If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: Tyson Apostol: My Girlfriend Rachel 'Wants Things to Progress'. The more difficult part was spending time with people I didn’t care to waste time on.”. Credit: Well, don’t tell him he “won” anything. I just had to keep reminding myself to refocus and think about the game. “On ‘Blood vs. Water,’ I was sneaking a lot of food. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Or that it gave all of the returning winners generous appearance fees. “I’m still the same person, but I’m not as active physically as I have been in the past,” said the former professional racing cyclist, “because I am more interested with spending time with my children than I am with going out for a three-hour bike ride.”, He said he’s “always been physically dominant” on the show, and he thinks he’s “still got 10 years of dominance physically, where I will be in the top 5% of any ‘Survivor’ season. And Apostol admits he did a few thing differently. And it couldn’t come at a better time for the franchise, which was rocked by a sexual harassment scandal and the producers’ flawed efforts to deal with it in the season that aired this past fall. I was eating food behind my tribe’s back,” he said. Apostol was 29 the first time he competed on “Survivor.” He turned 34 during filming of the season he won. What made this time different for you? I don’t know exactly everything that happened,” he said. Think of all the former cast members who aren’t getting invited that are going to be super jealous of what I’m doing,” he joked. Rachel Foulger, Self: Survivor. I’ve always enjoyed my free time, so hopefully I will continue to. (Timothy Kuratek | Courtesy of CBS Entertainment) Yul Kwon and Tyson Apostol return to compete on “Survivor: Winners at War,” the 40th season of the show. Of course, being a dad made it harder for him to leave them behind and head off to Fiji for a month and a half. by Andy Dehnart 6 Oct. 2014 | 7:30 am. Contestants really suffer. For years, an all-winners season is something that producers have been kicking around and fans have been clamoring to see. The reality competition winner says his girlfriend Rachel Foulger "really, really wants things to progress". And how do you plan to celebrate and spend the money? But it also makes for a tough game. He’s not complaining. He’s joining 19 other past winners in the 40th season of “Survivor” — subtitled “Winners at War” — which premieres Wednesday at 7 p.m. on CBS/Ch. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. She voted him off ‘Survivor.’ Then they fell in love. In past seasons, former winners have been instant targets for elimination. I am just looking forward to just having more adventures with Rachel and being able to travel and take time off. And every time I go out back, other good things happen. Looking for something to watch? But he came back strong in “Blood vs. Water,” which filmed in early 2013 and aired later that year, winning the game and the $1 million that goes with it. So I've been binge watching various seasons of Survivor and saw former NBA player Scot Pollard is exmo. I don’t think that will change until I’m 50 or even a longer.” (Yes, Apostol is confident to the point of arrogance. “I mean, it’s been my livelihood for over a decade now.”, [Related story: Scott D. Pierce: I was mean to Tyson Apostol. Relationships. “They are going to grow up assuming that dads stay home with their daughters all the time. ), But while it “wasn’t more taxing physically, it was more taxing socially. And I wanted to show them why we are lucky enough to have that luxury in our lives,” Apostol said. Rachel calls Portland, OR, home. What's the First Thing You Would Do as a Survivor Castaway? “I’ve got to make sure that I definitely do not get caught hoarding food or eating more food than other people. “And I would go back as many times as they ask, other than the fact that I have two small children at home. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? It is a lot of work and I think you have to take advantage of those lucky moments. There were two times where luck really came in to play for me. “You come back. Summary: Rachel Foulger is 38 years old today because Rachel's birthday is on 11/06/1981. Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Survivor After Show 2: Tough Love! I’m excited for when I’ll be healthy and ready to celebrate. All rights reserved. But he’s genuine, and it’s part of his charm. “It’s tricky, because you have to be yourself. That’s something that people will probably be hyper sensitive to.”. (It’s not releasing how much. Why was this the season you were able to win? And Apostol said he never considered turning down the invitation. Now he’s my favorite ‘Survivor.’], Born in Lindon and a longtime resident of Heber, Apostol now makes his home in Mesa, Ariz. You’ve taken time off of other things that you have to catch up on,” Apostol said. It’s not as easy as it might seem, either during filming of the show or after. You have to let that stuff roll off your back and take the good and leave the bad.”. Too much celebrating last night? Then there was drawing the black rock instead of the white rock. Can I retire and not work anymore? It’s definitely something that it’s hard to say no to.”, (There have been 590 contestants to date, and 38 winners in the previous 39 seasons. But for me, so many good things have come from being on the show.