buildings don’t generate giant slag blooms; they’ll leave steel behind instead. Overall this powers up psycasters by making it much more viable to push out a lot of psycasts at once. – Fix: Bestower goes to wrong room for ceremony (added fallbacks when no spot in thronerome can be found). This is primarily a programming position. – Mods can now be tagged as translations in the workshop. Natural meditation foci all need to be in nature – they lose their power if there are artifical structures too close by. – GenStep_ConditionCauser now checks for existing buildings at scatter spot. – Tweak the drawSize of various headgear to ensure their on-map size is congruent with their on-pawn size. For days afterward, the listener will feel psychically-induced romantic attraction towards the other person. Also it needs to be expressed in the right format of % per day. Steam and GoG Galaxy will update automatically. – Fix: While paused, musical instruments constantly loop, this also occurs while in the trade menu. – Reduce the threat points for fights generated off the home map, and increase bandit camp quest rewards. – Colonists with bloodlust no longer suffer a mood debuff when harvesting organs. Generates stories by simulating psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat, climate, biomes, diplomacy, interpersonal relationships, art, medicine, trade, and more.” Sep 9, 2016 “Enter a name into the game. The original nobility design focused on advancing a single character up the noble ranks, but if players want to have 6 knights and they’re willing to do the quests to earn that royal favor, the game should reward that gracefully. – Many other smaller fixes and typo fixes. – Fix: Can’t right click directly on pawn to prioritize hunting. Since this is a senior role, applicants should be able to lead a multiplayer development effort. This should reduce late-game clutter, reduce weird economic imbalances between difficulty levels, make it more relevant to actually have an economy besides killing things, and improve challenge spread between difficulties. One person can wear one utility item. – Reduced the tooltip delay on storyteller difficulty selections to zero Get to tha shuttle! It now looks like light distortion, instead of a transparent glowing person. – Direct button to use drugs from inventory: This makes combat drugs more usable. They should go for a better meditation spot. — Utility item: Smokepop belt. This reCAPTCHA collects complex information about the user’s system and browser, attempting to correlate it with Google’s other tracking information to identify people apart from machines. Manage forums technically and on a community level. – Fix: Rescuing downed noble ends shuttle rescue quest. Psylink neuroformers are still given for new royal titles, but we also did some work tightening how often they’ll be seen as quest rewards to ensure that it’s possible to develop psycasters consistently even if you’re not doing royal title progression. – Changed psychic droner to start off with medium bad strength as baseline and when spawned on sites its determined by points now, same as the ‘raw’ gamecondition. About Ludeon. This is for general web development work, across all aspects of our websites: This is intermittent work paid hourly as it happens. Now, sometimes they will set up a camp near your colony from which they will harass you using some kind of problem causer device, like a weather controller or smoke spewer. – Fix: Non-heat psycasts can be spammed when it shouldn’t be possible. Persona plasmasword damage increased from 20 to 22. Ludeon on Facebook. – Fix: Psychic effects on dead bodies don’t disappear. High culture recreation type is re-labeled to music recreation. – Shield renaming for clarity and consistency. It’s your choice whether you want to heal them and let them join, or handle them another way. – Added faction icon to main work tab with click through to faction and scroll to faction. – Rename “ludeon” constant in ModContentPack to LudeonPackageIdAuthor Fix typos in a related check. – Quests now offer three reward options for the player to choose between. This makes them extinguish easier, fire grows slower, and rain puts them out now.– Destroying the arrival shuttle now gives a -50 relations penalty.– Royalty intro quest now starts on day 8 instead of day 3.– Intro quest timer now does not start until the player has at least 3 colonists.– Manhunter pack now always consists of at least 2 animals.– Manhunters will now leave after 1-2 days like the letter says. – Combine warnings when attempting to accept a royal favor quest for someone who is both conceited and anti-social. The way psycasts become usable has changed slightly. – Added quest look target when bestowing ceremony cannot be accepted due to threat. We analyze how users interact with our site so we can understand better what elements of the design are working well and which are not working so well.